Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

If the Volleyball Playoffs Started Today, Playoff Projections Class 1A Week 9

Picture by Ranchland News (Elbert vs Calhan)

If the Volleyball Playoffs Started Today, Playoff Projections Class 1A Week 9

Class 1A is the only Class that plays a district tournament and the top 3 finishers in the District Tournament qualify for the Regional Tournament.  Class 1A also finished their regular season a week early and the District Tournament are scheduled to begin October 21st.

The Regional format for 1A goes as follows:

Every District will qualify 3 teams to regionals.  Single Elimination may be used in preliminary rounds.  Round Robin or Pool Play is recommended in Following Rounds.  1A District Winners will earn the right to host Regionals.  2A-5A sites are determined by a Regional Pairings Committee.  All Regionals have three teams-A total of three matches will be played.  All Regional Winners will automatically earn a berth to the State Championships.  4 Wildcard teams will be selected after the completion of the Regionals Tournaments.  Teams will be selected based on the CHSAA RPI Rankings published the Monday After Regionals.  Teams must have participated in Regionals in order to be considered as a “Wild Card Team”.  8 Regional Winners plus 4 Wildcard Teams advance to State.

District Qualifiers-First Team is District Champion

District 1: De Beque, Dove Creek, Nucla

District 2: Kit Carson, McClave, Cheyenne Wells

District 3: Walsh, Wiley, Springfield

District 4: Weldon Valley, Merino, Briggsdale

District 5: Otis, Stratton/Liberty, Flagler/Hi Plains

District 6: La Veta, Sangre De Cristo, Cotopaxi

District 7: Genoa-Hugo, Elbert, Pikes Peak Christian

District 8: Denver Waldorf, Belleview Christian, Front Range Christian

Bracket: Must win your region to advance or be 1 of the 4 Wild Card Teams to advance

Region A
Dist. 6 #1 Seed: La Veta
Dist. 1 #2 Seed: Dove Creek
Dist. 6 #3 Seed: Cotopaxi


Region B
Dist. 2 #1 Seed: Kit Carson
Dist. 3 #2 Seed: Wiley
Dist. 2 #3 Seed: Cheyenne Wells


Region C
Dist. 5 #1 Seed: Otis
Dist. 7 #2 Seed: Elbert
Dist. 5 #3 Seed: Flagler/Hi Plains


Region D
Dist. 8 #1 Seed: Denver Waldorf
Dist. 4 #2 Seed: Merino
Dist. 8 #3 Seed: Front Range Baptist


Region E
Dist. 1 #1 Seed: De Beque
Dist. 6 #2 Seed: Sangre De Cristo
Dist. 1 #3 Seed: Nucla


Region F
Dist. 3 #1 Seed: Walsh
Dist. 2 #2 Seed: McClave
Dist. 3 #3 Seed: Springfield


Region G
Dist. 7 #1 Seed: Genoa-Hugo
Dist. 5 #2 Seed: Stratton/Liberty
Dist. 7 #3 Seed: Pikes Peak Christian


Region H
Dist. 4 #1 Seed: Weldon Valley
Dist. 8 #2 Seed: Belleview Christian
Dist. 4 #3 Seed: Briggsdale


State Tournament Bracket

Volleyball state bracket