8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football Week 9 League Breakdown

Picture by Sport Shots by Kim (Hoehne vs Sangre De Cristo)

8-Man Football Week 9 League Breakdown

Some League champions have already been crowned and a few more will be crowned after this week.  The key now for some teams is finishing in the Top 16 of the RPI and getting into the playoffs.

Arkansas Valley League

The Ark Valley league can officially crown their league champion this week.  If Hoehne beats Wiley, then Hoehne is your league champion.  Hoehne has played well this season scoring over 300 points on offense and their defense stepping up when needed.  I do believe Hoehne will cruise past Wiley and will be your league champions next week.  After first place things get interesting.  Springfield and Holly both sit at 3-1 and in second place.  Holly this week travels to McClave and Springfield hosts Fowler.  Holly bounced back from their loss last week blasting Wiley 57-12.  Holly is a balanced offensive team and they have a very good QB.  McClave is a more run oriented team and they will have to be able to play defense.  I have Holly beating McClave to move to 4-1 in league.  I do think the big game of the week is Fowler at Springfield.  Springfield is 3-1 in league and 4-3 overall.  They are on a nice 3 game winning streak but have not faced Fowler or Holly yet.  Springfield last week got by Las Animas 48-22, but it was not as close as the score indicates.  Springfield defensively has struggled against top teams and this week face an offense that is run first but can throw the ball.  Springfield offensively like to run the ball and must have a big game from Beau Dukes.  Fowler as mentioned can throw the ball, but Quinton Flanscha is the main gear to the offense.  He must have a big game for fowler to grab the win.  Fowler also must play good defense and avoid a shootout with Springfield.  I think this will be a very good game, but I am going with Fowler to snag the win.  RPI wise Las Animas and Wiley are eliminated from the playoff hunt.  McClave is on the verge of being eliminated and an upset win over Holly would get them back in the chase.  If McClave loses they may be eliminated next week.  Springfield is #18 in the RPI and still in the hunt.  They close the year with Fowler and Holly and need at least 1 win to get into the playoffs.  Back to back losses will eliminate Springfield.  Holly comes in at #14 and they control their own fate.  Two wins will get them into the playoffs but if they split or go 0-2 they will be in trouble.  Fowler is #9 and a win over Springfield would probably lock them into the playoffs.  Hoehne is a lock for the playoffs and a win this week get them the league title.

RPI: #5 Hoehne, #9 Fowler, #14 Holly, #18 Springfield, #25 McClave, #33 Las Animas, #38 Wiley

Central League

Front Range Christian is your league champion and get the automatic berth.  The Central league is looking like a one berth league with only South Park with a shot at an At-Large berth.  South Park must win out to have any shot at the playoffs.  They play Custer County this week and this will be a very tough game.  South Park is in do or die territory and one loss probably eliminates them.  The Central League should improve next year as a lot of young players do return but 1 berth this year is all the Central league should get.

RPI: #22 Front Range Christian, #24 South Park, #31 Elbert, #36 Justice, #39 Rocky Mountain Lutheran

Mountain League

The Mountain League nearly has their final league placing completed with only 1 or 2 games really affecting the standing.  Mancos is your league champion and accomplished that by beating Norwood 34-12.  Mancos has a non-league game this week against Dolores Huerta and should move to 8-0 and then focus on getting a better seed for the playoffs.  Sanford and Sargent sit in second place at 3-1.  Sargent beat Del Norte last night 65-18 and the game was close till half time when Sargent pulled away.  Sanford plays Dove Creek tonight and a win keep the tie for second place and make next week’s game between Sanford and Sargent for second place.  Dove Creek sits in third and Norwood in fourth but Dove Creek has to play Sanford and Mancos in their final two games and I except Norwood to finish in 3rd.  RPI wise the Del Norte and Sangre De Cristo are eliminated from the playoff hunt.  Dove Creek is #20 but as mentioned they close the year with Sanford and Mancos and would need to upset one of them to grab a playoff spot.  If Dove Creek goes 0-2 I don’t think they can make the playoffs.  Norwood sits at #15 and they play their final game tomorrow against Sangre De Cristo.  This is a must win for Norwood and their RPI should improve a bit since they have played the 7th toughest schedule.  Norwood with a win I guess moves up to #13 or #14 and then hope they can hold on through next week.  Sargent sits at #11 but that is before their win last night.  Depending on the results in front of them they could move up a spot or two or stay put at #11.  Sanford with a win tonight will be a lock for the playoffs and next week will determine a ton.  Mancos is a lock for the playoffs RPI wise and League title wise.

RPI: #4 Mancos, #7 Sanford, #11 Sargent, #15 Norwood, #20 Dove Creek, #30 Del Norte #32 Sangre De Cristo

Northwest League

The Northwest League title can be officially clinched tonight.  West Grand controls their own destiny and a win tonight makes them league champions.  West Grand hosts Soroco tonight.  Soroco is on a 2-game losing streak and last week their offense was shut down and they lost to Rangely 48-6.  Soroco is facing a defense that is just as tough and they will have to find some success this week or risk dropping three straight games.  West Grand will focus defensively on Jace Logan and try and keep him in check.  Offensively West Grand should have success and I expect a big day from Luis Dominguez.  Even if West Grand does get upset I see them winning their final game and locking up the league title regardless.  West Grand though is hoping to snag another win and keep the #1 RPI.  Rangely sits in second place in the league standings.  Their only loss is to West Grand and like I mentioned they beat Soroco 48-6 last week.  Rangely plays Gilpin County this week and close the season against a tough Plateau Valley team.  One last league game to talk about is Vail Christian vs Plateau Valley.  This is a big game not just in terms of league standings but RPI wise as well.  Vail Christian sits in third place in the league standings and #10 in the RPI.  A win keeps Vail Christian in the #10 spot in the RPI and 3rd place in the standings.  A lose and Vail Christian risks dropping to #15.  This is Vail Christian final league game and they finish the season with Byers next week.  Plateau Valley is #26 in the RPI and 5th in the league standings.  If Plateau Valley can upset Vail Christian their playoff hopes will still be alive.  A loss and they will probably be eliminated.  RPI wise only Gilpin County is eliminated from the playoffs.  Hayden is #27 and they would need to win out to have any shot at the playoffs.  Hayden plays Rocky Mountain Lutheran this week and Soroco in their final game.  Plateau Valley was mentioned above.  Soroco is #17 and a loss to West Grand won’t hurt but a win would shoot them into the Top 16.  Soroco with the loss would have to win their final game and then hope their RPI moves enough to get into the Top 15.  I mentioned Vail Christian above as well but their final game of the season against Byers is also a key game if they lose that game they could risk dropping way down in the RPI.  Rangely and West Grand are locks for the playoffs and holding their RPI is key and winning out should keep both with Top 5 RPI’s.

RPI: #1 West Grand, #3 Rangely, #10 Vail Christian, #17 Soroco, #26 Plateau Valley, #27 Hayden, #35 Gilpin County

Plains League

Caliche and Sedgwick County hold the top spots in the Plain League and the League Championship game takes place this week.  Caliche makes the trip to face Sedgwick County.  Caliche is 6-1 on the season with their lone loss to West Grand.  Caliche has played well in league play and last week picked up a huge 6-0 win over Akron.  Caliche will have to play better offensively if they plan to upset Sedgwick County.  Defensively Caliche must stop Layne Green and force Sedgwick County to throw the ball.  Sedgwick County will focus on stopping the run on defense as well.  Defensively Sedgwick County has given up just 49 points this year and have some huge wins against Akron and Hoehne.  Sedgwick County offensively must get their rushing attack going and use it to open their passing attack.  I see Sedgwick County moving past Caliche and capturing another Plain League Championship.  Two other league games this week are Byers at Merino and Akron at Haxtun.  Byers at Merino is very important for RPI sake.  Both sit outside the Top 16 and both play very tough opponents next week.  The loser could be eliminated from the playoffs and the winner keeps their hopes alive.  Akron at Haxtun is big for RPI sake as well.  Akron is in good shape at #8 but a loss would hurt their shot at hosting and would drop them out of the Top 10.  Haxtun desperately needs a big win and a loss to Akron would eliminate them.  RPI wise we mentioned most teams.  Haxtun is at #28, Byers is at #23, and Merino is at #19 all three play big games this week that could either eliminate them or keep them in the playoff hunt.  Dayspring Christian is #16 and have a bye this week.  They finish the regular season against Akron next week and that could be to get into the playoffs.  More than likely teams need to finish in the Top 15 due to a league champion stealing a spot.  Akron is a near lock and a win this week should lock them into the playoffs.  Caliche and Sedgwick County are locks for the playoffs.

RPI: #2 Sedgwick County, #6 Caliche, #8 Akron, #16 Dayspring Christian, #19 Merino, #23 Byers, #28 Haxtun

Southern League

Pikes Peak Christian is your league Champion.  Pikes Peak Christian got the results they needed, and have only 1 league game remaining and have the head to head over Simla.  Pikes Peak Christian plays Swink this week.  Swink lost to Simla last week 63-14 and Pikes Peak Christian should grab the win with around the same results.  Pikes Peak Christian closes their regular season with a non-league game against Justice.  Simla has locked up second place and play a non-league game against an improved Las Animas team.  Simla is hoping to keep their RPI in the Top 15 but their final two games won’t help their RPI a ton.  Simla cannot afford to loss either game and winning both is the only way they can get into the playoffs.  Custer County plays a massive non-league game this week against South Park and this is a must win game for both teams.  Custer County is #21 in the RPI and will need to win both games to have a shot at the playoffs.  Calhan, Swink and Miami-Yoder are all eliminated from the playoffs but turn to spoiler roles as they try to improve for next year.

RPI: #12 Pikes Peak Christian, #13 Simla, #21 Custer County, #29 Calhan #34 Swink, #40 Miami-Yoder,