6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football Quarterfinals Breakdown

Picture by OtSportsChek (Prairie vs Idalia 1st Round of playoffs)

6-Man Football Week 9 League Breakdown

#1 Stratton/Liberty vs #8 Granada

Stratton/Liberty started their playoff journey with a 68-0 win over Manzanola.  Stratton/Liberty made quick work of Manzanola scoring 32 points in the first quarter and 18 in the second quarter to get the mercy rule going.  Stratton/Liberty offensively had a huge day on the ground rushing for 424 yards and 9 TDs.  Ethan Richmond had 4 carries for 161 yards and 3 TDs.  Stratton/Liberty must refocus now as they face a much tougher defense this week.  Defensively Stratton/Liberty play outstanding.  The Knighted Eagles gave up just 112 yards of total offense.  Stratton/Liberty now must refocus as they play a very talented Granada team who can score points in a hurry.

Granada opened their first 6-Man playoff season with an impressive 40 to 7 win over Mountain Valley.  Granada defensively played great forcing 4 turnovers and taking control of the game.  Granada did give up 354 yards of total offense but because of the turnovers took control of the game.  Devon Jara lead all tacklers with 13 tackles.  Granada defense has seen Stratton/Liberty once already and we will see if they adjusted from the first match up.  Offensively Granada did not need huge numbers due to good field position.  Granada had 78 yards passing and 3 passing TD’s and 175 yards rushing.  Freshman QB Dominic Coleman had a good day as did Senior RB Josh Baca.  Granada offensively was slowed by last time they played Stratton/Liberty and they are hoping to have their offensive problems figured out.  Granada has improved a ton as the year has moved on.

Stratton/Liberty and Granada already played each other and Stratton/Liberty won 52-12.  Granada will hope they fixed a few things from the meeting and are hoping their offense can get going.  Stratton/Liberty is hoping to adjust to anything new Granada throws at them.  I am going with Stratton/Liberty in this game.

#4 Otis vs #5 Peetz

Otis started their 2018 playoff run with a 56 to 6 victory over Cotopaxi.  Otis quickly took control of the game scoring 28 points in the first quarter and then 16 in the second quarter to put the game away.  Bryce Miracle once again had a big day rushing for 225 yards and 4 TDs.  He has been the main weapon for Otis and will be needed this week when they play Peetz.  Defensively Otis was solid holding Cotopaxi to 107 yards of total offense.  Tyler Reynolds and Landston Schaffert each had 12 tackles for the Otis defense.  Things get much more difficult this week for Otis when they face off against Peetz

Peetz started their title defense in a big way blowing past Flagler/Hi Plains 64 to 7.  Peetz was dominate early on scoring 50 points in the first half.  Peetz had a solid outing from Bryson long who ran for 159 yards and 3 TD’s.  Cooper White also was productive rushing for 123 yards and 3 TD’s.  Peetz seems to have found another RB to help carry the load.  Defensively Peetz forced 3 fumbles and 1 INT.  Peetz gave up 141 yards rushing and 91 yards passing but only gave up the 1 TD.  Peetz was led by Bryson Long with 16 tackles.  Peetz now has to refocus for their rematch with Otis and a very good offense.

These two meet up the first game of the season and Otis was victorious 64-43.  It was a very good game and I except another good matchup.  Both teams rely on their main RB.  I think turnovers will be a factor and whichever team takes care of the ball better will win.  I am going to go with Otis again in this game but I could see it going either way.  Otis I think is coming together better defensively but like I said this will be a good game.

#3 Arickaree/Woodlin vs #6 Prairie

Arickaree/Woodlin moved into the quarterfinals with a 56-7 victory over Genoa-Hugo.  Arickaree/Woodlin took control early of the game and were able to show why they are a serious threat in the playoffs.  Arickaree/Woodlin has not posted any stats from this year but they are on a 3-game winning streak and have proven they can score points with the best of them.  Arickaree/Woodlin will face a very tough defense this week and must also bring their best defensive efforts.  Arickaree/Woodlin has been the one team to surprise a few teams and their only two losses are to Stratton/Liberty and Kit Carson.

Prairie moved into the Quarterfinals beating Idalia 50 to 34 and it was a game good.  Prairie quickly jumped out to a 14 to 0 lead at the end of the first quarter.  Idalia showed some fight and scored 28 unanswered points to just to a 28 to 14 lead but a score by Prairie before halftime may have been the difference as Prairie now trailed 28-20 at half time.  Prairie then came out and scored two more touchdowns and that is al they would need to get the 50 to 34 win.  Defensively Prairie did a good job in the second half to close the game out.  Prairie did give up 297 yards rushing but forced two fumbles.  Walter Jordan lead all tacklers with 18 tackles.  Offensively Prairie racked up 347 yards of total offense.  The rushing attack led the way racking up 257 yards and were led by Devon Boling (81 yards), Walter Jordan (72 yards) and Trey Moore (72 yards).  Prairie offensively can attack with 4 different players which makes their offense tough to stop.  Prairie now must refocus and be ready for a tough Arickaree/Woodlin team.

This should be a great game with both teams hitting their stride at the right time of the season.  Both teams played tough schedules as well and are ready for this game.  I think Prairie offensively is going to be tough to stop with multiple players being able to carry the load.  Arickaree/Woodlin offensively can also strike quickly and I think this game will turn into a high scoring affair.  I am going with Prairie in this game and I am guessing both teams score over 30 points in this game.

#2 Kit Carson vs #7 Fleming

Kit Carson may be playing the best football in the 6-man ranks.  They have not lost a game this season and have the huge win over Stratton/Liberty two weeks ago.  Kit Carson moved into the quarterfinals beating North Park 50-9.  Kit Carson showed they are a real threat with the win.  No teams posted stats from the game.  I do know that Kit Carson has a ton of speed and are balanced in their offensive attack.  Senior QB T.J Conaway has been a massive part of the Kit Carson offense and so has RB Joe Bryan.  Kit Carson offensively has scored over 500 points on the year and face a tough task this week against a tough defense.  Defensively Kit Carson is just as impressive giving up just 95 points.  Kit Carson has shown week in and week out that their defense is very good and they will have to step up this week.

Fleming moved into the quarterfinals beating Cheyenne Wells 32-20.  Fleming and Cheyenne Wells went back and forth in the first half with Cheyenne Wells taking a 20 to 18 lead into halftime.  Fleming defense then stepped up and held Cheyenne Wells off the board.  Fleming added 14 more points in the second half to pull away and grab the victory.  Defensively Fleming showed their grit in the second half holding Cheyenne Wells scoreless.  Fleming also forced 2 interceptions, and 2 fumbles.  Brandon Williams led all tackles with 12.  Offensively Fleming was balanced in their attack passing for 126 and rushing for 233.  QB Kade Comstock had a really good game going 11 of 15 for 126 yards and 1 TD.  The rushing attack was led by Brandon Williams who had 138 yards rushing and 3 TDs.  Now Fleming offensively will have to be on top of their game to score against a very good Kit Carson defense.  Fleming defensively will have to play their best game of the season.

I think Kit Carson is playing the best football in 6-man and their offense and defense are some of the best in the class.  Fleming has improved as the year has gone on and will have to play their best game of the season to pull the upset.  I am going with Kit Carson to snag the win and move into the next round.