Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 2A

Picture by Ranchland News (Simla vs Calhan)

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 2A

In Class 2A things are much different than 3A.  In Class 2A you must finish in the Top 4 of your district to make it to Regionals (5 for District 5 or 3 for District 3).  Class 2A also gives the league champion the right to host a regional.  This is my early season league predictions and I won’t post this again till after break. All

District 1

  1. Del Norte
  2. Sanford
  3. Center
  4. Sargent

Last year the District 2 champion was Del Norte with Sanford, Sargent, and Custer County finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  I think District 2 is going to be split with two top teams and the rest of the league chasing for the #3 and #4 spot.  My pick for first place is Del Norte.  Del Norte lost 1 senior from last year but return their top 8 scorers.  Del Norte had a lot of players earning their first real playing time last year and with the 5-0 start this year you can see it paying off.  Del Norte also returns player of the year candidate Kendra Parra.  Del Norte has a massive game this Saturday against Sangre De Cristo.  Sanford is my pick for second place.  Sanford beat Alamosa and then performed well in the La Junta shootout.  Sanford loses their leading scorer and #3 scorer but have talent coming back to replace those players.  Nykia Ruvolo is the presence inside the Indians need plus with two talented freshman Sanford is poised for a run for a Top 2 spot.  Sanford also played well against Del Norte in the LJ Shootout championship.  My pick for 3rd place is Center.  Center had some rebuilding last year and went 2-18.  Coach Vigil though has the girls motivated for this year and a 2-2 start is a solid start for the Vikings.  Isabella Phillbern, Natalia Cendejas, and Brandi Almeida are the leaders of this very young team.  Center has just 1 senior on the roster plus are getting huge minutes from 3 sophomores and 1 freshman.  Center should push for a top 3 finish but will have to do some growing up this season.  My pick for 4th place is Sargent.  Sargent is off to a rough start at 1-4 but have played 3 ranked or previously ranked teams.  Sargent has some talent back with Lainie Dillion, Mackenzie Tolliver, and Ashlyn Slover but Sargent must develop a PG.  South Park will be in the hunt for a Top 4 finish and have a solid win over Salida and they will push to get to regionals.

District 2

  1. Yuma
  2. Wray
  3. Holyoke
  4. Wiggins

District 2 is home to the defending state champions Yuma.  Yuma was also the District 2 champion a year ago with Wray, Haxtun, and Holyoke finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  One big note about District 2 is that Haxtun and Merino have dropped into 1A and the league now has just 6 teams.  My pick for first place in District 2 is Yuma.  I am picking Yuma over Wray even though Wray has a win over Yuma.  Yuma is going through some growing pains and I think by the end of the year the leadership that Casey Blach and Cody Robinson will power Yuma to the District crown.  Yuma does have to replace #3, #4, and #6 scorers will need players to step up into those roles.  Wray is my pick at #2.  Wray is led by talented senior Morgan Smith and Paige Brown.  Wray did lose some senior leadership with their #2 and #3 scorers graduating.  Wray has played extremely well to open the season picking up wins over Yuma and winning the Goodland Topside Tipoff.  My #3 pick is Holyoke.  Holyoke performed well last year and upset Del Norte in the Regional finals.  Holyoke did lose a monster piece of the puzzle with Grace Dille graduating and taking 12.8 ppg and 14.5 RPG.  Holyoke though does return the rest of their roster.  Look for Taeryn Trumper (13.4 ppg) and Kaylee Camblin (4.0 ppg) to lead Holyoke this season.  The #4 spot in District 2 was much tougher and I am going with Wiggins for the #4 spot.  Wiggins is off to a 4-3 start and seem to have quite a bit returning.  Wiggins will have to find a new leading scorer but Claire Boyer (7.9 ppg) and Paige Finegan (5.3 ppg) should step up to the plate.

District 3 (Only 3 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Ignacio
  2. Dolores
  3. Telluride

District 3 is the only district that gets 3 teams into regionals.  Last year Ignacio won District 3 with Dolores and Norwood finishing 2nd and 3rd.  This year Norwood has dropped to 1A and that allows another team to rise to the challenge.  My pick for first place is Ignacio.  Ignacio loses their top 2 scorers but return a talented roster.  District 3 also seems to be a bit weak on the girls side.  Ignacio played well against Limon losing by just 10.  Makayla Howell and Larissa Gallegos will be the leaders for Ignacio and should help this team early on.  Ignacio is also extremely young and a team to keep your eye on.  Dolores is my pick for second place.  Dolores returns their top 2 scorers and top rebounder.  Dolores does have some holes to fill with their #3 and #4 scorers graduating.  Dolores should be in the running for another return trip to regionals. I honestly have no idea for the #3 spot.  Mancos, Ridgway and Telluride are all off to tough starts this season.  I do think the #3 spot is wide open.  I am going to go with Telluride as the early favorite for #3 but I could see Mancos pushing for it.

District 4

  1. Limon
  2. Byers
  3. Front Range Christian
  4. Denver Christian

Last year Limon was your District 4 champions with Denver Christian, Burlington, and Byers finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  District 4 also adds three teams this year Clear Creek, Platte Canyon and Victory Prep.  9 schools now compete for 4 spots.  My pick for first place is Limon.  Limon will continue to develop their young team and return 4 of their top 5 scorers.  Anna Weisensee, Sidney Hines, and Amber Weisensee and Toni Lopez are the 4 who will have to lead Limon this year.  Limon will be a real threat to make it to the Elite 8 but the younger players must continue to develop.  My pick for second place is Byers.  Byers is off to a solid start this year a 3-1.  Byers returns their top 6 scorers, but no one average more than 10 PPG.  Byers may need Kenzy Largent or Becca Earl to take over the scoring.  My pick for third is Front Range Christian.  Front Range Christian returns their top 2 scorers and lost just 1 senior from last year.  Front Range Christian will probably need to increase scoring from last year with their leading scorer averaging just over 5 PPG.  My fourth-place pick is Denver Christian.  I am not sure who to pick at #4 but I am going with a team with some tradition.  Kara Amidon returns for Denver Christian and she will have to anchor the offensive scoring.  Both 3rd and 4th in District 4 will be up for grabs and should be an interesting race.

District 5 (5 teams into regionals)

  1. Soroco
  2. Meeker
  3. Rangely
  4. Hotchkiss
  5. Paonia

District 5 is the only District that gets 5 teams into the regional tournament.  Last year Rangely won the District with Meeker, Soroco, Vail Christian, and Paonia taking 2nd thru 5th.  My pick for first place in District 5 is Soroco.  Soroco returns 3 of their top 5 scorers including their top scorer from last year Chloe Veilleux.  Soroco big loss will be rebounding losing their top rebounder from last year.  Soroco is off to a solid start in 2018 at 5-1 and their lone loss is to 4A Prairie View.  Soroco already has head to head wins over Meeker (by 14) and Rangely (by 24).  Soroco should be a team to watch for as the year goes on and should push for the District crown.  Meeker is my pick for second.  Meeker returns their top 5 scorers from a year ago.  Megan Shelton and Julia Dinwiddie both are back and averaged over 10 ppg last year.  Meeker also returns their top 3 rebounders.  Meeker should contend for a Top 3 spot in the District and possibly a state playoff berth.  My pick for 3rd place is Rangely.  Rangely loses a big piece from last year’s team but are returning their #2 and #3 scorers.  Rangely will need some seniors to really step up this year and also get increased scoring from Skylar Thacker and Kassidee Brown.  My pick for fourth place is Hotchkiss.  Hotchkiss is off to a 5-0 start but have played a very weak schedule.  Hotchkiss does return all but 1 player from last year’s team including their top 5 scorers.  Hotchkiss could make the jump and move into the Top 3 but only time will tell on this team.  My fifth-place pick is Paonia.  Paonia has a lot of tradition but have lost a lot of talent the past two years.  Paonia will need Taralee Mautz and Poppy Lightfoot to really step up and become leaders this year.

District 6

  1. Swink
  2. Rocky Ford
  3. Hoehne
  4. Fowler

Last year District 6 was won by Swink with Fowler, Hoehne, and Las Animas taking 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  Swink is once again my pick this year to finish 1st.  Swink had 0 seniors on last year’s team and return everyone.  Swink last year was led by Brianna Denton, Courtney Estrada, and Kyla O’neal.  Kyla O’Neal is very important as the main ball handler and Swink only league loss was to Fowler why O’Neal was out.  Swink didn’t qualify for the State tournament last year and the motivation should power them this season.  Swink is 2-1 early on with their lone loss to Centauri.  Holly is my pick for second in District 6.  Holly moves up from 1A and are returning a solid core from last year’s team.  Holly loses their #1 scorer Josie Cook but return the rest of the roster.  Kallie Cathcart, Mercedes Rodriguez, and Saedee Davis will all have to step up if Holly wants to make a run right away in 2A.  My pick for third place is Rocky Ford.  Rocky Ford returns the core of the roster from last year including their #1, #2, and #4 scorers. Rocky Ford does lose some leadership and rebounding but I see some sophomore who could step up and fill the void.  Rocky Ford played Holly tough already this season and should be poised to make the jump into the Top 4.  Fourth place was a tough pick between Hoehne, Fowler, and Crowley County.  I went with Crowley County in fourth place.  Crowley County is off to a 3-1 start on the season and return 4 of their top 5 scorers.  Rylee Haynes will have to step up and lead the Chargers again this year but Crowley County should contend for a Top 4 spot in the District.

District 7

  1. Highland
  2. Heritage Christian
  3. Dawson School
  4. Dayspring Christian

Last year the District 7 champion was Clear Creek, but this year Clear Creek has moved from District 7 to District 4 and now a new champion can be crowned.  Dayspring Christian, Highland, and Lyons finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  District 7 will be looking to crown a new champion this year.  Highland is my pick for first place.  Highland is losing their top scorer but are returning a solid core of players.  Laramie Woods averaged over 10 ppg last year and Olivia Himmel should help rebound for Highland.  Highland is off to a 2-2 start but have played a tough schedule suffering loss to Holyoke and Eaton.  My pick for second place is Heritage Christian.  Heritage Christian moves up from 1A and is returning their #2 and #3 scorers.  Heritage Christian has to get some younger players to really step up but expect big minutes from Sarah Collins and Emma Johnson.  My pick for 3rd is Dawson School.  Dawson School returns their top 3 scorers and are losing just 1 senior from last year’s team.  This team could easily jump into the top 2 of this league and are off to a solid 4-0 start.  Dayspring is my pick for fourth place.  Dayspring Christian is losing some key pieces from last year’s team.  Their #2 scorer is back but some sophomores will really have to step up for Dayspring Christian.  I would also keep an eye on Lyons this year as well.

District 8

  1. Simla
  2. Peyton
  3. Calhan
  4. Dolores Huerta

District 8 was won by Simla last year with Ellicott, Calhan, and Colorado Springs School finishing 2nd, 3rd, and 4th.  Ellicott has moved to Class 3A and should make this district very interesting.  My pick for first place is Simla.  Simla loses their floor leader and leading scorer to graduation but have some talent coming back.  Simla returns their #2 and #3 scorer and should be able to carry the load till some underclassman can step up and help.  Simla will need some players to really step up this year but Simla should still be the District leader.  #2, #3, and #4 are all very tough to judge in District 8.  My #2 pick is Peyton.  Peyton returns 3 of their top 5 scorers but lose their #1 and #3 rebounders.  Peyton has some help coming back in the scoring district, but rebounding will be key for Peyton.  Calhan is my pick for 3rd.  Calhan is losing 3 of their top 5 scorers but Calhan is off to a solid 2-2 start to the year.  Calhan will need huge minutes from Bailee Carter and Jenni Ellis.   Calhan may start slow but I think the talent coming back should help them finishing in the Top 4.  My 4th place team is Dolores Huerta.  Dolores Huerta loses just 1 senior and had massive minutes from Freshman and Sophomore last year.  Dolores Huerta hopefully has these players step up this year and help take this team farther.  Dolores Huerta leading scorers last year were Freshman and another year of experience and strength should help this team be better this year.

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