Class 3A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball League Predictions Class 3A

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography (Centauri vs Sargent 2017)

Boys Basketball League Predictions Class 3A

I am going to pick the Top 3 in Class 3A because in 3A only the Top 2 are guaranteed spots into the State Tournament.  I won’t post this again till after Winter Break and then it will become a weekly post.

Confluence/Colorado 8

  1. DSST-Green Valley Ranch
  2. Fort Lupton
  3. Englewood

The Confluence/Colorado 8 is once again shaping up to be one of the weaker Leagues in Class 3A.  Currently Lotus School, Englewood, and Fort Lupton are the 3 teams with winning records.  The rest of the league is either .500 or lower.  The Confluence League last year was won by DSST-Green Valley Ranch with Ridge View Academy taking second and Weld Central finishing third.  Picking a team for the Confluence/Colorado 8 league was tough.  I am going to lean with DSST-Green Valley Ranch for first place.  They return their #2 and #4 scorers from a year ago and will need some key pieces to step up.  Fort Lupton is my pick for second place.  Fort Lupton returns 4 of their top 5 scorers including their leading 2 scorers.  Fort Lupton will look to take the next step this year and make a run for a playoff spot.  Fort Lupton can easily contend for a League Title this year.  Englewood is my pick for third place.  Englewood returns 4 of their 5 starters but are losing their #2 scorer.  Englewood will need someone to step up and take over the PG spot but Englewood should contend for playoff spot and possibly a top finish in league.


  1. DSST-Stapleton
  2. The Academy
  3. Jefferson

The Frontier League was won by DSST-Stapleton last year with The Academy finishing second and Arrupe Jesuit finishing 3rd.  A lot of the top teams from last year are losing some key pieces and the Frontier League is wide open this year.  Like the Confluence/Colorado 8 League I am having a hard time picking the top 3 teams.  Only 1 team is over .500 currently and one of my picks for a Top 3 finish is off to a rough start.  My pick for first place is DSST-Stapleton.  DSST-Stapleton is off to a 4-2 start and will have some early growing pains.  DSST-Stapleton is losing 4 of their top 5 scorers but return their #2 scorer and leading rebounder.  DSST-Stapleton will be looking for a few players to really step up on the offensive side to make a run for a playoff berth.  The Academy is my pick for second place despite the 0-4 start.  The Academy has started the season at 0-4 and have 3 losses by less than 5 points.  The Academy is returning their leading two scorers from a year ago and really are returning 4 of their 5 top scorers.  Senior leadership was lost losing their #3 and #6 scorers.  The Academy is hoping to turn it around to make a run for a top spot.  At #3 I am going with Jefferson.  Jefferson is losing their leading two scorers from a year ago but are returning the rest of the roster.  Jefferson of course has some huge holes to fill but so do most teams in the Frontier League.  I really think this league is up for grabs and whoever peaks at the right time will win this league.


  1. Centauri
  2. Montezuma-Cortez
  3. Alamosa

Speaking of wide open leagues, we jump into the Intermountain League.  Last year Bayfield was your State Champion and League Champion.  Bayfield upset Alamosa during the IML tournament and used the momentum to pull off a huge run in the state tournament.  Alamosa finished second and Montezuma-Cortez finished 3rd.  Last year 5 of the 6 teams in the IML qualified for the state tournament and the 6th missed the cut by a few spots.  This year the top teams of the past Alamosa and Bayfield have lost some great senior classes and the league in my opinion is wide open.  My pick for first place is Centauri.  Centauri has opened their season at 6-0 including a solid outing in the La Junta Holiday Shootout (wins over Sanford, Lamar, and Swink).  Centauri did lose two key leaders in the Anderson brothers but look to Martin Garcia to step up and be the leader for Centauri.  Montezuma-Cortez is my pick for second place.  Montezuma-Cortez is off to a 5-0 start and have been dominate in their first 5 games winning all by 10+ points.  Montezuma-Cortez has a massive game against Mancos on 12/20 which could give us a slight insight on Cortez.  Montezuma-Cortez does lose some key seniors from last year’s team but return Teagan Whiteskunk and Cordell Baer to lead this team.  Third place in this league was a very tough pick.  Alamosa, Bayfield, and Pagosa all lose key pieces from last year’s team and Monte Vista proved last year it could shock a few teams plus a new head coach in Jeremy Romero have the Pirates playing tough if they can stay healthy and eligible.  I think at this point in the season I am going with Alamosa.  Alamosa has a big win over Lamar plus played Coal Ridge tough.  Alamosa gets the slight edge over the rest of the league due to their results early on.  I do think this could change by the beginning of the year.


  1. Manual
  2. Kent Denver
  3. Colorado Academy

Probably one most competitive league in 3A is the Metro league.  Last year Faith Christian won the Metro League title with Kent Denver and Lutheran finishing second and third.  The Metro league has some key seniors graduate for teams, but a lot of talent returns.  My picks for the Top 3 were tough due to the number of solid teams.  My first-place pick is Manual.  Manual is returning their 4 of their top 6 scorers including their top 3 scorers.  Jaedon Bowles is one of the top scorers in the Class and he should help Manual push for the top spot in the Metro League.  Manual is off 3-1 start with their lone loss to Fairview who is 5A school.  Manual plays Sterling tonight 12/13 and this should really give us an indication about how good Manual is.  My pick for second place is Kent Denver.  Kent Denver is losing 3 of their top 5 scorers but are returning their top two scorers and their top rebounder.  Kent Denver will be looking for a few players to really step up this year but with James Doyle and Coby Gold back Kent Denver should push for a top spot in league.  My pick for third place is Colorado Academy.  Colorado Academy was my preseason #1 and I still think they could push for a top spot in the league.  Colorado Academy is returning a ton of talent with just 2 seniors on last year’s roster.  Colorado Academy returns their leading two scorers and Colorado Academy has picked up back to back wins over Roosevelt and Platte Valley.  We will have to keep an eye on the Mustangs and see how they performer against Resurrection Christian on 12/15.


  1. Sterling
  2. Resurrection Christian
  3. Platte Valley

The Patriot League is another top league this year and have a few teams who should push for great 8 berths.  The Patriot league was won by Sterling with Resurrection Christian finishing second and Strasburg finishing 3rd.  This year I don’t believe much will change as my top two teams stay the same.  My first-place pick is Sterling.  Sterling loses a huge piece from last year’s team in Bodie Hume and Riley Schaefer but the rest of the roster returns and have plenty of talent.  Sterling will look for a leader to step up this year but so far Sterling has started hot winning their first 5 games but 20+ points.  My pick for second place is Resurrection Christian.  Resurrection Christian loses just 1 senior from a sophomore laden team.  Resurrection Christian was led by a pair of sophomores last year and those two will be needed to step up if they plan to challenge Sterling for the league crown.  The Cougars have played a tough non-league schedule so far with their lone loss coming to 3A Pueblo West.  Resurrection Christian has a pair of massive games against Lutheran (12/14) and Colorado Academy (12/15) we will learn a lot about this team from those games.  My pick for third place is Platte Valley.  Platte Valley is losing 5 of their top 6 scorers but return their leading scorer and rebounder.  Platte Valley also returns some key players off the bench coming back.  Platte Valley may struggle to get these players up to speed but I expect them to compete for a top 3 spot in league.


  1. Vanguard
  2. Colorado Springs Christian
  3. Lamar

The Tri-Peaks league was very competitive last year, and we will have to see if the trend continues this year.  Last year the Tri-Peaks league was won by Vanguard with C.S Christian finishing second and La Junta finishing 3rd.  I do not see many changes in the order from last year to this year.  My pick for first place is Vanguard.  Vanguard returns one of the best scorers in 3A plus their #2 and #3 scorers.  Vanguard also returns their leading rebounder and this team should be very competitive in the League.  Vanguard is off to a solid 3-0 start but were played tough by Faith Christian.  Vanguard has a out of state tournament coming up in Florida and then jump right into league play to start the year.  We will keep an eye out for how Vanguard does in Florida.  My pick for second place is C.S Christian.  C.S Christian returns 4 of their top 6 scorers including their leading scorer from a year ago.  The Lions do have to replace their #2 scorer and their leading rebounder from a year ago.  C.S Christian though has their floor general back and this team will be very tough in the Tri-Peak league.  My pick for third place was tough but using early season results I came up with my team.  I am going with Lamar just ahead of Manitou Springs for third place.  Lamar performed well in the La Junta holiday shootout falling to Centauri but picking up wins over Del Norte and La Junta.  Lamar has a lot of speed and if they can stay composed this team could cause problems with their speed.

Western Slope

  1. Grand Valley
  2. Roaring Fork
  3. Coal Ridge

The Western Slope was very team last year and this year could be another very competitive year inside the Western Slope league.  Last year Coal Ridge was your league champion with Roaring Fork and Delta finishing second and third.  This year some teams have lost key contributors and seeing what players step up will be key.  My first-place pick is Coal Ridge.  Coal Ridge loses their #1 scorer but return their #2, #3, and #4 scorers.  Coal Ridge also returns depth from last year’s team and should push for another league crown.  Kevin DiMarco will have to lead this team this year and so will PG Jan Hernandez.  Coal Ridge is off to a very good start at 7-0 including wins over Lutheran, Meeker, Alamosa, Faith Christian, and Rifle.  Coal Ridge should continue to improve as the year goes on and should be a top contender.  My second-place team is Roaring Fork.  Roaring Fork is off to a rough start at 1-3 but I still think they have the talent to compete for a Top 3 spot.  Roaring Fork is losing their #1 and #5 scorers but return the rest of the roster.  Roaring Fork will look to Joe Salinas to take over the scoring responsibility this year, but this team should grow a lot as the season progresses.  My pick for third is Delta.  Delta loses some key players from last year’s team including 4 of their top 5 scorers.  Delta though does not seem to be rebuilding but instead reloading.  Delta has picked up a solid win against Manitou Springs and will have a huge test against Alamosa on 12/14.  Delta will look to Andrew Baier to lead them early on but Delta should compete for a Top 3 spot.