2A Girls Basketball Top Ten Breakdown

Girls Basketball Class 1A Top Ten Breakdown

ot sports genoa
Picture by OtSportsChek (Genoa-Hugo vs Arickaree/Woodlin)

Girls Basketball Class 1A Top Ten Breakdown

I will post Top Ten Breakdowns until we jump full sail into league play then we will move into league predictions and playoff scenarios.

#1 Kit Carson (8-0)

Kit Carson is your defending state champions and off to a very good start.  Kit Carson is on a terror so far this year with just 1 game decided by less than 20 points.  Kit Carson started 2019 on a high note as well beating Eads 64-28 and Arickaree/Woodlin 55-17.  Kit Carson this week hosts Granada and Flagler/Hi Plains and will be heavily favorited in both games.  Kit Carson is marching ever closer to history.

#2 Haxtun (8-1)

Haxtun has started their 2019 schedule on a high point picking up 3 straight wins all by 20+ points.  Haxtun lone loss is to 2A Holyoke 60-53.  Haxtun will have a chance this weekend to avenge that loss when they travel to Holyoke.  Haxtun will be battle tested playing in the tough Plains League and should be ready for the District Tournament.

#3 South Baca (7-0)

South Baca has continued there dominate run to start 2018-2019.  To start 2019 South Baca blasted Felt OK 48-19.  South Baca is the favorite to win their district but holding off Wiley and Kim/Branson will be tough.  South Baca has two games this week against Cheyenne Wells and Wiley.  The Wiley game will be a Top 10 battle and will be huge in terms of District seeding.

#4 Sangre De Cristo (5-1)

Sangre De Cristo started their 2019 in a big way.  Sangre De Cristo hosted a solid 2A Rocky Ford team and won big beating Rocky Ford 72-46.  Sangre De Cristo needed a bounce back game and did just that by blowing past Rocky Ford.  Sangre De Cristo should be favored in all their games except 1.  Sangre De Cristo plays Swink on 1/26 and they will not be favored in that game.  I do know that La Veta, Cotopaxi, and Kim/Branson are on the schedule all of which will be difficult games.  Sangre De Cristo opens District play this week traveling to Creede and Aguilar.

#5 Briggsdale (9-0)

Briggsdale continues their impressive start to the season running out to a 9-0 record.  Briggsdale started 2019 with a big 64-27 win over Peetz.  Briggsdale has 1 game against Weldon Valley this week and have two big games next week against Prairie and Caliche.  Briggsdale will have the slight edge in District play already beating Fleming but must continue to improve weekly.

#6 Genoa-Hugo (7-1)

Genoa-Hugo entered 2019 at 6-0 and impressive wins over North Park, Arickaree/Woodlin, and Idalia.  Genoa-Hugo had a difficult schedule to open 2019 facing two ranked 2A teams.  Genoa-Hugo faced Limon first and fell 49-25.  The margin was a big much which is why they fell to #6.  Genoa-Hugo then bounced back nicely beating Peyton 51-39 and regain some needed momentum.  Genoa-Hugo this week faces their third straight 2A team when they host Byers on 1/11.  The Pirates then host Arickaree/Woodlin to close out this weekend’s games.  Genoa-Hugo also is a young team that will continue to improve, and they are the favorite to win their district.

#7 Fleming (6-2)

Fleming started the season with a tough 20-point loss to Haxtun and then a few weeks later another loss to Briggsdale 61-52.  Fleming though has seemed to have picked things up winning 4 straight games and pushing their record to 6-2.  During their 4-game winning streak only 1 game was considered a quality win and it was over Arickaree/Woodlin.  Fleming may still be searching for a floor leader but is a team I think will get better as the season goes.  Fleming has two games this week against Peetz and Stratton/Liberty, but I see Fleming pushing their winning streak to 6 games.  Fleming is not the favorite in their District but will be looking for revenge when they play Briggsdale later in the season.

#8 Wiley (6-2)

Wiley jumped into the rankings last week after beating Springfield and McClave.  Wiley has not looked back winning 3 straight games and picking up another quality win over Kim/Branson in the process.  Wiley is a bit of a surprise team in the rankings and are hoping to prove they belong and face a difficult 4 games stretch coming up.  Wiley faces 2A Holly on 1/10 and then undefeated #3 South Baca on 1/12.  Next week Wiley has two more difficult games against Cheraw and Walsh.  We will know a ton about Wiley by the end of next week and possibly their seed in the District tournament.

#9 North Park (4-2)

North Park opened the 2018-2019 season with a loss to Genoa-Hugo and it must have fired them up winning their next 3 games including a shutout victory over Golden View Classical (69-0).  North Park also picked up impressive wins over South Park (60-35) and West Grand (47-39).  North Park started 2019 playing a very tough opponent in 2A Meeker.  North Park fell in that game big 57-24 and will hope to bounce back this weekend.  This weekend they host Saratoga WY who is 3-6 but the big game is their matchup against #10 De Beque and could be for the #1 seed in the District Tournament.  North Park won’t have another shot at De Beque and the winner will have a massive leg up heading into the tournament.  North Park still has a lot of questions about how good they are and hoping after this weekend we will have those answers.

#10 De Beque (7-1)

De Beque joined the rankings for the first time this year.  De Beque is off to a 7-1 start with their lone loss coming to #5 Briggsdale.  De Beque has not played the toughest schedule but they do have a quality win over 2A Hotchkiss and 2A Plateau Valley.  De Beque to start 2019 plays an stacked schedule.  De Beque opens 2019 against 2A ranked Soroco, #9 North Park, and 2A ranked Meeker.  These 3 games will test De Beque and we will learn quickly about this team.  So far De Beque has been impressive but against 3 very good teams we will learn just how good they are.

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