Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball District Tournament Predictions Class 1A

Picture by OtSportsChek (Idalia vs Bethune)

Girls Basketball District Tournament Predictions Class 1A

With just 1 week remaining in the regular season we are right around the corner from the District tournament where teams will battle it out for a shot at the Regional tournament.  We will be predicting what teams we think will qualify for the Regional Tournament.

District 1 (Only qualifies 2 teams)

#1 North Park

#2 De Beque

District 1 gets just two teams into regionals.  It seems 3 contenders have risen up to challenge for just two spots.  I do know that the two league champions get the bye’s and avoid the pigtail games.  North Park is my pick to really take over the District.  North Park played in the tough 2A Western Slope picking up just two league losses.  North Park should be primed for a deep run into the regional bracket.  De Beque is my other team I am going with to qualify for Regionals.  Dove Creek and Ouray will challenge for a spot.

District 2

#1 Kit Carson

#2 McClave

#3 Eads

Kit Carson has nearly wrapped up the #1 seed for the district title but McClave stands in their way.  Kit Carson and McClave clash on 2/15 and will be for the #1 seed in the District title.  Eads and Cheyenne Wells will need some help to move into the #2 spot but their game on 2/15 will decide the #3 and #4 seed for the District Tournament.  Things have gotten a bit more interesting in the #3 and #4 spot.  Eads and Cheyenne Wells seem to be on a collision course with the winner advancing to state.  My Regional picks are #1 Kit Carson, #2 McClave, #3 Eads.  I am going Eads over Cheyenne Wells in the third-place game, but I expect a great battle.

District 3

#1 South Baca

#2 Springfield

#3 Wiley

District 3 have 5 teams in the District and 4 of the 5 teams are still battling it out for those 3 spots.   South Baca and Springfield meet this week to figure out the #1 sand #2 seed for the District tournament.  Wiley has locked up the #3 seed and avoids the Pigtail game.  Kim/Branson and Walsh will meet in the Pigtail game with the winner facing #1 seed.  My predictions are South Baca vs Springfield in the championship with Wiley vs Kim/Branson in the third-place games.  My picks for Regionals are: #1 South Baca, #2 Springfield, #3 Wiley.  Kim/Branson has the experience of the state tournament from last year but they will have to dig deep to make a return run.

District 4

#1 Briggsdale

#2 Fleming

#3 Merino

District 4 is seeded by RPI and the seeding will go as follows: #1 Briggsdale, #2 Fleming, #3 Longmont Christian, #4 Merino, #5 Prairie, #6 Weldon Valley, #7 Caliche, #8 Peetz.  Using these seeds, I see some potential good games.  #3 Longmont Christian vs #6 Weldon valley and #4 Merino vs #5 Prairie should set up some very good First round games.  I am going with Longmont Christian and Merino to advance into the Semifinals along with Briggsdale and Fleming.  My championship would be Briggsdale vs Fleming for round #3 between these two teams.  My third-place game would pit Longmont Christian vs Merino.  Merino is the one team I think is to watch.  Merino upset Haxtun and that grabbed my attention.  My regionals picks are: #1 Briggsdale, #2 Fleming, #3 Merino.  Longmont Christian will get their shot in the third-place game but will need an upset.

District 5

#1 Haxtun

#2 Arickaree/Woodlin

#3 Idalia

District 5 has been a crazy roller coaster with some very good matchups.  I believe that District 5 is seeded with RPI but if I am wrong please let me know so I can update before I release my regional projections later today.  If District 5 is seeded via RPI it would look like this: #1 Haxtun, #2 Lone Star, #3 Arickaree/Woodlin, #4 Idalia, #5 Stratton/Liberty, #6 Otis, #7 Flagler/Hi Plains, #8 Bethune.  If RPI is used it sets up a very interesting 8 team District bracket.  #3 Arickaree/Woodlin vs #6 Otis and #4 Idalia vs #5 Stratton/Liberty would be the matchup to watch in the first round.  My semifinals predictions are: #1 Haxtun vs #4 Idalia and #2 Lone Star vs #3 Arickaree/Woodlin.  Otis did take Arickaree/Woodlin to OT so this could also change.  I am going with Haxtun vs Arickaree/Woodlin in the Championship with Idalia vs Lone Star in the third-place game.  Lone Star vs Idalia would be a great matchup in the third-place game.  Idalia snagged the first win earlier in the year.  My picks for Regionals would be: #1 Haxtun, #2 Arickaree/Woodlin, #3 Idalia.

District 6

#1 Sangre De Cristo

#2 Cotopaxi

#3 Sierra Grande

11 teams in District 6 square off for just 3 spots.  Sangre De Cristo and Cotopaxi have locked up the #1 and #2 seeds in the tournament.  The #3 spot still needs to be determined and will be when Sierra Grande and La Veta square off this week.  The #5 seed will also avoid the Pigtail round and that goes to Antonito.  Moffat, Centennial, Creede, Manzanola, Lake City, and Aguilar all will play Monday in the pigtail game for the right to play Tuesday in the first round.  My predictions for the 4 teams to advance to the semifinals are Sangre De Cristo vs La Veta and Cotopaxi vs Sierra Grande.  I am going with Sangre De Cristo vs Cotopaxi in the championship with Sierra Grande and La Veta facing off again in the third place game.  My picks for Regionals are: #1 Sangre De Cristo, #2 Cotopaxi, and #3 Sierra Grande.

District 7 (Only 2 teams make it to Regionals)

#1 Genoa-Hugo

#2 Elbert

District 7 only gets two teams into regionals and they square off against District 1 for the right to go to state.  Genoa-Hugo is in my opinion the top of the District and have played well this year losing to Kit Carson by just 12 points.  Genoa-Hugo is a team to really watch out for.  Elbert, Kiowa, and Cripple Creek are three other teams who could push for the final spot but I am going with Elbert.  Elbert has played well this year but need to beat Kiowa to lock up the #2 seed for the tournament.  Elbert vs Kiowa should be a good game and provide some much-needed momentum heading into Districts.  I am sticking with Elbert also qualifying for Regionals.

District 8

#1 Shining Mountain

#2 Belleview Christian

#3 Cornerstone Christian

District 8 has been an interesting race to watch.  Shining Mountain has locked up the #1 seed with Belleview Christian locking up the #2 seed.  Cornerstone Christian and Front Range Baptist round out the top 4.  I do think these four teams also will be my semifinalist teams.  My championship pick is Shining Mountain vs Belleview Christian and Cornerstone Christian vs Front Range Baptist for third place.  My regional picks are: #1 Shining Mountain, #2 Belleview Christian, #3 Cornerstone Christian.