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Girls Basketball State Tournament Projections Class 2A and Class 1A


Girls Basketball State Tournament Projections Class 2A and Class 1A

I will release Class 3A tomorrow.  These are my playoff projections for Class 2A and 1A using my regional projections.  Of course, things continue to change, and District Tournament determine if some teams even make it to regionals.

Class 2A

Region 1

Pick: Limon

Limon will have to contend with Byers or Simla and Limon has beat both of them but it’s never easy beating the same team twice.

Region 2

Pick: Wray

Wray last year advanced to the State tournament as a lower seed and possibly will need to do it again this year.  Ignacio has not played many quality opponents they did lose to Limon by 10 but were beat by Del Norte easily.

Region 3

Pick: Meeker

Meeker vs Holyoke could be the best matchup in the Regional finals.  I am going with Meeker on their own home court but I am putting Meeker on upset alert.

Region 4

Pick: Swink

Swink has played very consistent basketball since their loss to Centauri in December.  Swink will have to play Highland in the regional finals which will be a good challenge for Swink.  Swink last year lost in the regional finals and will be ready to play.

Region 5

Pick: Del Norte

Del Norte will first have to beat Sanford 4 times in 1 season to win the District.  Del Norte vs Holly/Dawson School will be a very good matchup.  Holly vs Highland will be a good game and the winner will have the task of stopping a good Del Norte team.

Region 6

Pick: Peyton

I made a switch here and moved Peyton to win their District.  Peyton vs Soroco would be another great matchup in the Regional Finals.  I am going with Peyton on their home court.

Region 7

Pick: Yuma

Yuma is much better than the #6 seed and will prove it in this region.  Yuma will have to deal with a solid Rye team, but Yuma is a regular in the state tournament.

Region 8

Pick: Heritage Christian

Heritage Christian vs Sanford will be the second best game of the regional finals.  Sanford play outstanding defense and will cause problems to any team they play.  Heritage Christian must be ready for in your face defense and if they are not Sanford could shock everyone and pull the upset.

State Tournament Bracket (Class 2A)

I am seeding the state tournament with the most current RPI and using my picks it would look like this:

#1 Limon vs #8 Peyton

#4 Meeker vs #5 Heritage Christian

#3 Wray vs #6 Swink

#2 Del Norte vs #7 Yuma

Class 1A

Region 1

Pick: Genoa-Hugo

Genoa-Hugo is playing great basketball right now and their win over Fleming has them looking as a potential challenger.

Pick: North Park

Back to back appearances on the line for North Park and they should get past Elbert to get to the State tournament.

Region 2

Pick: Briggsdale

Briggsdale has plenty of quality wins on the season.  They still must play Merino but Merino vs Briggsdale should be a good matchup to advance to the state tournament.

Pick: Fleming

Shining Mountain vs Otis will be a good game but awaiting them is Fleming.  Fleming is a constant to the state tournament and they should advance again.

Pick: Haxtun

Haxtun has a solid team and a good draw here in the regional bracket should get them to the State Tournament.

Region 3

Pick: Kit Carson

Not much else to say but they are looking for another state championship.  They are my pick to win the 1A girls title.

Pick: South Baca

South Baca continues to play good basketball.  McClave should challenge South Baca but I think South Baca advances to the State Tournament.

Pick: Sangre De Cristo

Sangre De Cristo has been hit a bit by the injury bug, but they have plenty of girls who can step up and fill the role left by injuries.  Sangre De Cristo will probably face Springfield who they beat by 6 a few weeks ago.  A rematch would be another great matchup but this time for a trip to the state tournament.

State Tournament Bracket

I am using RPI to seed the Bracket.

#1 Kit Carson vs #8 Haxtun

#4 South Baca vs #5 Sangre De Cristo

#3 Briggsdale vs #6 North Park

#2 Genoa-Hugo vs #7 Fleming

3 thoughts on “Girls Basketball State Tournament Projections Class 2A and Class 1A”

  1. You say Ignacio is lacking quality opponents. The teams they have lost too have a combined record of 102 wins to 16 losses. I would call those quality opponents. 4 of them were in higher classifications.


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