2A Girls Basketball Top Ten Breakdown

Girls Basketball Class 2A State Tournament Breakdown and Predictions

Picture by Van Hollis (Swink vs Rye)

Girls Basketball Class 2A State Tournament Breakdown and Predictions

The end of the long season is in sight and 8 teams will battle for a state championship.   I think the 2A girls bracket is the best 8 teams and will make for a very exciting state tournament.  I will give a quick look at how the 8 teams got here plus give my predictions for the first-round games.  I will post my full 1A prediction later today.

#1 Limon vs #8 Sanford

Limon enters the state tournament at 22-1.  Limon won the 2A/1A Union Pacific regular season title going 6-0 in league.  Limon would enter the District 4 tournament as the #1 see and would automatically qualify for regionals.  Limon would face Burlington in the Semifinals and would win easily 64-26.  Limon then faced upset minded Denver Christian but would roll to the easy district championship 55-19.  Limon would enter regionals as the #1 seed and would cruise past both opponents beating Wiggins 54-31 and then Peyton in the regional finals 72-28.  Limon seems to be peaking at just the right time.  Limon has just 1 player scoring double digits and that is junior Toni Lopez 10.4 ppg.  Limon though does have 6 players scoring over 5 ppg.

Sanford enters the state tournament at 19-4.  Sanford won the 2A Southern Peaks league going 7-0.  Sanford earned a automatic berth to regionals as the #1 seed in the District tournament.  Sanford faced Center in the semifinals and would cruise past them 54-19.  Sanford when then face Del Norte for the fourth time in one season.  Sanford would tie the series at 2 a piece beating Del Norte 48-44.  Sanford would host a regional and would be the #5 seed.  Sanford would cruise past Ridgway 63-13 to set up game against Soroco in the regional finals.  Sanford would build their lead in the second quarter against Soroco outscoring them 9-2.  Sanford continue to build their lead in the third quarter and would win 50-32.  Sanford is another team peaking at just the right time.  Sanford is led by Junior Mackenzie Peterson 8.1 ppg and freshman Asian Caldon 7.8 ppg.  Sanford has 4 players scoring over 5 ppg.

Sanford is getting valuable experience to their young core.  Sanford is losing 4 seniors this year but will return their top 3 scorers.  Sanford defensively is one of the best teams in the state but will have to contend with a Limon team who has been building for this year and next year.  Limon is still young with most of their core being sophomore and juniors.  Limon also plays good defense and could see this turn into a defensive struggle.  I am going with Limon though due to experience in the state tournament.

#4 Wray vs #5 Swink

Wray enters the state tournament at 19-3.  Wray competed in the 2A/1A Lower Platte League finishing second during the regular season behind Yuma.  Wray would enter the District tournament as the #2 seed and automatically qualify for the regional tournament.  Wray would face rival Holyoke in the semifinals.  Wray would take a 37-35 lead into the fourth quarter but would be outscored by Holyoke 15-7 to loss 50-44.  Wray would bounce back quickly though and would cruise past Wiggins 57-14 to finish third in the district tournament.  Wray would enter the regional tournament as the #9 seed and would have to travel to Ignacio.  Wray would beat Burlington in the first round 54-23 and set up the regional final against Host Ignacio.  Wray would trail going into halftime 23-18.  Wray then outscored Ignacio in the second half 19-14 to force OT.  Wray would then escape OT with then 43-39 win over Ignacio.  Wray is led by sophomore Taby Jones 13.1 ppg and senior Morgan Smith 10.4 ppg.  Wray has 4 players scoring over 5 ppg.

Swink comes into the state tournament at 22-2.  Swink won the Santa Fe League going 13-0.  Swink would enter the District 6 tournament as the #1 seed and would need just 1 win to qualify for regionals.  Swink would beat John Mall 72-10 to advance to regionals.  In the Semifinals Swink continued to play well beating Fowler 42-19 and then beat Rye for the second time this year 39-22 to win the District championship.  Swink would now host a region and would enter as the #4 seed.  Swink would face Center in the first round and made quick work of Center winning 59-8.  Swink would then face Rye for the 3rd time in one season and would hold on for the 42-34 win over Rye.  Swink has been led by a group of 4 seniors all year. Senior Brianna Denton leads the way with 17.9 ppg and Tierra Holland is second with 10.0 ppg.  The 4 seniors also all score over 5 ppg and must have productive tournaments to advance deep.

Wray seems to be struggling a bit towards the end of the season but still advanced to the state tournament.  Wray could have gained some momentum with their OT win over Ignacio.  Swink has played well all year.  Swink had to get past Rye three times in one season but were able to do that.  Swink now faces a team who always seems to make the state tournament.  Swink lost to Wray last year in the Regional finals and I am guessing the senior from Swink still remember that game.  I am going with Swink over Wray in a very good game.

#3 Meeker vs #6 Del Norte

Meeker comes into the state tournament at 23-1.  Meeker won the Western Slope league going 11-0.  Meeker entered the District 5 tournament as the #1 seed.  Meeker had to win their first game to qualify for regional and they did just that beating West Grand 61-20.  Meeker then survived a slight scare from Rangely beating them 37-24 and then dominated Soroco in the District Championship 52-25.  Meeker would host their own region.  Meeker would play Dolores in the first round and dominate 70-12.  In the Regional Finals Meeker would play Holyoke.  Meeker would dominate the first three quarters leading 35-26 heading into the fourth.  In the fourth quarter Holyoke would make a run and nearly came back but fell short.  Meeker would win 46-43 and advance to the state tournament.  Meeker has been led by a trio of players.  Junior Julia Dinwiddie 12.5 ppg, Victoria Lasker 11.4 ppg, and Megan Shelton 11.2 ppg.  Meeker has 4 players scoring over 5 ppg.

Del Norte comes into the state tournament at 22-2.  Del Norte competed in the 2A Southern Peaks league and finished second during the regular season.  Del Norte would enter the District 1 tournament as the #2 seed and would qualify for state winning their first game 76-14.  Del Norte would advance to the District Championship beating Sargent 72-23.  In the District championship Del Norte would fall to Sanford 48-44.  Del Norte would be on the road and would have to travel to Simla for their region.  Del Norte would have a great second half to pull away from Vail Christian 71-42 to set up the Regional final game with Simla.  Del Norte would start slow against Simla and would be trailing by 12 at half.  Del Norte at one point in the 3rd quarter trailed by 15 but slowly started cutting the lead down.  At the end of the third quarter Del Norte started their run and would outscore Simla in the fourth to win 54-42.  Del Norte would qualify for state after missing last year.  Del Norte is led by junior Kendra Parra 23.7 ppg and senior Lacie Jones 9.3 ppg.  Del Norte has 5 players scoring over 5 ppg.

This was one of the tougher choices.  Meeker proved me wrong last week beating Holyoke and Del Norte was able to grab the upset over Simla.  Meeker has played a tough schedule and so has Del Norte and this should be a great game.  I think this is a tight game, but I am going with Del Norte over Meeker.

#2 Yuma vs #7 Heritage Christian

Yuma enters the state tournament at 20-3.  Yuma is your defending State Champions.  Yuma competed in the Class 2A/1A Lower Platte League and won the league going a perfect 8-0.  Yuma entered the District tournament as the #1 seed and the automatic berth to regionals.  Yuma played Wiggins in the semifinals and took care of business beating Wiggins 57-16.  Yuma would meet up with rival Holyoke in the District finals and would beat them for the third time this year 46-36.  Yuma would get to host their own regional.  Yuma would enter regionals as the #2 seed.  Yuma made quick work of their first-round opponent beating Dayspring Christian 66-22.  Yuma would play Highland in the regional finals and just like their first game would dominate beating Highland 51-19.  Yuma seems to be coming together at the right time.  Yuma has been led by senior Cody Robinson 17.2 ppg and senior Chasey Blach 11.9 ppg.  Yuma has 5 players scoring over 5 ppg.

Heritage Christian enters the state tournament at 23-1.  Heritage Christian won the 2A/1A Mile High league going a perfect 12-0.  Heritage Christian would enter the District 7 tournament as the #1 seed and would need to win 1 game to qualify for regionals.  Heritage Christian would snag their first win beating Loveland Classical 69-27.  Heritage Christian would then move into the District Championship beating Dayspring Christian 34-19.  In the District Championship things would not go Heritage Christian way and Dawson School would pull the upset 34-30.  Heritage Christian would be on the road for Regionals but would not have to travel far as they drew Dawson School region.  Heritage Christian in the first round would have to escape an upset minded Colorado Springs School and would win 39-37.  Heritage Christian would then get their rubber match with Dawson School in the Regional Finals.  Heritage Christian would trail Dawson School at halftime 17-15.  Heritage Christian then outscored Dawson School 13-8 in the third quarter then 13-4 in the fourth quarter to win 41-29.  Heritage Christian has been led by junior Emma Johnson 13.6 ppg and Kali Siemers 11.0 ppg.  Heritage Christian has 6 players scoring over 5 ppg.

This is Heritage Christian first year in 2A and to qualify for the state tournament is a great achievement.  Heritage Christian just runs straight into the defending state champions Yuma.  Yuma, I think has another good chance to repeat as champions, but Heritage Christian will give Yuma their best shot.  I do think Yuma Grabs the win and advances.

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