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Class 1A Baseball Postseason Update.


Class 1A Baseball Postseason Update.

With the final District tournament taking place today we are starting to see the final pieces take place for the Regional/State Tournament.  To qualify for Regionals, you must finish either as the District Champion or Runner up or be the 8 highest RPI.  Regional are hosted by District Champions.

Automatic Qualifier

District 1

District Champion: Nucla

Runner up: Dove Creek

District 2

Playing Today but Cornerstone Christian beat Rocky Mountain Lutheran to advance into the Finals.

District 3

District Champion: Otis

Runner up: Granada

District 4

District Champion: Haxtun

Runner up: Caliche

Top 20 RPI (Updated 5/6/2019 @10:14am)

#1 Cornerstone Christian

#2 Granada

#3 Otis

#4 Nucla

#5 Springfield

#6 Haxtun

#7 Dove Creek

#8 Cotopaxi

#9 Caliche

#10 Longmont Christian

#11 Evangelical Christian

#12 Prairie

#13 Eads

#14 Elbert

#15 Stratton/Liberty

#16 Cheyenne Wells

#17 Merino

#18 Manzanola

#19 Rocky Mountain Lutheran

#20 Briggsdale

At-Large Berths

To help determine the other Automatic Berth we are giving it to Evangelical Christian as they beat Longmont Christian during the regular season.



Longmont Christian





Cheyenne Wells

Potential Seeded Bracket

Going with Cornerstone Christian as the District 2 Champion helps figure out the other Regional host.  We are seeding the bracket using the most recent RPI and avoiding district matchups.

Projected Regional Brackets-

Region 1
#1 Cornerstone Christian vs #16 Stratton/Liberty
#8 Cotopaxi vs #9 Caliche


Region 2
#4 Haxtun vs #13 Eads
#5 Granada vs #12 Prairie


Region 3
#3 Nucla vs #14 Elbert
#6 Springfield vs #11 Evangelical Christian


Region 4
#2 Otis vs #15 Cheyenne Wells
#7 Dove Creek vs #10 Longmont Christian

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