8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football Week 3 Top 10 Breakdown

Billie Carlson Sedco vs Hoehne
Picture by Billie Carlson (Sedgwick County vs Hoehne)

8-Man Football Week 3 Top 10 Breakdown

The 8-man Rankings had little to no changes this week.  The only change was Sargent dropping to #10 following a loss to Fowler.

#1 Sedgwick County (2-0)

Sedgwick County opened their title defense with back to back wins.  Sedgwick County beat Simla to open the season 46-0 and then beat #6 Hoehne 34-0 to move to 2-0.  Sedgwick County is pushing for a 5-Peat which would be the first in 8-man.  Sedgwick County plays Gilpin County this week.  Gilpin County is 0-2 on the season and has lost to fellow Plains league teams Caliche and Merino.  Sedgwick County will look to move to 3-0 this week and will open league play next week.

#2 Mancos (1-0)

Mancos had a bye last week but a week ago opened their 2019 season in a big way beating Plateau Valley 68-0.  Mancos had a big game against Plateau Valley rushing for 370 yards and were led by Chase Moore who ran for 255 yards.  Mancos will have a big advantage going into their week 3 matchup against #3 Merino which is extra time to prepare.  Offensively Mancos will look to get their offense going.  Merino has yet to give up over 6 points.  Defensively Mancos must be ready for a good offensive attack.  Mancos will be tested, and we will learn more about Mancos after this game.

#3 Merino (3-0)

Merino opened their 2019 season with back to back wins.  Merino opened the year with a Top 10 matchup beating Pikes Peak Christian 18-6.  Last week Merino beat Gilpin County 50-0.  Merino will be looking to keep their defense in top form and have yet to give up over 7 points.  Merino will have to be strong against the run and we will see how Merino performers against a top defense.  This should be a great game and it’s played at a neutral field.

#4 Fowler (2-0)

Fowler is off to a very quick start at 2-0.  Fowler has proven through two games that they are a legit team scoring 104 points in two games.  Fowler opened the year with a 54-6 victory over Swink and last week beat Sargent 50-27.  Fowler took a 28-14 lead into half time against Sargent and never looked back.  Fowler had a ton of success running the ball rushing for 381 yards as a team.  Joshua Daniels led all rushers with 214 yards and 3 TDs.  Defensively Fowler played well holding Sargent to 208 yards rushing.  Fowler will now set their sights on Akron.  Akron is 1-1 on the season.  Last week Akron lost to Holly 28-14 and was a bit of a surprise.  Akron will now look to quickly bounce back and will have to be ready for a strong rushing attack.  Fowler must also be ready to stop the rushing attack again this week and should be a good test for Fowler.

#5 Caliche (2-0)

Caliche is off to an explosive start this season scoring 138 points in two games.  Caliche has been led by their rushing attack.  Dylan Huss and Riley Stump have led Caliche so far in the early season and look for this rushing attack to just get better as the season goes.  Caliche will look to improve their defense a bit this week after giving up 36 points to West Grand.  Caliche will have a bye this week and open league play the following week against Byers.

#6 Hoehne (0-1)

Hoehne opened their 2019 season at home against the defending state champions Sedgwick County.  Hoehne struggled offensively this game and lost 34-0.  Hoehne did play good on defense in the first half holding Sedgwick County to just 6 points.  Hoehne will now look to get their offense figured out for their week two matchup against #10 Dayspring Christian.  Hoehne defensively will be facing a explosive offense who can both throw and run the ball well.  Offensively Hoehne must be able to score points to keep up with Dayspring Christian offense if needed.  This will be a good test to see how Hoehne bounces back from a loss.

#7 Sanford (1-0)

Sanford had a bye last week.  They opened the season with a 44-6 victory over McClave during week 1.  This week Sanford hosts Swink and will look to move to 2-0 early in the season.  Swink is 1-1 this season and picked up their first victory of the season against Wiley 34-0.  Swink is a run first team and must be able to establish the run against Sanford.  Sanford must be ready defensively for the run and keep improving their offense.  This is a good test for Sanford to see how they would look on paper against fellow Top 10 team Fowler.

#8 Pikes Peak Christian (1-1)

Pikes Peak Christian opened the season with a loss to #3 Merino but bounced back nicely last week blasting McClave 52-0.  Pikes Peak Christian has a lot of players that have been playing together for a while and we will see if they can make another deep run this season.  Pikes Peak Christian has a bye this week before opening league play against Simla.

#9 Dayspring Christian (1-0)

Dayspring Christian had a bye last week but during week 1 they held off Holly 40-32.  Dayspring Christian will have a few things to fix defensively as they gave up 225 yards passing and 180 yards rushing.  Offensively Dayspring Christian had a big day from QB Garrett Krehbiel who started this week for I am guessing Injured Christian Still.  Krehbiel threw for 328 yards and ran for another 146 yards and 6 total TDs.  Krehbiel will have to have another big game this week as they face #6 Hoehne.  Dayspring Christian defensively will look to stop a run heavy offense.  Offensively Dayspring Christian will be tested by a defense that held Sedgwick County to just 6 points in the first half.

#10 Sargent (0-1)

Sargent opened their season on the road against #4 Fowler.  Sargent came up short against Fowler losing 50 to 27 but this was a good learning experience for a young Sargent team.  Sargent defensively will have to improve this week.  They gave up 381 yards rushing and this has to be fixed heading into this weeks game.  Sargent offensively had success rushing for 208 yards on 29 carries or 7.2 yards per carry.  Sargent also had a decent outing from QB Kage Pepper who made his first start.  Sargent this week hosts Springfield who is 0-2 to start the season.  Springfield will be hoping to bounce back in a big way against a top 10 opponent.  Last week Springfield lost to Elbert 56-12 and their defense struggled stopping both the run and pass.  Sargent this week will hope their offense continues to improve and will look for their defense to make strides as we move deeper into the season.

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