Volleyball Stat Leaders

Stat Leaders for Volleyball (Class 3A thru 1A)

John Contreras Lamar vs St. Marys
Picture by Nita Walls, Lamar vs St. Mary’s

Stat Leaders for Volleyball (Class 3A thru 1A)

These are the state leaders for Class thru 1A from the beginning of the season up to today 9/17/2019.

Class 3A

Hitting Leaders

Name School Stats
Maddy Williams Lamar 100 Kills, 55.2 Kill percentage
Sydney Dunning Lamar 99 Kills, 45.2 Kill percentage
Delaney Eckhardt Valley 95 Kills, 41.9 Kill percentage
Sadie Harrington Kent Denver 83 Kills, 44.6 Kill percentage
Lizzy Luebbers Machebeuf 79 Kills, 40.7 Kill percentage
Vanessa Burciaga Machebeuf 71 Kills, 37.2 Kill percentage
Olivia Profumo Moffat county 69 Kills, 33.2 Kill percentage
Kylie Williams University 68 Kills, 40.2 Kill percentage
Merrill Rolhaus Colorado Academy 67 Kills, 37.6 Kill percentage
Sydney Henry Sterling 67 Kills, 41.1 Kill percentage

Assists Leaders

Name School Stats
Abby Robbins Lamar 225 Assists
Jacie Evenson Moffat County 200 Assists
Allie Schumacher Sterling 197 Assists
Kiersten Brock C.S Christian 187 Assists
Cora Schissler Platte Valley 176 Assists
Jordan Mobbley Alamosa 167 Assists
Taylor Graham Kent Denver 161 Assists
Alexa LaMack St. Mary’s 159 Assists
Calla Winner Peak to Peak 145 Assists
Jenna Wise Gunnison 130 Assists

Ace Leaders

Name School Stats
Olivia Profumo Moffat County 28 Service Aces
Kailan Gallegos James Irwin 27 Service Aces
Faith Morgan Moffat County 26 Service Aces
Rachel Wilcox St. Mary’s 24 Service Aces
Lizbeth Bernal DSST-College View 23 Service Aces

Block Leaders

Name School Stats
Saera Chung St. Mary’s Academy 34 Blocks
Cayden King Moffat County 33 Blocks
Emily Depriest Alamosa 31 Blocks
Aesha Alrashed University 30 Blocks
Abbe Adams Moffat County 27 Blocks

Dig Leaders (For some reason Individual wouldn’t work so I am doing Top 5 teams this week)

Name School Stats
Valley 436 Digs
Florence 407 Digs
Kent Denver 401 Digs
Lamar 398 Digs
Englewood 392 Digs

Class 2A

Hitting Leaders

Name School Stats
Kristin Vieselmeyer Holyoke 149 Kills, 60.6 Kill percentage
Brooklyn Mueller Swink 106 Kills, 39.4 Kill percentage
Mayson Fago Union colony Prep 101 Kills, 55.8 Kill percentage
Julia Dinwiddie Meeker 98 Kills, 49.0 Kill percentage
Riley Stearns Peyton 82 Kills, 43.4 Kill percentage
Emma DeSanti West Grand 71 Kills, 40.3 Kill percentage
Jessie Vallejos Swallows Charter 68 Kills, 32.4 Kill percentage
Paige Gowen Peyton 67 Kills, 32.2 Kill percentage
Alyssa Risenhoover Platte Canyon 66 Kills, 47.1 Kill percentage
Elise Krogmeier Holyoke 65 Kills, 48.5 Kill percentage

Assists Leaders

Name School Stats
Emily Jelden Holyoke 229 Assists
Jose Lee Peyton 186 Assists
Madisyn VanNorman Swallows Charter 162 Assists
Desirae Pisano Union Colony Prep 151 Assists
Charlize Renfro Platte Canyon 140 Assists
Addie Joy Meeker 129 Assists
Becca Steerman Meeker 129 Assists
Teagan Mendoza Rocky Ford 126 Assists
Alyssa Brown John Mall 123 Assists
Jayden Osborne Fowler 116 Assists

Ace Leaders

Name School Stats
Brooklyn Mueller Swink 32 Service Aces
Marisa Carmenoros Ignacio 27 Service Aces
Angelina Sala Dawson School 26 Service Aces
Emily Sullivan Denver Christian 26 Service Aces
Haily Krupka Swallows Charter 23 Service Aces

Block Leaders

Name School Stats
Mayson Fago Union Colony Prep 58 Blocks
Kamryn Arnold Union Colony Prep 47 Blocks
Tess Zupancic Rye 40 Blocks
Hannah piland Plateau valley 39 Blocks
Havilah Pitzer Rye 39 Blocks

Dig Leaders

Name School Stats
Zeda Taylor Clear Creek 181 Digs
Ashlyn Romine Rye 164 Digs
Rylee Platt Swink 138 Digs
Mikayla Shearer West Grand 124 Digs
Alex Schake West Grand 121 Digs
Makena Weber Clear Creek 120 Digs
Audrey Himmelberg Rye 116 Digs
Kirsten Brown Meeker 116 Digs
Megan Contreras Swallows Charter 99 Digs
Paige Gowen Peyton 99 Digs

Class 1A

Hitting Leaders

Name School Stats
Ryely Smartt Genoa-Hugo 129 Kills, 51.0 Kill percentage
Hannah Kinnison Prairie 90 Kills, 52.3 Kill percentage
Kimberlyn Krise Briggsdale 84 Kills, 40.2 Kill percentage
Becca Bleak Otis 82 Kills, 29.5 Kill percentage
Glorya Carr Genoa-Hugo 80 Kills, 37.2 Kill percentage
Whitney Chintala Fleming 68 Kills, 30.0 Kill percentage
Nya Sciacca La Veta 67 Kills, 55.4 Kill percentage
Savannah Rothbauer Stratton/Liberty 64 Kills, 37.9 Kill percentage
Desi Ortivez La Veta 63 Kills, 48.1 Kill percentage
Alyssa Hammel Mountain Valley/Moffat 63 Kills, 44.4 Kill percentage

Assists Leaders

Name School Stats
Tessa Smith Genoa-Hugo 195 Assists
Makayla Baker Prairie 164 Assists
Talia Donoho Briggsdale 150 Assists
Mary Goins La Veta 132 Assists
Mattie Crouse Stratton/Liberty 116 Assists
Madison Scott De Beque 113 Assists
Kendyl Kirkwood Fleming 111 Assists
Annalise Glosson Otis 99 Assists
Reyna Isenbart Kit Carson 98 Assists
Renae Sinclair Sangre De Cristo 87 Assists

Ace Leaders

Name School Stats
Margot Marcantonio Flatirons Academy 33 Service Aces
Glorya Carr Genoa-Hugo 27 Service Aces
Katelyn Stewart Mountain Valley 26 Service Aces
Sara Torres Belleview Christian 24 Service Aces
Ashly Mortensen Sangre De Cristo 23 Service Aces

Block Leaders

Name School Stats
Ryely Smartt Genoa-Hugo 34 Blocks
Kirsten Summers Wiley 29 Blocks
Savannah Rothbauer Stratton/Liberty 29 Blocks
Jillian Bauer Briggsdale 23 Blocks
Katie Bronniman McClave 21 Blocks

Dig Leaders

Name School Stats
Brisa Perez Idalia 210 Digs
Macy Rowan Wiley 139 Digs
Rachel Patterson Otis 132 Digs
Cloey Jones Idalia 130 Digs
Alyssa Myers North Park 115 Digs
Abby Scott De Beque 115 Digs
Crystal Bouchier Stratton/Liberty 114 Digs
Aubrey Richards Idalia 113 Digs
Anthoneya Shcaffert Otis 103 Digs
Madison Scott De Beque 101 Digs

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