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Top Volleyball Performances of the Week for Week 9

Van Hollis RF vs Holly
Picture by Van Hollis (Rocky Ford vs Holly)

Top Volleyball Performances of the Week for Week 9

This is for Week 9 and I do this different than most of my players of the week.  I am giving this based on who had the best performance for each category and must be on the winning team.  I am going to pick 10 players for each class; 2 Setters, 1 Service Ace leader, 2 Dig Leaders, 2 Block leaders, and 3 Hitters.  Remember these are for 1 game during week #9.

Class 3A


Claire Smith Sr. 28 Kills, Platte Valley HS

Sydney Leffler Jr. 22 Kills, Sterling HS

Kaytlin Sprague Jr. 20 Kills, Lake County HS

Sydney Henry So. 20 Kills, Sterling HS


Cora Schissler So. 60 Assists, Platte Valley HS

Kiersten Brock Jr. 42 Assists, C.S Christian


Jimmi Lynn Williams 28 Digs, Florence HS

Kassandra Shoemaker 27 Digs, Platte Valley


Taylor Motz Sr. 7 Blocks, Alamosa HS

Bianca Good Sr. 7 Blocks, La Junta HS

Service Aces

Rachel Wilcox 9 Service Aces, St. Mary’s

Class 2A


Corrin Sides So. 24 Kills, Dayspring Christian

Elle Roth So. 23 Kills, Yuma HS

Jordan Elder Sr. 21 Kills, Dolores


Reagan Nolin Sr. 48 Assists, Yuma HS

Josie Lee Jr. 33 Assists, Peyton HS


Ashlyn Romine Sr. 35 Digs, Rye HS

Kirsten Brown Sr. 34 Digs, Meeker HS


Havilah Pitzer Jr. 11 Blocks, Rye HS

Steph Sauer Sr. 9 Blocks, Yuma HS

Service Aces

Teagan Mendoza-Werner 12 Service Aces, Rocky Ford HS

Class 1A


Kimberlyn Krise Sr. 27 Kills, Briggsdale HS

Whitney Chintala So. 22 Kills, Fleming HS

Kaytlyn Keating Jr 19 Kills, Weldon Valley HS

Cassie Gatlin Sr. 19 Kills, Dove Creek HS


Talia Donoho Sr. 49 Assists, Briggsdale HS

Taylor Hickman Sr. 40 Assists, Dove Creek HS


Shelby Hoffman Jr. 40 Digs, Briggsdale HS

Whitney Chintala So. 36 Digs, Fleming HS


Grace Hatfield Jr. 9 Blocks, Dove Creek HS

Julia Mondaragon Sr. 7 Blocks, Springfield HS

Service Aces

Nya Sciacca Sr. 8 Service Aces, La Veta HS