8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football Week 9 League Breakdown

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8-Man Football Week 9 League Breakdown

With just 2 games left for most team’s things are really starting to heat up for the league title races.  RPI is become a major factor as teams look forward to if they can make it or what seed they will be.  The RPI website is not working correctly so I won’t have RPI numbers for 8-Man.  I will post a separate article on it tomorrow or tonight if it gets fixed.

Arkansas Valley League

Fowler picked up a huge win over McClave 58-6 to move to the top of the Ark Valley league standings.  Fowler cannot officially win the league title without a win over Springfield this week.  If Fowler beats Springfield, they are the league champions.  Fowler is also hoping to improve their RPI and increase their seed.  Holly sits in second place and would need Fowler to lose their final two games to win a league title.  Holly has improved their RPI though and now sit at #16.  Holly must win out though to put their best foot forward.  Holly plays McClave this week and end the year against Springfield.  Hoehne sits at #21 in the RPI and need to win out as well.  They will probably need some help to jump into the top 16 but winning out is the first task for Hoehne.  McClave is #24 and may be a bit to far back to make a run but upsets of both Holly and Hoehne could be enough to jump into the top 16.  Springfield, Las Animas, and Wiley are eliminated from the playoff hunt.

Playoff Contenders: Fowler, Holly, Hoehne, and McClave

RPI: Fowler (5), Holly (16), Hoehne (21), McClave (24), Springfield (35), Las Animas (38), Wiley (37)

Central League

Elbert has essentially won the Central League title.  A win over Justice this week makes it official.  Elbert sits at #9 in the RPI and right on the verge of hosting a playoff game.  They end the year against Justice and South Park neither will do much for their RPI and honestly could slip them out of the top 10.  Elbert though must win out and hope the RPI falls their way.  Front Range Christian picked up the 50-0 victory over Justice this past week but their RPI fall to #18 and now they are in trouble of missing the playoffs.  The good thing for FRC is that they have a big game against Dayspring Christian this week which will help their RPI either way and end the year against Swink which also will help the RPI.  The problem for Front Range Christian is they must win out to have a shot at getting into the playoffs.  Denver Christian I think is a bit to far back and neither of their final two games will really increase their RPI.  Still a great season for Denver Christian coming back to football for the first time in some year.

Playoff Contenders: Elbert and Front Range Christian

RPI: Elbert (9), Front Range Christian (18), Denver Christian (26), South Park (36), Justice (39)

Mountain League

What a great year the Mountain League has experienced, and I think plenty of great football still ahead.  Sanford sits atop the league standings at 4-0 and cannot lock up the league title until they play their final two games against Dove Creek and Sargent.  Sanford will have their hands full this week against Dove Creek.  Dove Creek is coming off a tough 26-24 loss to Sargent at home.  Dove Creek will have to quickly bounce back against a very good Sanford team.  Chorbin Cressler will be called upon again and the defense must be ready for balanced offensive attack. Sanford has been impressive this year.  Thomas Faucette is playing great at QB along with RB’s Clay Canty and Kelton Gartrell.  Sanford will look to avenge the loss to Dove Creek from a year ago that cost them a shot at the playoffs.  Mancos sits in 2nd place and all they can do is hope for a upset of Sanford to win the league title.  Mancos took care of business quickly against Norwood 50-8.  Mancos continues to power thru games with RB Chase Moore and QB Breccen Morelli leading the way.  Mancos was supposed to play Dolores Huerta this week, but Dolores Huerta is forfeiting the game.  Mancos end the year against Dove Creek and a win over them should lock up a top 8 seed and possibly host a playoff game.  Sargent picked up the impressive 26-24 victory on the road. Sargent nearly gave up the lead in the fourth but Sargent was able to close the game out.  Sargent is a team I think will keep improving and definitely is a team to watch out for this year and next year.  Sargent sits at #11 in the RPI and can lock themselves in with a win over Del Norte this weekend.  Sargent end the year against rival Sanford and will be for a league title.  We mentioned Dove Creek above, but they end the year with tough games against Sanford this week and Mancos next week.  They are a team we will have to keep a look out for their RPI numbers especially if the lose both.  Norwood maybe a bit to far back to jump into the top 16.  They end the year against Sangre De Cristo and a win will put the right foot forward.  Del Norte and Sangre De Cristo have been eliminated from the playoff hunt.

Playoff Contenders: Sanford, Mancos, Sargent, and Dove Creek

RPI: Sanford (3), Mancos (6), Sargent (11), Dove Creek (15), Norwood (23), Del Norte (28), Sangre De Cristo (29)

Northwest League

Vail Christian is your League Champion.  They locked up the league championship with the 46-22 victory over Gilpin County last week.  Vail Christian travels to Plateau Valley this week and end the year with a non-league game against Byers.  Vail Christian is hoping their RPI will stay high enough to keep the #1 overall seed, but they will be challenged for it by a few teams.  West Grand is tied with Soroco in second place and they play each other this week.  West Grand continues to develop this year with QB Jakob Buller and RB Rene Dominguez having big seasons.  Defensively they are led by Alejandro Castanon and this unit will be tested by a run heavy offense of Soroco.  Soroco picked up the upset last week beating Rangely 48-34.  QB Tyler Wixom and RB Kody Logan had huge games for Soroco last week and expect them to be a big part this week.  Defensively Soroco slowed Rangely down offensively and this week must have the same success.  This should be a good game and will have big implications for seeding and RPI purposes.  West Grand ends the year against Gilpin County and Soroco ends the year against Hayden.  Rangely sits in a 3 way tie for third place.  Rangely sits at #12 in the RPI and are a near lock for the playoffs.  Rangely cannot afford to lose any of their final two games.  Rangely plays Gilpin County this week and Plateau Valley next week.  Both are must win for Rangely.  Gilpin County is the only other team with a hope at the playoffs.  Gilpin County would have to upset both Rangely and West Grand to have any shot at the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Vail Christian, West Grand, Soroco, Rangely

RPI: Vail Christian (1), West Grand (10), Rangely (12), Soroco (14), Gilpin County (27), Hayden (32), Plateau Valley (33)

Plains League

1 team sits atop the league standings and that is Sedgwick County.  Sedgco had a bye last week and sit at 4-0 in league and 7-0 overall.  Sedgwick County has a key head to head win over Dayspring Christian but still have two tough opponents on their schedule.  Sedgwick County cannot win the league title this week unless they win and Merino losses this week.  If not Sedgwick County will face Merino for the league title next week.  Sedgwick County plays Caliche this week.  Sedgwick County is hoping the bye week will help get healthy and fix any mistakes.  Sedgwick County offensively has been led by QB Jared Ehmke and RB Beau Parker.  These two have been the main cogs in the Sedgwick County offense.  Defensively Sedgwick County has given up 16 points just once this season and has played lights out.  Caliche last week was able to bounce back and beat Akron 34-6.  Caliche has leaned heavily on QB Dylan Huss and RB Riley Stump.  For Caliche to have any shot at the upset Dylan Huss must have his best game of the season.  Defensively Caliche will have to be ready for a balanced offensive attack.  Caliche is hoping to snag an upset.  Caliche and Sedgwick County should be a good game.  Caliche end the year against Haxtun and could be a must win game if they fall to Sedgwick County this week.  Sedgwick County ends the year against Merino.  Merino suffered their first league loss of the season falling to Dayspring Christian 44-14.  Merino suffered an injury at QB with Cade Conger going down.  Merino now must find a solution at QB and hope someone can step up.  Merino this week faces Byers and should be a good game to find a solution at QB.  Dayspring Christian sits at #2 in the RPI and end the year with games against Front Range Christian and Akron.  FRC will help Dayspring Christian RPI and I think if Dayspring Christian wins out hold a top 5 RPI spot.  Haxtun is #20 in the RPI and still alive for a playoff spot.  Haxtun has a must win game against Akron this week and then Caliche next week.  We will have to see how Haxtun does against Akron.

Playoff Contenders: Sedgwick County, Merino, Dayspring Christian, Caliche, Haxtun

RPI: Dayspring Christian (2), Sedgwick County (4), Merino (7), Caliche (13), Haxtun (20), Akron (30), Byers (31)

Southern League

The Southern League title will be decided this week when Pikes Peak Christian travels to face Swink.  Swink will be trying to bounce back from a tough 28-14 loss to Simla.  Swink will have to play their best game of the season and need a huge performance from RB Matthew Mendoza.  Defensively they will be trying to stop a balanced offensive attack and will have to play lights out.  Swink sits at #19 in the RPI and probably need to win 1 of their final 2 games to have any shot at the playoffs.  Swink plays Front Range Christian next week.  Pikes Peak Christian has rolled through league and have not been challenged.  Pikes Peak Christian has a big win over Simla 48-8.  This week Pikes Peak Christian must be able to stop the run.  They will look to force Swink to throw the ball.  Pikes Peak Christian offensively will turn to RB Nathan Seay and RB Hudson Grant.  These two are key for the Pikes Peak Christian offense.  Pikes Peak Christian ends the year against Justice and are hoping to keep a top 10 seed a host a playoff game but we will see how the RPI turns.  Simla finishes their regular season schedule this week against Las Animas.  Simla sits at #17 in the RPI and must beat Las Animas and probably need a bit of help to jump into the top 16.  Winning is what Simla must take care of this weekend.  Calhan also ends their regular season this week against Custer County.  Both teams are fighting for a playoff spot.  Calhan might be just a bit to far back even with a win to get into the top 16. Custer County sits at #25 in the RPI and must win out to put their best foot forward.  I think Custer County may be just a bit to far back but we will see how their RPI looks after this week.

Playoff Contenders: Pikes Peak Christian, Swink, Calhan, Simla

RPI: Pikes Peak Christian (8), Simla (17), Swink (19), Calhan (22), Custer County (25)