Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

Class 3A Volleyball Regional Predictions and State Tournament Projections

Photo by Nita Walls & John Contreras Sports Page (Lamar vs C.S Christian)

Class 3A Volleyball Regional Predictions and State Tournament Projections

These are my Class 3A Regional Predictions and then using those Predictions or show the first round of the State Tournament.  I will go region by region picking who I think will win the region.  Some very tough decision will be made.  For the state tournament I will try and give a quick rundown of each team.

Class 3A ()=RPI

Region 1-Lutheran (1)

Region 2-Sterling (2)

Region 3-Alamosa (3)

Region 4-Faith Christian (4)

Region 5-C.S Christian (5)

Region 6-Englewood (19)

Region 7-Lamar (7) (This is a very tough Region with Platte Valley)

Region 8-SkyView Academy (8)

Region 9-University (9)

Region 10-Eaton (10)

Region 11-Bayfield (17)

Region 12-La Junta (13)

State Bracket

Seeded by RPI Prior to Regional Tournament only.

Winners Bracket

#1 Lutheran vs Winner of #8 vs #9
#8 University vs #9 Eaton


#4 Faith Christian vs Winner of #5 vs #12
#5 C.S Christian vs #12 Englewood


#3 Alamosa vs Winner of #6 vs #11
#6 Lamar vs #11 Bayfield


#2 Sterling vs Winner of #7 vs #10
#7 SkyView Academy vs #10 La Junta

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