Football Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

8-Man Playoff Predictions


8-Man Playoff Predictions

Honestly the 8-Man bracket was the hardest to pick and every round I had some very tough decisions.  Just looking at the first round alone I switched a few picks back and forth.

Round by Round Predictions

#1 Sedgwick County over #16 Elbert (by 35)

#9 West Grand over #8 Merino (by 10)

#4 Vail Christian over #13 Dove Creek (by 14)

#5 Dayspring Christian over #12 Rangely (by 21)

#3 Fowler over #14 Simla (by 28)

#6 Mancos over #11 Caliche (by 10)

#7 Pikes Peak Christian upset by #10 Sargent (by 3)

#2 Sanford over #15 Holly (by 14)

Class 8-man Playoff Total Prediction

8 Man Pred

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