Class 1A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball District Predictions Class 1A (Pre-Winter Break Predictions)

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Boys Basketball District Predictions Class 1A (Pre-Winter Break Predictions)

In Class 1A things are much different than 3A & 2A.  In Class 1A you must finish in the Top 3 or 2 of District to advance to regionals (District 1 & 6 only qualify two to regionals).  I will pick essentially which teams are making it to regionals.  Regionals works as follows Region 1 is District 1 & 6, Region 2 is District 4, 5, & 8, Region 3 is District 2, 3, 7.  These are my Pre-Winter Break District Predictions.  (All Stats were provided by Maxpreps)

District 1 (Only qualifies 2 teams)

  1. De Beque
  2. Ouray

District 1 gets only two teams into regionals.  Last year De Beque and Ouray were the two teams that qualified for the regional tournament.  De Beque is also the defending state Champions and will be looking to defend that title.  De Beque will return 2 of their top 5 scorers but have player of the year Wes Ryan back and he will have to carry this team.  Ouray will once again be the main challenger to De Beque.  Ouray returns their #2 and #3 scorers but will be looking for depth this season.  Dove Creek also has some good pieces returning but losing their leading scorer from last year will hurt a bit.  They will still contend for a top spot as well.  North Park should improve from last season winning just 1 game but replacing their leading score is key.  North Park 4 of their top 6 scorers back but can they improve this season.  Nucla also should improve this season but we will see just how much they improve.  They return 4 of their top 6 scorers as well.

District 2

  1. Kit Carson
  2. Cheraw
  3. Cheyenne Wells

District 2 gets 3 teams into regionals.  Last year Cheraw was the District Champion with McClave and Kit Carson finishing second and third.  Cheraw loses their top two scorers from a year ago along with their main ball handler.  Cheraw has talent coming back but replacing the key leadership from the two leading scorers will be key.  McClave loses 5 of their top 6 scorers and will turn to Toby Tsai and Joel Enciso to lead this season.  Kit Carson return nearly their entire roster from a year ago.  They do lose some scoring depth but have leadership in Jason Mccombs-Farmer and Cordell Farmer coming back.  District 2 should be very competitive this season and I think will be a battle to determine the top teams.  My pick to win it all is Kit Carson.  Kit Carson had a tremendous season last year with a huge run into the state tournament.  Kit Carson should be able to lean on that experience plus return a lot of talent and speed.  Sullivan Farmer, Jason Mccombs-Farmer, and Joe Bryan have taken over as the leaders early on this season.  Kit Carson is a favorite to compete for a state championship this season.  Cheraw is my pick for second place.  Cheraw did lose their #1 and #2 scorers and leadership from last year.  The point guard position was my biggest concern and if they figure that problem out, they will be tough.  Cheraw early on picked up a tough 3-point loss to Center but have dominated in the rest of their games.  Cheraw plays Sierra Grand on 12/19 which is a great test for Cheraw.  Cheyenne Wells is my pick for third place.  Cheyenne Wells returns some key pieces but will look for some players to step up this season.  Quade Pelton and Kyle Nelson will be the leaders, but can this team improve this season.  Eads and Granada are two other teams to keep an eye on.  Both teams will push for a top 3 spot and District 2 should be a very competitive District.

District 3

  1. Walsh
  2. Kim/Branson
  3. Springfield

District 3 qualifies 3 teams into the regional tournament and competes in Region 3.    Last year Springfield was your District Champion with Walsh and Kim/Branson finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Springfield loses some key pieces from last years team.  Springfield will have to replace their #1 and #2 scorers.  Springfield will look to Darian Schaller and Dakota Mort to lead this season.  Walsh returns the majority of the roster this season.  Walsh loses their #5 scorer but return the rest of the roster.  Walsh should be very competitive this season and gained some valuable experience last year.  Kim/Branson also returns a lot of talent from last year.  Kim/Branson does lose their #2 scorer but look for Elijah Aragon, Joe Buhrle, and Travis Hamilton to lead this season.  District 3 should be tough this season.  All 5 teams should be competitive, and most matchups will come down to the wire.  My pick to win the district is Walsh.  Walsh returns their top 4 scorers from last year state tournament team.  Walsh will once again turn to Rylan McCall, Dylan Renquist, and Brandon Hodges to lead.  Walsh has not played a Colorado team yet but have a bit game against District Rival Wiley this weekend.  Kim/Branson is my pick to finish second.  Kim/Branson gained valuable experience from last year and the success from football could carry over.  Kim/Branson early on is led in scoring by Joe Buhrle and Travis Hamilton.  This team I think is very talented and could push Walsh for the top spot.  My pick for third place was not an easy one but I am going with Springfield right now.  Springfield picked up a big win over Sierra Grande and South Baca lost to Sierra Grande and that was my tie breaker.  Springfield early on is led by Darian Schaller, Dakota Mort, and Luke Hutches and these 3 must have a big year for Springfield.  South Baca and Wiley will also push for a top 3 spot.

District 4

  1. Merino
  2. Briggsdale
  3. Fleming

District 4 qualifies 3 teams into the regional tournament and competes in Region 2. Last year Merino won District 4 with Prairie and Peetz finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Merino loses just 1 player from last years state tournament team.  Merino will be replacing their leading scorer and leading rebounder.  Merino will return the rest of the roster and hope for another big run this season.  Prairie will be losing some key pieces from last year’s team with their top 4 scorers all graduating.  Prairie will be looking for new leadership and some players to really step up this season.  Peetz Loses 3 of their top 5 scorers from a year ago but return two key pieces that must become leaders this season.  Peetz has a lot of tradition and should be very competitive this season.  District 4 looks to be loaded this season and I see 7 very competitive teams this season.  To start the season, I am going with Merino to win District 4.  Merino has some injuries to start the season, but I believe will get Conger back this season.  Merino still returns a lot from last year’s state tournament team.  Merino also has a solid win over Simla and Haxtun this season and I think improve as the season goes on.  I am going with Briggsdale to finish second in District 4.  Briggsdale missed out on regionals last year but return a lot from that team.  Wyatt Patton, Ty Dill, and Luke Lambertson must continue to lead Briggsdale this season.  Briggsdale lone loss is to De Beque in OT and have an early season win over Prairie.  Trying to come up with a third team was tough.  Right now, I am going with Fleming.  Fleming picked up a big win over Caliche to start this season as well as Haxtun.  We will learn a lot more about Fleming when they play Briggsdale on 12/20.  Fleming returns their entire roster from a year ago and we will see how much they improved.  Peetz, Prairie, Caliche, and Longmont Christian will all push for the #3 spot.  Peetz and Longmont Christian I think will be huge challengers for the #3 spot, but I cannot discount Prairie and Caliche as well.

District 5

  1. Stratton/Liberty
  2. Haxtun
  3. Arickaree/Woodlin

District 5 qualifies 3 teams to regionals and compete in Region 2.  Last year Haxtun won the district tournament with Arickaree/Woodlin and Stratton/Liberty finishing second and third.  Haxtun finished 3rd last year but lose a lot from that team including their top 6 scorers.  Haxtun will be very young this year and will lean on their youth to step up this season.  Haxtun could start slow, but I think by the end of the year will be extremely tough.  Arickaree/Woodlin also loses a lot from last years team including their top 5 scorers.  Elijah Myers and Alan McCaffery will become the leaders this year for this team.  Stratton/Liberty returns a lot of talent from last years team.  Stratton/Liberty returns 3 of their top 5 scorers but lose some depth.  Developing depth is key if Stratton/Liberty plan on winning this league.  District 5 will be a very interesting battle this season.  My #1 pick is Stratton/Liberty.  Stratton/Liberty returns the most talent from last years team and coming off a success season last year.  Jaret Lichty and Ashtin Davidson will look to lead this team along with senior leader Trevor Frank.  Stratton/Liberty is off to a 2-1 start with solid wins over McClave and Calhan.  I am picking Haxtun to finish second.  Haxtun does lose a ton from last year, but they are well coached, and their youth is talented.  Haxtun started the season losing 4 straight games but picked up a big win over Peetz that could really jump start this team.  My third-place pick is Arickaree/Woodlin.  Arickaree/Woodlin did lose their top 5 scorers but are getting Elijah Meyers to step up early on.  Alan McCaffrey, Tristin Niccoli, and Chris Wood all seem to be stepping up as well.  A few other teams to keep an eye on are Flagler/Hi Plains, Idalia, and Otis.

District 6 (Only 2 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Sangre De Cristo
  2. Sierra Grande

District 6 gets just two teams into regionals this year.  Last year District 6 was won by Sangre De Cristo with Creede and Sierra Grande finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Sangre De Cristo was your runner up a season ago and they have some talent coming back.  Sangre De Cristo does lose 3 of their top 5 scorers but have a very talented freshman class upcoming.  Sangre De Cristo returns leading scorer Cole Christensen also with Kevin and Mario Enriquez.  Creede was hit hard by graduation and lost a transfer.  Creede loses 5 of their top 6 scorers but return #1 scorer Fisher Leggitt. This could be a rebuild year for Creede.  Sierra Grande loses their #4, #5, and #5 scorers from a year ago so replacing the depth loss will be key.  Sierra Grande will lean heavily upon Isiah Chairez, Caleb Scharsch, and Isreal Martinez this season.  District 6 I would say is 3 to 6 teams deep this year again, but I really think the race will come down to 4 teams.  Remember that District 6 gets just two teams into regionals this season.  I am going with Sangre De Cristo to win the District.  Cole Christensen has already shown he can be a leader for this team and Sangre has two nice wins over Sargent and Center.  Sangre De Cristo must continue to get big plays from Kevin and Mario Enriquez along with freshman Leighton Curtis.  My pick for second was a tough one.  I am leaning early on with Sierra Grande.  Sierra Grande returns their top 3 scorers from a year ago but losing scoring depth that must be replaced.  Sierra Grande has a big win over South Baca this season and have played tough against Springfield and Kim/Branson.  Cotopaxi won’t be far behind Sierra Grande especially with Chace Gulliford coming back.  My biggest concern for Cotopaxi will be guard play with their leading guards graduating.  Manzanola will also be in the mix but a slow start has me concerned.

District 7

  1. Evangelical Christian
  2. Genoa-Hugo
  3. Pikes Peak Christian

District 7 gets three teams into regionals and are in Region 3.  Last year Evangelical Christian was your District Champion with Genoa-Hugo taking second.  Kiowa and Pikes Peak Christian did reach the semifinals.  ECA is losing a few key pieces but returning a lot from their state tournament team.  ECA returns their leading scorer and plenty of depth and this team will be tough.  Genoa-Hugo loses their #1 scorer but played a lot of younger players last season.  Genoa-Hugo will hope Wyatt Miller and Colby Simmons continue to develop this season.  District 7 should be tough this season.  Early on it looks like 7 teams will be solid and compete for just 3 spots.  My pick to win District 7 is Evangelical Christian.  ECA is off to a solid start with quality wins over Simla, Cotopaxi, Wiggins, and Rye.  ECA has not been challenged yet and I don’t see them really being challenged until the play Flatirons Academy after the break.  My pick to finish second is Genoa-Hugo.  Genoa-Hugo is off to a solid start.  Genoa-Hugo is led in scoring by Triston Lindt, Wyatt Miller, and Colby Simmons.  Genoa-Hugo has been challenged early this season and the experience will be key going forward.  Pikes Peak Christian is my pick to finish 3rd in District 7.  Pikes Peak Christian is off to a perfect 4-0 start and have battled for all 4 victories.  Ethan Moore, Uriah Wehner, and Ben Schneider have led the way early on for Pikes Peak Christian.  Other teams to watch for are Deer Trail, Elbert, Edison, and Kiowa.

District 8

  1. Mile High Academy
  2. Flatirons Academy
  3. Belleview Christian

District 8 qualifies 3 team to regionals.  District 8 should be very competitive once again.  Last year Mile High Academy was your league champion with Denver Waldorf and Front Range Baptist finishing second and third.  Mile High Academy returns a lot of talent from last years team.  Leading scorer Blake Essex is back along with the #4 and #5 scorers.  Scoring depth is the biggest concern for Mile High Academy this season.  Denver Waldorf also returns a lot from last year team with Will McHenry and Dylan Quinn returning.  I believe they don’t have Aly Sakho back so rebounding will be a big question mark.  Front Range Baptist was hit hard by graduation losing their top 4 scorers from a year ago.  Front Range Baptist will turn to Sam Wade and Caleb Skow to step up this season.  District 8 could once again be a battle and I see 7 teams who could challenge to win the district.  Mile High Academy is my early pick to win the district.  Mile High Academy has Blake Essex back but will look for another scorer or two too really step up.  McJaden Fievre and Ryan Folkenberg have stepped up early on for Mile High Academy.  My pick for second place is Flatirons Academy.  Flatirons Academy was my pick to win it all last year and they were a lot of people pick to win all 1A.  Flatirons Academy does lose some key pieces from last years team but have some players really stepping up.  Jonah Cox, Trenton Rowan, and Noah Rumbyrt have led the way early for Flatirons Academy.  My third-place pick was a tough one.  I am leaning early on towards Belleview Christian.  Belleview Christian returns some key pieces from last years team with their top 2 scorers returning.  Belleview Christian will lean heavily upon Logan Owen until scoring depth develops.  Nathaniel Owen and Charli Liu have stepped up in the early part of the season.  Denver Waldorf and Front Range Baptist will be huge challengers for a top 3 spot, but I am waiting on moving one of them ahead early on.