Class 2A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball District Predictions Class 2A (Pre-Winter Break Predictions)


Boys Basketball District Predictions Class 2A (Pre-Winter Break Predictions)

In Class 2A things are much different than 3A & 2A.  In Class 2A you must finish in the Top 4 of your district to make it to Regionals (5 for District 5 or 3 for District 3).  Class 2A also gives the league champion the right to host a regional.  This is my early season league predictions and I won’t post this again till after break.

District 1

  1. Sanford
  2. Center
  3. Sargent
  4. Del Norte

Last year District Champion was Sanford with Del Norte and Sargent finishing 2nd and 3rd.  My pick to win District 1 is Sanford.  Sanford return some key pieces in Clay Canty and Thomas Faucette but will be looking for a few younger players to step up.  Sanford has some sophomores and freshman who will need to step up this season.  Sanford is off to a solid start at 2-2 with loses to top 3A teams in Alamosa and Centauri.  Sanford will get better and better as the season goes on.  My pick for second place is Center.  Center returns the most from all teams in District 1 and if they improve at all will have a shot at winning the district.  Devin Porres and Habran DeLaCruz will be the leaders again this season but will need supporting players in Victor Almeida, Carlos Almeida, and Diego Velez to improve.  My pick for third is Sargent.  Sargent has a new head coach and have a lot of untested players this season.  Sargent will continue to improve this season and will need Kage Pepper and Blake Behil to really step up this season.  My pick for 4th place is Del Norte.  Del Norte is young but have a good coach.  Del Norte may struggle early on but once a leader steps up I expect Del Norte to still be tough.

District 2

  1. Yuma
  2. Wray
  3. Sedgwick County
  4. Holyoke

Last year’s District Champion was Yuma with Wray and Sedgwick County finishing 2nd and 3rd.  My pick for 1st place is Yuma.  Yuma did lose some key players from last year but seem to have players stepping up.  Clay Robinson and Chase McCreath have stepped up early for Yuma with both players breaking the 14 PPG mark.  Yuma will need to continue to develop some scoring depth but seem to be off to a hot start.  Wray is my pick for second place.  Wray played tough against Yuma the first time falling but 9 points.  Wray has a lot of talent coming back and early on are being led by Justin Pecar, Samuel Uyemura, and Junior Arambula.  My pick for third place is Sedgwick County.  Sedgwick County did lose their top scorer from a year ago but have 3 of their top 6 scorers back.  Sedgwick County is off to a 4-0 and should continue to improve as the year goes on as well.  My 4th place pick is Holyoke.  Holyoke was 3-17 last season and were extremely young last season.  Holyoke will need some players to step up this season and early on it looks like Slaten Burris and Miles Sprague have stepped up.

District 3 (Only 3 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Mancos
  2. Ignacio
  3. Telluride

District 3 only gets three teams into regionals.  Last year Mancos won the District with Dolores and Telluride finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Two teams in my opinion are rising to the top very quickly with the remaining teams battling for the final spot.  Mancos is my pick to win the district.  Mancos has talent returning but must have it all come together to make a deep run.  Mancos early on is being led by Caden Showalter, Connor Showalter, and Evan Sehnert.  Mancos will need to keep developing scoring depth as well.  Ignacio is my pick for 2nd.  Ignacio has a big upset already on their resume with their win over Limon.  Ignacio returns nearly their entire roster from last year and we are seeing the growth from last year to this year.  Brady McCaw, Ocean Hunter, and Bryce Finn seem to be leading Ignacio early on.  My pick for third place is Telluride.  Telluride has no info on last years team.  Telluride has a quality win over Ouray, and we will see how good Telluride is when they play De Beque after winter break.

District 4

  1. Limon
  2. Denver Christian
  3. Byers
  4. Clear Creek

Last year Limon was the District Champion with Denver Christian and Byers finishing 2nd and 3rd.  My pick for 1st place is Limon.  Limon will start slow due to coming off a state championship for Football and needing to replace some key pieces.  Kory Tacha and Camden Smithburg are the two leaders from a year ago but look for Brady Rockwell and John Jaklich to add some scoring depth.  Limon will improve as the season goes.  After Limon things get much more interesting in the district.  My pick for second place is Denver Christian.  Denver Christian lose some key players from a year ago including their top 2 scorers.  Denver Christian will need some younger players to step up and early on it looks like Ben Buhler and Ethan Liebert have stepped up in the scoring department.  My pick for third place is Byers.  Byers lose a ton from last years team.  They do return two leaders in Zaine Mikita and Caden Eymann from a year ago and they are leading the way early this year as well.  Byers will need a few other players to step up this year and I see Ty Miller and Tocco Messer as those players.  My pick for fourth place is Clear Creek.  Clear Creek lose 3 of their top 6 scorers including their leading scorer but return their #2 and #3 scorers.  Ben Griffin, Seattle Schuessler and Reese Onago are the three players who must become leaders for Clear Creek.  Clear Creek has the talent to try and jump higher up in the District.

District 5 (5 teams into regionals)

  1. Vail Christian
  2. Meeker
  3. Hotchkiss
  4. Paonia
  5. West Grand

District 5 is the only District that gets 5 teams into regionals.  District 5 always seems to have a few top teams and this year the battle for the 5 spots will be a fun one to watch.  My pick to win District 5 is Vail Christian.  Vail Christian has a few key pieces to replace with 3 of their top 5 scorers graduating.  Vail Christin though does return leaders in Alec Moritz and Jamison Lee but scoring depth will be needed for Vail Christian.  Hayden Sticksel and Jesse Gonzales seem to be the players adding the scoring depth right now.  My pick for second place is Meeker.  Meeker is losing some scoring depth from a year ago but return leaders in Ryan Phelan (Once Healthy) and Cole Rogers.  The big question mark for Meeker is who else steps up to help scoring and look for Spud White and Elijah Deming to do so.  Meeker could struggle early in the season but I think turn things around once we move deeper into the year.  My pick for third place is Hotchkiss.  Hotchkiss lose their leading scorer from a year ago but return the rest of the roster.  Hotchkiss will look to improve on last year.  So far this year Jacob Palecki and Evan Mattison have taken over as the scoring threats.  My pick for 4th place is Paonia.  Paonia lose their top 5 scorers from a year and will have to reload this season.  Early on Paonia is off to a 3-1 start so they have found some success.  Paonia currently is being led by Kyle Long and Jai Petmezas.  Paonia will have to continue to develop if they plan on making a deep run.  My pick for 5th is West Grand.  West Grand lose 3 of their top 5 scorers but have a solid core returning.  Rene Dominguez and Alejandro Castanon will have to be the leaders this season.  Scoring depth must also develop for West Grand.

District 6

  1. Fowler
  2. Holly
  3. Crowley County
  4. Rye

Last year Holly was the District Champion with Fowler and Rocky Ford finishing 2nd and 3rd.  My pick to win District 6 is Fowler.  Fowler returns a lot of talent from last years 3rd place team.  Fowler will have to replace key ball handlers and senior leaders.  Fowler will look to Val Leone and Jonathan Mobbley to become those leaders.  I also expect Gabriel Proctor to step up at the points guard position.  Holly is my pick for 2nd place.  Holly lose a very solid senior class with 6 of their 7 top scorers graduating.  Holly though does return Brigden Parker who led Holly in scoring a year ago and he must really step up this year.  Expect Diego Tamayo and Omar Moreno to also have increased roles for Holly this season.  Crowley County is my pick for 3rd place.  Crowley County had a tough year last year with a lot of younger players and inexperience players playing.  This year those players will be key to Crowley County finishing in the top 3.  Crowley County returns their leading two scorers in Ti’Quan Williams and Quamon Williams.  Crowley County should improve this season.  My 4th place pick is Rye.  Rye lose some key pieces from last years team but have 3 of their top 6 scorers returning plus depth.  Rye will look for a leader to emerge and I look to Michael Valdez and Camden Godinez to step up as leaders.  Rye should improve this season.

District 7

  1. Highland
  2. Dayspring Christian
  3. Heritage Christian
  4. Dawson School

Last year Highland won the District title with Dayspring Christian and Heritage Christian finishing 2nd and 3rd.  District 7 looks to be a great race to watch for all 4 spots and I think 7 teams will be fighting for those 4 spots.  Highland is my pick to win the district this year.  Highland returns 4 of their top 6 scorers but lose a key rebounder and senior leadership.  Highland will turn to Tate Bessire and Jase Bessire to step up as leaders and Holden Morgan to become the main rebounder for Highland.  Highland should make another deep run this season.  My second-place team is Dayspring Christian.  Dayspring Christin lose 3 of their top 6 scorers from a year ago but return their leading scorer in Christian Still.  Dayspring Christina will be looking for scoring depth to really step up and early in the year Malachi Fast has done that, but we still need more for Dayspring Christian.  My 3rd Place team is Heritage Christian.  Heritage Christian lose 4 of their top 5 scorers from a year ago but have a leader in Jaden Johnson back.  He will need scoring depth around him to develop but I look to Caleb Stockton and Montgomery Case to become those players.  My 4th place pick is Dawson School.  Dawson School has some talent coming back but are losing some scoring depth.  Dawson School returns their leading two scorers from a year ago in Coby Grant-Krenz and Phil Geraghty.  Dawson School should show improvement this year but need scoring depth to step up.

District 8

  1. Peyton
  2. Dolores Huerta
  3. Thomas MacLaren
  4. Calhan

Last year Simla won the District 8 title with Peyton and Thomas MacLaren finishing 2nd and 3rd.    My pick to win the District 8 title this year is Peyton.  Peyton lose their #1 and #3 scorer from a year ago.  Peyton will return the rest of the roster and it comes down to who steps up for Peyton.  Peyton this year will be looking for a few players to step up and I see AJ Lashley and Brennen Meyers to become the leaders.  Peyton will have depth but can the improve this season to win the District.  My pick to finish 2nd is Dolores Huerta.  Dolores Huerta returns some key players from last year.  Charles Winston and Isaiah Trujillo will be the leaders for Dolores Huerta but scoring depth must step up for this team.  That will be key for Dolores Huerta this season.  Thomas MacLaren is my pick to finish 3rd.  Thomas MacLaren lose 2 of their top 5 scorers including their leading scorer.  Thomas MacLaren will look to replace their leading scorer and Maximilian Ambuul look to be stepping into the role along with Nedas Gailus.  Thomas MacLaren will be pushing for a top 2 spot this season.  My 4th place pick is Calhan.  Calhan loses 3 of their top 5 scorers but return their leading scorer from a year ago.  Brandon Eglinton will be the leader this season but scoring depth must develop for Calhan.

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