Class 3A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 3A


Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 3A

I realized I have not released my Class 3A boys or girls League Predictions.  I will give my top 3 for all leagues and a quick breakdown.


  1. Riverdale Ridge
  2. Lotus School
  3. DSST-Byers

The Confluence is one of the weaker League in 3A.  Most teams have not separated themselves from each other and made picking the top 3 very tough.  I went with Riverdale Ridge as the favorite followed by Lotus School and DSST-Byers.  There is still plenty to sort out still in the Confluence League.


  1. The Academy
  2. DSST-Montview
  3. Arrupe Jesuit

The Frontier league has a clear favorite to win the league, but the question becomes who can challenge the favorite.  The Academy is the favorite to win the Frontier League.  Sheridan, DSST-Montview, Middle Park, and Arrupe Jesuit could be the teams to step up and Challenge the Academy.  Plenty of course to still sort out in the Frontier League.


  1. Pagosa Springs
  2. Alamosa
  3. Centauri

The Intermountain League is split in half.  The IML league has 3 teams who I think are just ahead over everyone else with the bottom 3 teams competing with each other.  That does not mean the bottom 3 cannot pull an upset.  The top 3 teams are Pagosa Springs, Alamosa, and Centauri and picking between these 3 teams was not an easy one and current results have changed my outlook.  Currently I am going with Pagosa Springs to win the league with Alamosa in second and Centauri in third.  I have a feeling these three will shuffle around but Pagosa Springs picked up the first win over Centauri by 14 which is why they are my pick.


  1. Lutheran
  2. SkyView Academy
  3. Jefferson Academy

Doug Wright is covering the Metro League and will have an updated Report on the Metro League.  These are his past rankings.


  1. University
  2. Eaton
  3. Platte Valley

The Patriot league looks to be one of the more competitive races for all 3 spots.  University picked up a huge upset with the 3-point OT win over Eaton.  University with that win moves into the top spot.  Eaton slides into the #2 spot and Platte Valley holds down the #3 spot.  Estes Park, Liberty Common, Brush, Resurrection Christian, and Sterling will all be competitive, and I think could push any of the top 3 teams.


  1. Mary’s
  2. Vanguard
  3. Manitou Springs

The question is can anyone challenge St. Mary’s.  This is not just the question in league but all of Class 3A.  St. Mary’s is the favorite to win 3A.  Manitou Springs and Vanguard round out the top 3 in the Tri-Peaks but look for La Junta, Buena Vista, Trinidad, Florence, and Ellicott to challenge the top 3 teams.

Western Slope

  1. Delta
  2. Moffat County
  3. Coal Ridge

The Western Slope league will be a fun race to watch.  6 teams look to be fighting for the league crown and should be a great battle.  Delta is the current favorite to win the league followed closely by Moffat County and Coal Ridge.  Grand Valley, Cedaredge, and Roaring Fork can easily replace any of the 3 and the league battles will be fun to watch.