Class 3A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball Class 3A League Breakdown & Predictions

John Contrereas Lamar vs Manitou
Photo by Nita Walls & John Sports Page (Lamar vs St. Mary’s)

Boys Basketball Class 3A League Breakdown & Predictions

With just 2 weekends remaining all league races are really heating up.  Remember in Class 3A the 1st and 2nd place teams automatically qualify into the state tournament.  The rest of the field is selected using RPI.  So, you must either be a top finisher in your league or top 32 in the RPI.  I will be giving my top 3 predictions for each league.


  1. DSST-Byers
  2. Englewood
  3. DSST-Green Valley Ranch

The Confluence is much improved this year and should be a great battle for the league crown.  The Confluence is a mix of the Confluence League and the 3A teams from the Colorado 8 league.  Currently I think DSST-Byers is the favorite to win the league.  Fort Lupton, Englewood, Riverdale Ridge, DSST-Green Valley Ranch, and Ridge View Academy will all be in the mix.  Fort Lupton is my pick for second place.  Fort Lupton is playing solid basketball right now going 5-1 in the Colorado 8 league.  DSST-Green Valley Ranch is my pick for third place.  This will be one of the more competitive league tournaments!


  1. DSST-Montview
  2. Middle Park
  3. Bennett

The Frontier League may be a bit down this year.  DSST-Montview has pulled away from the competition and is 9-0 in league.  DSST-Montview can lock up the regular season crown with a win over Sheridan tonight.  The second-place team will likely be the only other team to qualify for the state tournament.  Middle Park is my pick for second place.  Middle Park does have two league losses to DSST-Montview and Bennett, so nothing is for certain in the Frontier League.  Jefferson, Sheridan, Bennett, KIPP Collegiate, and The Academy will all be in the hunt for second place.


  1. Alamosa
  2. Centauri
  3. Pagosa Springs

The Intermountain League has been very entertaining with the top 2 teams holding serve and the rest of the league beating each other.  Alamosa is 8-0 in league, but the league title cannot be decided until their final game of the season against Centauri on 2/15.  Centauri to win the league title would have to beat Alamosa by 17 points.  In the race for third place we have 3 teams Pagosa Springs, Montezuma-Cortez, and Monte Vista.  Montezuma-Cortez is in the best shape for third place with 2 wins against Pagosa Springs, but Montezuma-Cortez cannot lose to Monte Vista in their final game on 2/15.  Montezuma-Cortez also needs Pagosa Springs to lose to Alamosa or Bayfield.  If Pagosa Springs wins out they can finish as the #3 seed.  Monte Vista would also need to win out to finish in third place.  I am going with Alamosa winning the IML and Centauri in second place.


  1. Lutheran
  2. Faith Christian
  3. Manual

Doug Wright is covering the Metro League and posted an update on Monday.  Here is the link to his update:


  1. Resurrection Christian
  2. Sterling
  3. Eaton

The Patriot League is one of the most competitive leagues in Class 3A.  4 teams have risen to the top of the Patriot league, but all teams are chasing Resurrection Christian.  Resurrection Christian is 8-0 in league and have two league games remaining.  If Resurrection Christian wins one of their final two games, they win league and have the #1 seed in their league tournament.  Sterling sits in second at 7-1.  Sterling will look to lock up the #2 seed in the league tournament when they face University on 2/14.  Eaton is in prime position to finish third.  If Eaton wins out and University losses to Sterling, then Eaton snags the #3 spot.  Eaton beat University 75-65 earlier in the season.  I am going with Resurrection Christian to win the Patriot League, Sterling finishing second, and Eaton rounding out the top 3.


  1. Vanguard
  2. Manitou Springs
  3. Mary’s

The Tri-Peaks has two teams sitting undefeated in league play they are Vanguard and Manitou Springs.  Vanguard has 4 league games remaining and a non-league game against DSST-Byers.  Vanguard won’t face Manitou Springs until 2/18 and the league title will be decided then.  Vanguard will play three games in three days against C.S Christian, Salida, and James Irwin.  Manitou Springs is 9-0 in league play and have just two league games remaining against Florence and Vanguard.  Manitou should be well rested for their battle with Vanguard on 2/18.  Sitting in 3rd place right now is St. Mary’s.  St. Mary’s is 8-2 in league and they have the head to head win over Lamar 60-49.  St. Mary’s closes the year against Buena Vista and James Irwin.  Lamar is sitting in 4th and will hope to pull an upset in the tournament to jump into the top 3.  My picks for the Tri-Peaks league are Vanguard as your league champion, Manitou Springs in second, and St. Mary’s in third.

Western Slope

  1. Gunnison
  2. Coal Ridge
  3. Grand Valley

The Western Slope has 5 teams still in the hunt for the league title, but two teams sit atop with 1 lose and they are Gunnison and Coal Ridge.  Gunnison has 1 league loss to Moffat County but the important head to head win over Coal Ridge 73-66.  Gunnison has 2 league games remaining and cannot drop either game to win the league title. Gunnison plays Grand Valley and Delta in their last two league games.  Coal Ridge sits tied for first but does not have the head to head win over Gunnison.  Coal Ridge has 3 games remaining against Aspen, Roaring Fork, and Moffat County.  Coal Ridge would need Gunnison to be upset in their final 2 games to win the league title.  Third place is very much up for grabs with Moffat County, Grand Valley, and Delta all in the mix.  Moffat County has the big-league win over Gunnison and face Coal Ridge in their remaining league game.  Moffat County did lose to both Delta and Grand Valley and would probably need to upset Coal Ridge to finish 3rd.  Grand Valley is in the best shape to finish in 3rd.  Grand Valley faces Gunnison, Cedaredge, and Roaring Fork.  Winning 2 of the 3 games locks up third place due to having head to head wins over Moffat County and Delta.  My pick for the Western Slope is Gunnison in first, Coal Ridge in second, and Grand Valley in third.