Class 3A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball Class 3A League Breakdown & Predictions

John Sports Page St Mary vs Lamar
Photo by Nita Walls & John Sports Page (St. Mary’s vs Lamar)

Girls Basketball Class 3A League Breakdown & Predictions

With just 2 weekends left in the regular season and most league are still to be decided.  We should see most league races ending either this weekend or next weekend.


  1. Riverdale Ridge
  2. DSST-Byers
  3. Eagle Ridge Academy

The Confluence is one of the weaker League in 3A.  Lotus School is Leading the Confluence and Riverdale Ridge is leading Colorado 8 for 3A teams.  Lotus School is a 2A team and cannot qualify for the 3A state tournament.  Riverdale Ridge and DSST-Byers are the two teams I think win the league and snag the automatic berth.  Besides the first and second place team I am not sure if another team qualifies for the state tournament or not.


  1. The Academy
  2. Middle Park
  3. DSST-Montview

The Academy has separated themselves from the rest of the league and a win this weekend against Arrupe Jesuit and they officially lock up the league title and the #1 seed.  The Academy has been on a tear, but my only concern is the lack of quality opponents since early December.  Middle Park will be looking to lock up the #2 seed.  Middle Park must beat either Platte Canyon or Sheridan to lock up the #2 seed.  Middle Park beat both DSST-Montview and Arrupe Jesuit so just 1 of their final two games must be a win.  DSST-Montview must also beat Platte Canyon on 2/15 to lock up the #3 seed.  DSST-Montview beat Arrupe Jesuit 32-21 in January.  My pick to win the Frontier League is The Academy, with Middle Park and DSST-Montview finishing second and third.


  1. Pagosa Springs
  2. Centauri
  3. Alamosa

Pagosa Springs is just 1 league win away from locking up the league title.  Pagosa Springs ends the year with games against Alamosa on 2/14 and Bayfield on 2/20.  Pagosa Springs has played well but face another big test against Alamosa and should be a good gauge going into the state tournament.  Centauri and Alamosa are sitting tied currently at two losses.  The #2 seed will be decided on 2/15 when Centauri hosts Alamosa.  Alamosa must beat Centauri by 5 or more points to snag the #2 seed.  I am going with Pagosa Springs to win the Intermountain League with Centauri and Alamosa finishing second and third.


  1. Lutheran
  2. Jefferson Academy
  3. SkyView Academy

Doug Wright is covering the Metro League and released his report Monday.  Here is the link to the article.


  1. Eaton
  2. University
  3. Brush

University has really played well this season and now are just 1 win away from locking up the Patriot League title.  University plays Sterling and Valley to end the season and need just 1 win to lock up the league title.  University was not picked to win the Patriot League before the season started and have played well this season.  Eaton has locked up the #2 seed and end the season against Liberty Common.  Eaton will look to gain some momentum heading into the District tournament.  Eaton has also played well this season but the Patriot League tournament is very solid this year.  The #3 seed is still up for grabs between Platte Valley and Brush.  Both teams have 2 losses and face each other on 2/18.  The winner snags the #3 seed with the loser falling to the #4 seed.  Brush and Platte Valley should be a great matchup.  I am going with Eaton to win the Patriot League tournament with University and Brush finishing second and third.


  1. Mary’s
  2. Vanguard
  3. Manitou Springs

Most of us know St. Mary’s is going to win the Tri-Peaks and probably be the heavy favorite to win the Class 3A State title.  In the Tri-Peaks the question is who will finish second and third.  Manitou Springs and Vanguard are tied at 1 loss a piece and face each other on 2/18.  Both teams will be opposite of St. Mary’s but having the #2 seed is big in a competitive league.  Vanguard and Manitou Springs should be a great game.  I am picking St. Mary’s to win the Tri-Peaks with Vanguard finishing second and Manitou Springs third.

Western Slope

  1. Delta
  2. Cedaredge
  3. Moffat County

Delta will be looking to luck up the #1 seed and the league title.  Delta has 3 league games remaining and must win 2 of the final 3 games.  Delta picked up impressive head to head wins over Cedaredge and Roaring fork to get themselves into this position.  The #2 thru #5 seeds are still up for grabs in the Western Slope League.  Cedaredge and Roaring Fork are currently tied for second with 1 loss a piece.  They face each other tonight 2/14.  Cedaredge must also face Grand Valley on Saturday who is sitting in third place.  Roaring Fork has a very tough schedule to end the year and face Cedaredge, Moffat County, Coal Ridge, and Grand Valley all are in the top 6 and we could see Roaring Fork fall into the #6 spots after next weekend.  Moffat County is tied with Grand Valley for the #3 spot.  Moffat County has the head to head win over Grand Valley and if they can beat both Roaring Fork and Coal Ridge they will lock up the #3 spot.  My pick to win the Western Slope League is Delta followed by Cedaredge and Moffat County.