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Class 2A Wrestling Final Results

Wes Van Matre

Class 2A Wrestling Final Results

What a great year it has been for Wrestling.  Class 2A had a 4 time state champion and the State tournament itself had some great matchups.  Congratulations to Wray on winning the Class 2A Team title and Congratulations to all wrestlers who made it to the state tournament that alone is an accomplishment.

Team Scores

1st-Wray 162.5

2nd-Rocky Ford 123.5

3rd-Cedaredge 98.0

4th-Highland 95.5

5th-Centauri 91.0

6th-John Mall 89

7th-Lyons 78.5

8th-Paonia 72.0

9th Buena Vista 67.0

10th Hotchkiss 62.0

Individual Results


1st Brady Collins Fr. Wray HS

2nd Michael Romero Sr. Swink

3rd Chris Hutchings So. Buena Vista

4th Jarret Sinks So. Norwood

5th Trae Kennedy Fr. Meeker

6th Malachi Gallegos So. Del Norte


1st Cade Rockwell Sr. Wray HS

2nd Lane Hunsberger So. Cedaredge

3rd Daniel Apodaca Fr. Dolores Huerta

4th Miguel Sanchez Jr. John Mall

5th Dillon Buford Fr. Crowley county

6th Marco Martinez Jr. Sedgwick County/Fleming


1st Michael Atencio Jr. Rye

2nd Michael Maldonado Sr. Rocky Ford

3rd Dale Van Matre Jr. John Mall

4th Cole Rockwell Sr. Wray

5th Logan Lewis Sr. Highland

6th Issac Hutchings Jr. Buena Vista


1st Oran Huff Jr. Lyons

2nd Trey Geyer Jr. Cedaredge

3rd Dante Chiricingo Sr. Highland

4th Joe Zamore Fr. Rocky Ford

5th Hayden Burr So. Sedgwick County/Fleming

6th Cole Miller So. Rye


1st Lain Yapoujian Fr. Byers

2nd Blaze Brophy Jr. Yuma

3rd Eyan Chavez So. Centauri

4th Lucas Hefner Sr. Highland

5th Sean Dale Sr. Cedaredge

6th Chris McKenna Sr. John Mall


1st Wyatt Yapoujian Sr. Byers

2nd Clint Brown Jr. Peyton

3rd Zach Tittle So. Highland

4th Santino Mendoza Sr. Rocky Ford

5th Tach Brewer So. Crowley County

6th Reagan Todd Jr. Paonia


1st Wesley Van Matre Sr. John Mall

2nd David Gardner Jr. Lyons

3rd Jordan Martin Jr. Centauri

4th Michael Gutierrez Jr. Burlington

5th JD Miller Sr. Hotchkiss

6th Adrian Nieto Jr. Cedaredge


1st Tyler Collins Jr. Wray

2nd Zeb Etter Sr. Paonia

3rd Hector Flores Sr. Highland

4th Traycer Hall Jr. Hotchkiss

5th Anthony Aldretti Jr. John Mall

6th Kody Logan Jr. Soroco


1st Grey Neal Sr. Paonia

2nd Micah Hertrich Sr. Buena Vista

3rd Emmanuel Huerta Sr. Wray

4th Tytus Coombs Sr. Rangely

5th Jadon Baldonado Sr. Rocky Ford

6th Matthew Mendoza Jr. Swink


1st Adam Schulz Jr. Crowley County

2nd Luis Chafino Sr. Holyoke

3rd Jace Peebles Sr. Hotchkiss

4th Grayden Flint Sr. Holly

5th Gavin Brown So. Akron

6th Byron Shawcroft So. Centauri


1st Hunter Planansky Sr. Hayden

2nd Cobly Clatterbaugh Jr. Meeker

3rd Jaime Ibarra Sr. County Line

4th Devon Harshman Sr. Wiggins

5th Cayden lynch Sr. Yuma

6th Justin Mattison So. Hotchkiss


1st Fabian Lopez Jr. Sedgwick County/Fleming

2nd Karson Bean Sr. Lyons

3rd Lukas Carpenter Jr. Wiggins

4th David Lopez Sr. Cedaredge

5th Carson Berghuis Sr. Wray

6th Anthony Miller Jr. Paonia


1st Jesse Tapia Sr. Rocky Ford

2nd Jose Molina Jr. Wray

3rd Xavier Livesay So. Akron

4th Jacob Armijo Fr. Trinidad

5th JJ Horn Jr. Fowler

6th Taite Johnson So. County Line


1st Remi Lucero Sr. Centauri

2nd Peyton Froman Jr. Rocky Ford

3rd Chance Wiening Sr. Trinidad

4th Justin McCormick Sr. Stratton/Liberty

5th Laith Ibrihim Fr. Wiggins

6th Isaac Mantey Jr. Burlington


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