2019-20 Wrestling News

Class 3A Wrestling Final Results


Class 3A Wrestling Final Results

What a great year it has been for Wrestling.  Congrats to Eaton and Valley for Winning the Class 3A Team titles.  This was the first tie since 1992 I believe.  We had some great matchup at the state tournament.  Congratulations to all wrestlers who made it to state that alone is a big accomplishment.

Team Scores

1st-Eaton 105.5

1st-Valley 105.5

3rd-Jefferson 101.0

4th-Pagosa Springs 99.5

5th-Alamosa 91.0

6th-Bennett 79.0

7th-Weld Central 72.5

8th-Berthoud 71.5

9th Eagle Valley 67.0

9th Lamar 67.0

11th La Junta 64.0

11th Woodland Park 64.0

Individual Results


1st Roberto Estrada So. Weld Central

2nd Matthew Medina Sr. Eagle Valley

3rd Will Moneypenney Fr. Berthoud

4th Kaden Hixson Fr. Moffat County

5th Javan Valdez Jr. Valley

6th Kyler Liddell Fr. Alamosa


1st Angelo Lozado So. Jefferson

2nd Davion Chavez Jr. Alamosa

3rd Ezra Herrera So. SkyView

4th Alex Castaneda So. Eaton

5th Casteus Combs So. Sterling

6th Caden Call So. Moffat County


1st Brady Hankin So. Woodland Park

2nd Isaiah Gamez Sr. La Junta

3rd Erik Wyman Jr. Pagosa Springs

4th Nadim Kargar Jr. SkyView

5th Jonathan Malovich Fr. Platte Valley

6th Noah Linares So. Mullen


1st Jacob Duran Sr. Fort Lupton

2nd Johnny Masopust Sr. Florence

3rd Jimmy Ramirez III Sr. Jefferson

4th Dalton Williams Sr. Berthoud

5th Mark Troni So. Mullen

6th Matthew Villarreal Sr. Weld Central


1st Zane Rankin Jr. Lamar

2nd Zach Marrero Fr. Strasburg

3rd Colton Liddell Sr. Alamosa

4th Noah Damian Sr. Valley

5th Colton Williams Sr. Berthoud

6th Spencer Mader Sr. Steamboat Springs


1st Isaiah Rios Jr. Valley

2nd Lucas Comroe Sr. Eagle Valley

3rd Dylan Tressler Jr. Pagosa Springs

4th Colton Simonis Jr. Woodland Park

5th Josh Thornton Jr. Florence

6th Eddie Lemos So. Resurrection Christian


1st Ryan Dirksen So. Eaton

2nd Zander Condit Sr. Jefferson

3rd Brae Bergdolt Jr. Pagosa Springs

4th Cael Langford Jr. Fort Morgan

5th Zach Brown Jr. Valley

6th Isaiah Baber Sr. Lamar


1st Cameron Lucero Jr. Pagosa Springs

2nd Nick Gallegos Sr. Jefferson

3rd John Summer Sr. Mullen

4th Joe Jordan Sr. Bennett

5th Brock Leypoldt Sr. Berthoud

6th Brent Gray Sr. Olathe


1st Jaziah Whaley Sr. Valley

2nd Tanner Baumgartner Jr. Weld Central

3rd Cael Jordan Jr. Eaton

4th Josh Yancey Sr. Platte Valley

5th Kyle Conlon Sr. Berthoud

6th Jose Serrano Sr. Lamar


1st Mac Copeland Jr. Bennett

2nd Cole Gray Sr. Woodland Park

3rd JHunter Branson Sr. Holy Family

4th Hunter Smith Sr. Alamosa

5th Brendan Carroll Jr. Classical Academy

6th Morgan Tribbelt Fr. Eaton


1st Cody DuBois Jr. Bennett

2nd Brian Paxton Sr. Fort Morgan

3rd Amos Wilson Sr. Glenwood Springs

4th Braden Baumgartner Jr. Weld Central

5th Jake Hustoles So. James Irwin

6th Colby Runner Fr. Severace


1st Nick Wellen Jr. Brush

2nd Jeremiah Garcia Jr. Platte Valley

3rd Mitchell Peabody Jr. La Junta

4th Austin Trujillo Sr. Alamosa

5th John Slowey Sr. Steamboat Springs

6th Logan Bean Sr. Eaton


1st John Foutz Sr. Bayfield

2nd Cody Ponce Sr. Eagle Valley

3rd Jimmy Hustoles Jr. James Irwin

4th Benny Gonzales Sr. La Junta

5th Drew Book Sr. Sterling

6th Skyler Hill So. Pagosa Springs


1st Emanuel Munoz-Alcala Sr. University

2nd Tanner True Jr. Eaton

3rd Sy Spitz Sr. Lamar

4th Ernesto Lopez Sr. Basalt

5th Carlos Flores Sr. Alameda

6th Hayden Grice So. Grand Valley

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