Class 1A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball District Predictions Class 1A

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Boys Basketball District Predictions Class 1A

The District Tournaments start this week.  We are changing are schedule around to get the start of the Class 1A and 2A tournaments.  For Class 1A you must finish Top 3 (Top 2) to qualify for the Regional Tournament so putting yourself in the best position in the District tournament is key.  We look at each District Race and give are prediction on the District.  We will be using these District Predictions and Results to look at Regional Projections later in the week.

District 1 (Only qualifies 2 teams)

  1. De Beque
  2. Ouray

District 1 gets only two teams into regionals.  De Beque and Ouray are the favorites in District 1.  I think De Beque is a near lock for regionals, but Ouray has a rematch with Dove Creek.  Ouray lost to Dove Creek 78-68 the first time and Ouray won the second meeting 69-50.  This will be the third matchup on a neutral court.  I am sticking with Ouray to beat Dove Creek and going with De Beque over Nucla/North park.  I am then picking De Beque to beat Ouray in the District Championship.

District 2

  1. Kit Carson
  2. Cheyenne Wells
  3. Cheraw

District 2 gets 3 teams into regionals.  Kit Carson and Cheyenne Wells receive byes and will have to win just 1 of their final two games to get into Regionals.  Eads will face Granada and Cheraw will face McClave in the quarterfinal games.  It’s win or go home time in the Quarterfinal games.  I am picking Eads and Cheraw to win.  My semifinals predictions are Kit Carson over Eads and Cheyenne Wells over Cheraw.  I am picking Kit Carson to win District 2 and Cheyenne Wells as the 2nd place team.  I am then going Cheraw over Eads in the third-place game to qualify for regionals.

District 3

  1. Walsh
  2. Kim/Branson
  3. South Baca

District 3 gets 3 teams into Regionals.  District 3 kicks things off with a Pigtail game between Wiley and Springfield with the winner facing Walsh.  Kim/Branson and South Baca face off in the other semifinal game.  I am picking Wiley over Springfield in the pigtail game.  My semifinals predictions are Walsh over Wiley and Kim/Branson over South Baca.  I am picking Walsh to win the District 3 tournament with Kim/Branson finishing second.  In the third-place game I am going with South Baca over Wiley to qualify for regionals.

District 4

  1. Merino
  2. Briggsdale
  3. Fleming

District 4 get 3 teams into Regionals and I think will be the best District tournament in Class 1A.  We have some great matchups in the quarterfinal’s rounds.  You must win in the quarterfinals to have any shot at regionals.  My predictions of the quarterfinals are Briggsdale over Weldon Valley, Prairie over Longmont Christian, Fleming over Peetz, and Merino over Caliche.  I think 3 of the 4 quarterfinal games will be good games.  My semifinals Predictions are Briggsdale over Prairie and Merino over Fleming.  I am going with Merino to win the District 4 tournament with Briggsdale taking second.  I am going with Fleming over Prairie in the 3rd place game to qualify for Regionals.

District 5

  1. Haxtun
  2. Idalia
  3. Stratton/Liberty

District 5 qualifies 3 teams to regionals.  It’s always interesting to see how a District turns out when you mix some teams that have not played each other.  There are 4 games in the quarterfinals, and I think 3 of the 4 should be good games.  My prediction of the quarterfinals round is: Haxtun over Otis, Flagler/Hi Plains over Arickaree/Woodlin, Stratton/Liberty over Bethune, and Idalia over Lone Star.  My semifinal predictions are Haxtun over Flagler/Hi Plains and Stratton/Liberty over Idalia.  I am going with Haxtun to win the District 5 tournament with Stratton/Liberty taking second place.  Idalia is my pick to finish 3rd place and qualify for regionals.

District 6 (Only 2 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Sangre De Cristo
  2. Cotopaxi

District 6 gets just two teams into regionals this year.  4 very tough games will take place in the quarterfinals.  Most teams in District 6 have played tough games against each other and should make for some interesting matchups.  My quarterfinal predictions are Sangre De Cristo over Creede, Sierra Grande over Manzanola, Primero over La Veta, and Cotopaxi over Centennial.  You must win your Semifinal game to get to regionals and I am going with Sangre De Cristo over Sierra Grande and Cotopaxi over Primero.  I am then picking Sangre De Cristo to win the District 6 tournament and Cotopaxi in second place.

District 7

  1. Evangelical Christian
  2. Genoa-Hugo
  3. Edison

District 7 gets three teams into regional and is a big 10 team district.  The play in game winners were Edison, Elbert, Pikes Peak Christian, and Deer Trail. We have two games in the second round, and you must win this game to have any shot at regionals.  My prediction of the second round are Edison over Elbert and Pikes Peak Christian over Deer Trail.  My semifinal predictions are ECA over Edison and Genoa-Hugo over Pikes Peak Christian.  I am going with Evangelical Christian to win the District 7 tournament with Genoa-Hugo taking second place.  I am picking Edison to finish in third place and qualify for regionals.

District 8

  1. Denver Waldorf
  2. Mile High Academy
  3. Flatirons Academy

District 8 qualifies 3 team to regionals.  The Quarterfinals winners were Denver Waldorf, Denver Jewish Day, Mile High Academy, and Flatirons Academy.  These 4 teams face each other in the Semifinals round.  I am going with Denver Waldorf over Denver Jewish Day and Flatirons Academy over Mile High Academy.  I am then picking Denver Waldorf to win the District 8 championship with Flatirons Academy taking second.  I am going with Mile High Academy to finish in third place and qualify for regionals.

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