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MileHigh Prep Report Week 5 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Picture by Melanie Johnson (Prairie vs North Park)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 5 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Some very good games will take place tonight (Monday 11/2).  I am releasing my rankings without those games but if there are anything that need to be changed, I will make sure to do that in the rankings.  No new #1 teams this week but we add a few new teams.  Severance and Moffat County join the rankings in Class 2A and West Grand joins the rankings in 8-Man.

Class 2A                                                                    Last Week

1.     Delta (4-0)1 (5 weeks)
2.     Resurrection Christian (4-0)2
3.     Pagosa Springs (4-0)5
4.     Sterling (4-0)4
5.     Lamar (3-1)3
6.     Platte Valley (3-1)6
7.     Eaton (3-1)7
8.     Severance (3-1)NR
9.     Moffat County (2-1)NR
10.   Valley (2-2)9
Others: La Junta, Woodland Park, University, D’Evelyn, Berthoud

Dropped out: Woodland Park (8), University (10)
Notes: Changes at the bottom of the rankings this week.  Woodland Park was upset by Moffat County and University fell big to Resurrection Christian.  Severance and Moffat County join the rankings for the first time this season.

Class 1A                                                                     Last Week

1.     Limon (4-0)1 (5 weeks)
2.     Strasburg (4-0)2
3.     Wray (4-0)3
4.     Centauri (4-0)4
5.    C.S Christian (3-1)5
6.     Florence (4-0)6
7.     Hotchkiss (4-0)7
8.     Meeker (3-1)8
9.    Holyoke (2-1)9
10.  Highland (2-2)10
Others: Monte Vista, Peyton, Gunnison, Yuma, Platte Canyon

Dropped Out: None
Notes: No changes to the top 10 this week.   

Class 8-man                                                           Last Week

1.     Sedgwick County (3-0)1 (5 weeks)
2.     Fowler (4-0)2
3.     Sanford (4-0)3
4.     Merino (4-0)4
5.     Mancos (3-0)5
6.     Crowley County (2-0)6
7.     Rangely (4-0)8
8.     Dove Creek (3-1)7
9.     Holly (2-0)10
10.    West Grand (2-1)NR
Others: Pikes Peak Christian, Simla, Swink, Norwood, Elbert,

Dropped Out: Haxtun (9)
Notes:  One new team added to the rankings this week.  West Grand rejoins the rankings picking up the 54-22 win over Gilpin County.   

Class 6-Man                                                            Last Week

1.     Fleming (4-0)1 (5 weeks)
2.     Stratton/Liberty (3-0)2
3.    Cheyenne Wells (4-0)3
4.     Granada (4-0)4
5.     Prairie (3-1)5
6.     Eads (3-1)6
7.     Kit Carson (2-1)7
8.     Cheraw (3-1)8
9.     Hi-Plains (1-1)9
10.    Briggsdale (2-1)10
Others:  Mountain Valley, Sierra Grande, North Park, Genoa-Hugo

Dropped Out: None
Notes: No Changes in 6-Man

4 thoughts on “MileHigh Prep Report Week 5 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)”

  1. How do you have Delta as #1? They have two games against common opponents with Resurrection and both times didn’t perform as well. They beat Englewood 28-10 (compared to 32-0) and they beat University 31-21 (compared to 47-0). Seems like some pretty straight forward comparisons and yet you keep them at number one based on what?


    1. Your probably right I should have them switched. I liked Delta win over Woodland Park but with WP losing that is not as good. Rez and Delta are close so I just left them the same this week. I forgot Rez and Englewood played each other. The university game I don’t really look at the score as that game was picked up last minute


      1. I get that. Resurrection and Englewood was last minute pick up too. 3 days from learning team to playing game doesn’t let anyone prepare too well. Those games are tough to prep for on both sides I assume.

        Just my thoughts…and we all have them 😊 Looks like it’ll be a fun playoff season coming up….here’s hoping we can get through it with all the teams playing healthy and safely.



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