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Class 2A Football Week 6 Breakdown and Playoff Projections

Picture by Joe Skerjanec and OTSportsChek (Eaton vs Sterling)

Class 2A Football Week 6 Breakdown and Playoff Projections

This week we move into mainly Playoff Predictions/Projections.  I will look at all the leagues and go thru their team involved in the playoff hunt.  We will be using the recent CHSAA Seeding Index.  I will try and touch upon all teams. 

Patriot East League

Out of the Playoff Race

Brush, Fort Lupton, Weld Central

Brush made big strides this year with a young roster and were competitive in all games.  Brush will return the main core of the Juniors and next will must be the year for Brush to take a big step.  Brush showed promise this season but next year Brush will push for a playoff Spot.  Fort Lupton has struggled a bit this season losing a good senior class a year ago.  Fort Lupton is hoping to build of their final game of the season and will turn to the underclassmen to take over.  Weld Central had a tough season this year and sit at 0-4.  Weld Central will hope to snag the victory this week and gain momentum for next year.  Weld Central was young this season and should be solid heading into next year.

Playoff Contender


Valley sits at 3-2 currently and have a final scheduled game against 4A Monarch.  Valley must win this game to have any shot at the playoffs.  Valley sits at #10 in the CHSAA Seeding Index and are .143889 behind Lamar.  Valley would need a lot to go their way to jump Lamar but winning is first for Valley.

Playoff Locks


Sterling is 5-0 on the season and will not play a final game this week.  Sterling has surprised everyone going 5-0 and they must credit their defense for this.  Sterling defensively is one of the best in Class 2A.  Sterling sits at #2 in the CHSAA Seeding Index and should have a home playoff game.  Sterling offensively is led by QB Radek Mccracken, a senior heavy offensive line and RB Riley Bornhoft.  Sterling will have a good shot at repeating as State Champions.

Platte Valley

Platte Valley sits at #4 in the CHSAA seeding Index and they locked up their playoff spot with a win over Wray last week.  Platte Valley will face Eaton in the season finale, but I think regardless of the winner both get into the playoffs it’s just a matter of who will host and who will be on the road.  Platte Valley offensively is led by Senior QB Kade McDaniel and RB Weston Meyer.  Platte Valley has played tough on defense as well and I am interested to see how they handle a run heavy offense from Eaton.


Eaton sits at #5 in the CHSAA Seeding Index and are a lock for the playoffs.  They play Platte Valley in the regular season Finale and regardless of the outcome should make the playoffs.  Eaton has played well this season defensively giving up over 10 just once and that was 14 to Sterling.  Eaton now must focus on a dual threat QB and should be a good challenge for their defense.  Offensively Eaton rushing attack leads the way and is led by RB Ethan Florez, RB Salvador Rojas, and QB Scott Grable.  Eaton vs Platte Valley will be one of the best games in Class 2A.

Patriot West League

Out of the Playoff Race

D’Evelyn Berthoud, Arvada, Alameda

D’Evelyn sits at #14 in the CHSAA seeding index but are out of playoff contention.  D’Evelyn does not have a regular season finale so their numbers will not change much.  D’Evelyn will have a few key pieces to replace next year including QB and RB.  D’Evelyn though will benefit from having a full offseason.  Berthoud showed big improvement this season and sit at 2-2 currently.  Berthoud will be able to build from the success they had this season.  QB Tristan Youngblood is just a sophomore and he will be back to help rebuild Berthoud Football program.  Arvada only played 3 games due to COVID.  They were also a young team and will rely on the Underclassmen to really step up this offseason.  Alameda had a tough season and they will hope to find some positivity heading into next year.

Playoff Contenders


University sits at #9 in the CHSAA Seeding Index. University is .113803 behind Lamar and will need Lamar to be upset by Alamosa in their final game.  University also must take care of business against Berthoud and a win should see their numbers improve.  University does have some youth at certain spots and the past two years of success should help this program continue to improve.


Severance is playing their first year of Varsity and have found plenty of success going 3-2.  Severance has only one path into the playoffs and that is upsetting #1 Resurrection Christian.  If Severance can pull the upset, they will get into the playoffs.  Severance is a team to really watch for next season as well with 0 seniors and a lot of sophomore and juniors.

Playoff Locks

Resurrection Christian

Resurrection Christian currently is the #1 team in the CHSAA seeding Index and should stay as the #1 team as long as they avoid the upset against Severance.  Resurrection Christian defensively is one of the best in Class 2A and led by Tanner Applebee and Eddie Lemos.  Offensively QB Will Schrotenboer and RB Tanner Applebee lead the way.  Resurrection Christian will be a favorite to win a state title but plenty of teams will be looking to knock them off.

Southern Peaks League

Out of the Playoff Race

La Junta, Alamosa, Bayfield

La Junta had a bit of a bounce back year this season going 2-3 and being competitive in all their games.  La Junta had a lot of younger players step up at skill position and on the offensive line they had just 2 seniors.  La Junta should have a big year next year and will be a team to watch for.  Alamosa had a bit of a tough year this season going 1-3.  Alamosa is very young and started junior and sophomores at many positions.  We will see if the youth on the offensive line improves and develops.  Alamosa should be improved next year but development over the summer is key.  Bayfield also had a tough year going 0-4.  Bayfield has a lot of junior playing this season so look for Bayfield to make a leap next season.  Bayfield improvement must come during the offseason.

Playoff Contenders


Lamar currently sits at #8 in the CHSAA Seeding Index and have a must win game against Alamosa this week.  Lamar with a win over Alamosa should get them into the playoffs but a huge upset by Severance and if University has big number changes it could get a bit tighter for Lamar.  Lamar currently leads University by .113817.  Lamar defensively has improved and their 22 to 8 loss to Pagosa went all the way into the 4th quarter when Pagosa broke out.  Offensively QB Zane Rankin, RB Damian Ramos, and WR Blake Buxton lead the way for Lamar.

Playoff Locks

Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs is a lock for the playoffs and sit at #3 in the CHSAA seeding Index.  I think they will keep a top 4 spot but I think will fall to the #4 spot after Platte Valley and Eaton play each other.  Pagosa Springs has proven to be extremely tough this season and their defense is a big reason for it.  Offensively Pagosa Springs is also very tough with their rushing attack leading the way.  RB Dylan Tressler is chewing up yards with over 1000 yards rushing.  QB Grant Aucoin also can throw to keep teams honest.  Pagosa Springs has to be in the talks as a team that can win it all.

West League

Out of the Playoff Race

Englewood, Woodland Park, Middle Park, Elizabeth

Woodland Park started the season out hot winning their first two games, but 3 straight losses hurt their shot at the playoffs.  Woodland Park is now trying to regain momentum and a win over Englewood would do that.  If Woodland Park snags a win over Englewood it should give them some key momentum heading into next season.  Englewood lost some key seniors from last season, but they bounced back this year.  Englewood will be looking towards the junior class to take over the reigns after this year.  Elizabeth had a tough season winning just 1 game so far.  Elizabeth did lose some key seniors from last year but played tough with a lot of youth.  I think Elizabeth will be very tough next season and interested to see how things go moving forward.  Middle Park played just 2 games this season due to COVID.  They will look to next season to play a full year.

Playoff Contenders


Delta had a tough loss last week to Moffat County 26 to 20 and now see themselves on the bubble.  Delta is in decent shape at #7 in the CHSAA seeding Index, but they cannot drop their season finale to Elizabeth and hold onto the #7 spot.  If Delta wins, they will get into the playoffs.  Delta will need their defense to really step up this week to help a Delta offense that is trying to figure things out.

Playoff Locks

Moffat County

Moffat County is your West League Champion and secured that with the 26 to 20 win over Delta last week.  Moffat County is now locked into a playoff spot but will probably be on the road in the Quarterfinals.  Moffat County offensively is led by QB Ryan Peck who is having an improved season and RB Evan Atkin.  Moffat County is still very young and any playoff experience will be key for them heading into next season.

Playoff Predictions/Projections

Things are simple now that CHSAA released the CHSAA Seeding Index.  We know they top 8 teams all qualify for the playoffs and this will also be used to seed the bracket.  1 thru 4 in the CHSAA Seeding Index will be home teams and the rest of the matchups will be dictated with the CHSAA Seeding Index, Geography, and Trying to avoid League opponents in the first Round.

Locks for the Playoffs

Resurrection Christian, Sterling, Pagosa Springs, Platte Valley, Eaton, and Moffat County

Must avoid upset and lock with win


In Top 8 but Fighting off Bubble Teams


Bubble Teams

University, Valley, Severance

Lamar must win and I think will secure the final spot unless we have a huge upset by Severance or University numbers change dramatically.

Potential Seeding

#1 Resurrection Christian

#2 Sterling

#3 Platte Valley/Eaton

#4 Pagosa Springs

#5 Eaton/Platte Valley

#6 Moffat County

#7 Lamar

#8 Delta

Note: With three Western Slope and 1 Southeast Team travel I think become a problem regardless.  I do not see them moving a #5 seeded Platte Valley/Eaton to the #8 seed for Geography, but they could.  I did swap Delta and Lamar to give Delta a shorter trip.

Quarterfinal Matchups (1 thru 4 host):

#1 Resurrection Christian vs #8 Delta

#4 Pagosa Springs vs #5 Platte Valley/Eaton

#2 Sterling vs #7 Lamar

#3 Platte Valley/Eaton vs #6 Moffat County