Class 3A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Class 3A Boys Basketball League Predictions

Class 3A Boys Basketball League Predictions

It has been a few weeks since my last Class 3A league predictions and figured it was a good time to update and give a look at what I think may happen in terms of the league battles.  Remember the league champions automatically qualify for the Class 3A State Tournament.  10 possible automatic berths could be given out, but there are a few 2A and 3A leagues and we will dive into that much more in this article.  The rest of the State Playoff Bracket will be selected with the CHSAA Seeding Index (RPI, Coaches Poll, Maxpreps Poll, and Packard Poll).  Making a change to how I write this article. Also the Maxpreps rankings do not have all teams ranked yet hopefully that will change next week!

2A/3A Confluence League

#1 DSST-College View

#2 DSST-Conservatory Green

#3 DSST-Byers

#4 DSST-Green Valley Ranch

#5 Lotus School (2A)

#6 William Smith

#7 Addenbrooke Classical (2A)

#8 Strive Prep

#9 Aurora West Prep

#10 Ridge View Academy (2A)

The Confluence league is one of the weaker League in Class 3A.  DSST-Conservatory Green, DSST-Green Valley Ranch, and DSST-College view are the three teams pushing for a league title.  DSST-Green Valley and DSST-College View were supposed to play last night but no score has been reported.  DSST-College view and DSST-Conservatory Green meet up on Saturday.  I am picking DSST-College View to win the Confluence League.  This will be a one berth league with only the league champion getting in.  The rest of the league sits outside the top 30 currently with DSST-College view sitting at #33.

3A/4A Colorado League

3A Schools: Arvada, Eagle Ridge, Englewood, Fort Lupton

The Colorado League is a 3A/4A League.  Only the true League champion will get into the playoffs.  Aurora Central is my pick to win the Colorado League but Englewood will face them on March 1st with the winner getting the league title.  Englewood has played well this season and face a big test on Saturday when they meet up with Colorado Academy.  Englewood currently sits at #12 and is a lock for the playoffs.  We will have to see if they can jump into the top 10 but Englewood would host a first round game.  Eagle Ridge Academy is the other team with playoff hopes.  Eagle Ridge Academy currently sit at #31 and will probably need an upset of Englewood on March 6th to even push for one of the final spots. 

2A/3A Frontier League

#1 Pinnacle

#2 DSST-Montview

#3 Arrupe Jesuit

#4 Bennett

#5 Bruce Randolph

#6 Middle Park

#7 The Academy

#8 Jefferson

#9 Lake County (2A)

#10 Sheridan

#11 KIPP Collegiate

#12 Platte Canyon (2A)

The Frontier League has three teams sitting atop the league standings and things are complicated heading into the final 2 weekends.  Arrupe Jesuit, DSST-Montview, and Pinnacle are all tied currently.  Pinnacle and Arrupe Jesuit meet on Saturday to start solving the puzzle.  If Pinnacle wins, they still must face DSST-Montview and that would be for the league title.  If Arrupe Jesuit wins then it would still be a tie between Arrupe Jesuit and Montview and Montview has the head-to-head.  Should be an interesting weekend of basketball in the frontier league.  I am sticking with Pinnacle to win the Frontier League but this week has already shown that plenty is still to be sorted out.  Looking towards the playoffs Pinnacle currently sits at #15 and would host in the first round.  Bennett sits at #22 and are on the bubble.  Arrupe Jesuit and DSST-Montview currently sit outside the top 30 and may need the league title to get into the playoffs. 

Class 3A Intermountain League

#1 Centauri

#2 Alamosa

#3 Pagosa Springs

#4 Bayfield

#5 Montezuma-Cortez

Centauri can wrap up the IML with a win over Alamosa tonight 2/26.  Centauri has played tough in league and look poised for a top 8 seed.  Centauri currently sits at #5 and would get a bye in the first round.  Alamosa can wrap up second place by beating Bayfield and Cortez but also need Pagosa Springs to lose to Centauri in the final game.  Alamosa is sitting at #24 currently but with the confluence league taking a spot you will need to be inside the top 23 if not top 22 if the Frontier League takes a spot as well.  Pagosa Springs and Bayfield are both outside the top 30.  Pagosa Springs will probably need an upset of Centauri to try and push for a top 23 spot.  Bayfield would probably also need to win out to try and get into the playoffs.

3A/2A/1A Mile High League

Class 3A Teams: Highland

The Mile High League is a huge league with teams from Class 1A, 2A, and 3A.  Highland is the favorite to win the Mile High League but Denver Christian will be a contender who is a 2A team.  Highland won’t meet up with Denver Christian till March 6th and that will be for the league title.  Highland currently sits at #11.  Highland would host in the first round but I am sure they are hoping to push for a top 8 spot and get a bye.   

Class 3A Metro

#1 Lutheran

#2 Manual

#3 Faith Christian

#4 Colorado Academy

#5 Kent Denver

#6 Machebeuf

#7 Jefferson Academy

#8 Prospect Ridge

#9 Peak to Peak

#10 Stargate School

#11 SkyView Academy

Three teams sit atop the Metro League Standings.  Colorado Academy, Lutheran, and Manual are all undefeated in league but we will sort things out next week.  Lutheran vs Colorado Academy have not reported their score from last night and my guess is it was PPD but not 100% sure.  Lutheran will face Manual on Monday and is a massive game.  Lutheran currently sits at #4 and will hope to keep that spot for home court thru the Final 4.  Manual will face Lutheran on Monday as mentioned but also play Resurrection Christian next week which is a huge game for seeding.  Manual currently sits at #7 and if they can at least get by Resurrection Christian could lock up a bye.  Colorado Academy has a very tough schedule to end the year.  Colorado Academy will face Englewood on Saturday, Faith Christian on Tuesday and possibly have a make up game against Lutheran next week.  I think we learn a lot about Colorado Academy this upcoming week.  Colorado Academy currently sits at #6 but it will be tough to keep inside the top 8 with their remaining schedule unless they pull some tough wins out.  Faith Christian currently sits in 4th in league but could easily see them move up to #3 if they beat Colorado Academy next week.  Faith Christian is a lock for the playoffs currently sitting at #10.  Faith Christian I think still have a shot at a top 8 seed but need wins over Colorado Academy and possibly Sterling.  Kent Denver currently sits at #18 and is on the bubble.  Kent Denver has 3 games remaining against Lamar, Stargate School, and Machebeuf.  Kent Denver must win out I think a loss in any of their remaining games could see them drop.  Machebeuf currently sits at #27.  Machebeuf face Peak to Peak, Kent Denver, and Strasburg.  I think if Machebeuf could beat Kent Denver they will have a shot but they may also need to win out to get into the playoffs.    

Class 3A Patriot League

#1 Sterling

#2 Resurrection Christian

#3 Strasburg

#4 Brush

#5 University

#6 Eaton

#7 Estes Park

#8 Platte Valley

#9 Frontier Academy

#10 Valley

#11 Liberty Common

The Patriot League come down to one game between Sterling and Resurrection Christian.  They meet up on Saturday 2/26.  Winner of that game will lock up the Patriot League Championship.  I am giving Sterling the slight edge in that game and picking them to win the Patriot League.  Sterling will close out the season with tough games against Estes park and Faith Christian.  Sterling currently sits at #2 and are in good position to finish with a top 4 seed and home court thru the Final 4.  Resurrection Christian will be upset minded on Saturday.  Resurrection Christian also has 2 tough games remaining against Manual and DSST-Conservatory Green.  Resurrection Christian is currently a lock for the playoff but sit at #8.  Resurrection Christian will hope to hold onto a first-round bye but with a tough schedule may be tough to do.  Strasburg picked up an important 66-58 OT win over Brush and keeps them in position to finish 3rd in the Patriot League.  Strasburg needs a win tonight over University to lock up 3rd place.  Strasburg currently sits at #19 and are on the bubble.  Strasburg probably needs to win 3 of their final 4 games to lock up a playoff spot but winning out could move them into a shot at hosting a first-round game.  Brush currently sits at #17 and are also on the bubble.  If Brush can win out they probably could host a first round game.  Brush face Estes Park tonight and Eaton in their final game.  University currently would be the final team into the field sitting at #23.  University has 3 games remaining against Strasburg, The Academy, and Liberty Common.  University probably needs to win 2 of the final 3 but being at #23 nothing is guaranteed.  Eaton currently is on the outside looking in.  Eaton sits at #25.  Eaton has key games against Brush and Platte Valley and may need to win both to leap into the top 23.  Estes Park currently sits at #29 and need to win out to get in.  Estes Park will face Brush and Sterling in back to back games and need both to leap frog from #29 to #23. 

 Class 3A Tri-Peaks League

#1 St. Mary’s

#2 Manitou Springs

#3 Buena Vista

#4 C.S Christian

#5 Salida

#6 Banning Lewis

#7 Woodland park

#8 La Junta

#9 Vanguard

#10 Florence

#11 Lamar

#12 Ellicott

#13 James Irwin

The Tri-Peaks all comes down to two teams St. Mary’s and Manitou Springs.  They meet on March 6th and that game will decide the league title.  St. Mary’s currently sits as the #1 seed and I think regardless of what happens against Manitou Springs I think locked up a bye in the first round.  Manitou Springs has one other tough game against C.S Christian remaining.  Manitou Springs sits at #3 and would host till the final 4.  Manitou Springs with a win over C.S Christian I think lock up a bye in the first round.  I am picking St. Mary’s over Manitou Springs to win the Tri-Peaks League title.  Buena Vista currently sits at #20.  Buena Vista is on the bubble.  Buena Vista with wins over La Junta and Woodland Park I think should get in but the key game may be against Salida on Wednesday March 3rd.  C.S Christian currently sits at #14 and is a near lock for the playoffs.  C.S Christian should be a lock as long as they avoid upsets in their remaining games.  Salida sits at #16 and is also a near lock for the playoffs.  Salida will control their own fate winning 2 of their final 3 should get them into the playoffs.  Like I mentioned their game against Buena Vista is a big one.  The rest of the league currently sits outside the top 35 and would need some upsets and help to push for a top 23 spot.

3A Western Slope

#1 Coal Ridge

#2 Aspen

#3 Basalt

#4 Gunnison

#5 Moffat County

#6 Roaring Fork

#7 Delta

#8 Grand Valley

Things took a very interesting turn inside the Western Slope last night when Gunnison upset Coal Ridge 65-45.  Coal Ridge still is in control but need a win over Roaring Fork on March 6th to officially lock up the league title.  Coal Ridge currently sits at #9 and would like to get a bye but have some tough games they must win to probably push into the top 8.  Aspen has three tough games remaining against Roaring Fork, Vail Mountain, and Moffat County.  Aspen could still win the Western Slope as long as they win out and Coal Ridge lose to Roaring Fork.  Aspen currently sits at #13 and would host a first-round game.  I am not sure if Aspen could push for a top 8 spot.  Basalt has no other games on their schedule and sit at #28 currently they are on the outside looking in but no idea on why they are no longer playing.  Gunnison big win over Coal Ridge moved them up to #21 and should move higher once the new data comes out.  Gunnison now must avoid losses in their final 3 games and should get into the playoffs.  Moffat County currently sits at #25 and have 3 tough games upcoming.  Moffat County face Gunnison, Roaring Fork, and Aspen to end the year and probably need to win 2 of their final 3 games to push into the top 23.  Roaring Fork currently sits outside the top 35 and will need some upset to push for a spot.