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Class 2A Baseball Regional/State Tournament Projections

Class 2A Baseball Regional/State Tournament Projections

We are in the early part of the baseball season but what I have decided to do was give us a early look at the Regional Projections for Class 2A.  I will dive much more into this next week but wanted to give us a jumping off point.  The RPI data I used was pulled on 5/20.  Of course, these are very early projections so expect a ton of changes as we move deeper into the regular season.

RPI Rankings (Official Rankings via

How Class 2A Playoff Works

  1. 24 teams to regionals based on RPI.  The 8 teams with the highest RPI will host regionals, the remaining 24 teams will be ranked by RPI and then any first round league match-ups will be adjusted.  The bottom 12 teams may be moved for geographical purposes.
  2. The Higher seeded team will determine the “home team” and last at bat in all first-round games.  From Quarterfinals through the finals a coin flip by the site director will determine “home team” and last at bat.
  3. 8 regional winners advance to the Double Elimination State Tournament. (See picture at the end of bracket)

Class 2A Regional qualifiers

Top 24 RPI Teams in Order:

Calhan, Trinidad, Highland, Limon, Peyton, Swink, Sargent, Wray, Denver Christian, Dawson School, Hotchkiss, Cedaredge, Burlington, Monte Vista, Ignacio, Front Range Christian, Wiggins, Yuma, Fowler, County Line, Meeker, Byers, Del Norte, Lyons

First Four Out

Sedgwick County, Custer County, Dayspring Christian, Olathe

Regional Hosts (In order by RPI)

  1. Calhan
  2. Trinidad
  3. Highland
  4. Limon
  5. Peyton
  6. Swink
  7. Sargent
  8. Wray

Regional/State Bracket

I am going to give the regional bracket a shot.  Remember for Class 2A it stays as a single elimination bracket.

Region 1 (Calhan Host)
#1 Calhan vs (Winner of #16 vs #17)
#16 Front Range Christian vs #17 Fowler
Region 2 (Wray Host)
#8 Wray vs (Winner of #9 vs #24)
#9 Denver Christian vs #24 Lyons
Region 3 (Limon Host)
#4 Limon vs (Winner of #13 vs #20)
#13 Burlington vs #20 Yuma
Region 4 (Peyton Host)
#5 Peyton vs (Winner of #12 vs #21)
#12 Cedaredge vs #21 Byers
Region 5 (Trinidad Host)
#2 Trinidad vs (Winner of #15 vs #18)
#15 Ignacio vs #18 County Line
Region 6 (Sargent Host)
#7 Sargent vs (Winner of #10 vs #23)
#10 Dawson School vs #23 Meeker
Region 7 (Highland Host)
#3 Highland vs (Winner of #14 vs #19)
#14 Monte Vista vs #19 Wiggins
Region 8 (Swink Host)
#6 Swink vs (Winner of #11 vs #22)
#11 Hotchkiss vs #22 Del Norte

Regional/State Tournament Bracket