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Class 1A Baseball Regional/State Tournament Projections

Class 1A Baseball Regional/State Tournament Projections

We are in the early part of the baseball season but what I have decided to do was give us a early look at the Regional Projections for Class 1A.  I will dive much more into this next week but wanted to give us a jumping off point.  The RPI data I used was pulled on 6/4.  Of course, these are very early projections so expect a ton of changes as we move deeper into the regular season.

RPI Rankings (Official Rankings via

How Class 1A Playoff Works

12 teams to regionals, top two from each district and the remaining two by RPI.  District Champions will be seeded by RPI 1-5, with the top 4 serving as regional hosts.  The 5th district champion will be seeded 5th.  The remaining teams will be seeded in RPI order, avoiding first round district matchups. 

Class 1A Regional Qualifiers (I will be predicting District Results)

District 1: Nucla (District Champion), Dove Creek

District 2: Evangelical Christian (District Champion), Elbert

District 3: Flatirons Academy (District Champion), Rocky Mountain Lutheran

District 4: Holly (District Champion), Eads

District 5: Merino (District Champion), Caliche

At Large: Haxtun & Dayspring Christian

Regional Hosts (In order by RPI)

1. Flatirons Academy

2. Merino

3. Holly

4. Evangelical Christian

5. Nucla

Regional/State Bracket

I am going to give the regional bracket a shot.  Remember for Class 1A it stays as a single elimination bracket.

Region 1 (Flatirons Academy Host)
#1 Flatirons Academy vs (Winner of #8 vs #9)
#8 Dove Creek vs #9 Haxtun
Region 2 (Holly Host)
#4 Evangelical Christian vs (Winner of #5 vs #12)
#5 Nucla vs #12 Rocky Mountain Lutheran
Region 3 (Evangelical Christian Host)
#3 Holly vs (Winner of #6 vs #11)
#6 Eads vs #11 Elbert
Region 4 (Merino Host)
#2 Merino vs (Winner of #7 vs #10)
#7 Caliche vs #10 Dayspring Christian