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Mile High Prep Reports Top Returning RB’s Class 1A

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Mile High Prep Reports Top Returning RB’s Class 1A

The Football season is just around the corner with official practice starting next week.  I look at some of the top returning RB’s.  These are not based on just stats but will be based on Returning Players, Stats, and team tradition.  I will give my top 10 and then 5 or more potential RB’s.  I don’t mind hearing feedback if I missed someone.  Also, if your team has a new RB with no stats or any information, I will have a hard time picking them. (Stats pulled from

PlayerHigh SchoolYearStats
Mason ClaunchCentauriSenior1050 Rushing Yards 22 TDs, 8.4 yards per carry
Clay RobinsonYumaSenior1049 Rushing Yards, 15 TDs, 7.2 yards per carry
Jeremiah LeeperLimonSenior839 Rushing Yards 9 TDs, 6.4 yards per carry
Emilio GarciaGrand ValleySenior719 Rushing Yards 7 TDs, 9.1 yards per carry
Kelton TurnerMeekerSenior670 Rushing Yards 8 TDs, 10.3 yards per carry
Mordecai WhiteNorth ForkSenior670 Rushing Yards 10 TDs, 9.5 yards per carry
Jacob KennedyFlorenceSenior426 Rushing Yards 9 TDs, 9.1 yards per carry
Allen HardeyPlatte CanyonSenior366 Rushing Yards 4 TDs, 4.5 yards per carry
Drayden TaylorNorth ForkSenior411 Rushing Yards 4 TDs, 7.9 yards per carry
Jacob PhelpsBuena VistaJunior408 Rushing Yards 4 TDs, 9.3 yards per carry
Potential Next 5   
Ricky FletcherBanning LewisJunior367 Rushing Yards 3 TDs, 4.4 yards per carry
Everett EllisSt. Mary’sSenior490 Rushing Yards 3 TDs, 6.3 yards per carry
Tallin HallStrasburgSenior264 Rushing Yards 3 TDs, 4.5 yards per carry
Carlos LegarretaHolyokeSenior231 Rushing Yards 1 TDs, 4.84 yards per carry
Hunter PachecoMonte VistaSenior191 Rushing Yards 5 TDs, 7.3 yards per carry
Abraham EchauriCenterSenior185 Rushing Yards 0 TDs, 7.4 yards per carry