6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football Preseason League Predictions & Playoff Predictions

6-Man Football Preseason League Predictions & Playoff Predictions

The regular season kicks off Thursday Night but most 6-Man teams’ kickoff their season Friday or Saturday.  As I have for the past several years, I give my League Predictions for Class 2A thru 6-Man.  We start with 6-Man and these are just my predictions and is always fun to put my predictions out.  Check out the end of the article for my Playoff Predictions as well. I will continue to update thru the season.  If you have any predictions let me know!

North League

1. Prairie

2. Briggsdale

3. Fleming

4. North Park

5. Peetz

6. Weldon Valley

7. Pawnee

The North League like normal is loaded with talented teams and has a real good chance at getting 4 if not 5 teams into the playoffs.  My Preseason pick to win the North League is Prairie.  Prairie returns plenty of talent and should feature a very dangerous offense with QB Andy Long and RB Claytin Hove.  Prairie will have a few holes on defense to fill but are my early pick to win the league.  Briggsdale is my pick for second place.  Briggsdale also returns a very talented offense with QB Braden Krise and RB/WR Malik Carlson back.  Defensively Briggsdale returns their top 6 tacklers but I do think the league title comes down to who scores more between the top 3 teams.  Fleming is my pick for third place.  Fleming loses a good senior class but have the weapons back to still challenge for the league crown.  Nolan Japp and Blake Feather are the two to watch on offense.  North Park is my pick for the dark horse of the league.  North Park has been rebuilding and have a solid core coming back.  North Park returns nearly their entire defense from last year.  Offensively they return QB Hunter Sessions and RB Evan Pieper if North Park is going to make a run for the league title it will be this year.  Peetz will be in a bit of a rebuilding mode this season.  They lose their main offensive pieces from last year but gained valuable experience for QB Chance Segelke.  Weldon Valley could be a team to push for a top 5 spot this year but will look for some underclassmen to really step up.  If RB Weston Filter can have a big season, they may push for a playoff spot.  Pawnee is planning on having a team this year and will be interesting to see how they do.

My predictions for the North League

League Champion: Prairie

Playoff Contenders: Prairie, Briggsdale, Fleming, North Park

Dark Horse: North Park

Player of the League: QB Andy Long Prairie

Others to watch for: RB Claytin Hove Prairie, QB Braden Krise Briggsdale, RB/WR Malik Carlson Briggsdale, RB Nolan Japp Fleming, RB Blake Feather Fleming, QB Hunter Sessions North Park, RB Evan Pieper North Park, QB Chance Segelke Peetz, RB Weston Filter Weldon Valley

East-Central League

1. Stratton

2. Idalia

3. Arickaree/Woodlin

4. Hi-Plains

5. Flagler

6. Otis

The East Central League features 3 very strong Playoff Contenders but this league always has a surprise or two in it.  Stratton is my pick to win the East Central League.  Stratton returns a very talented team from a year ago and they were young last season.  Offensively RB Alex Cruz and RB Charlie Clapper lead a very strong tandem of RB’s.  Defensively Stratton returns 7 of their top 8 tacklers and they are poised to try and win the league.  Idalia had 0 seniors on last years 2-2 team and look to challenge for the league crown and a deep playoff run.  Idalia returns QB Eduardo Estrada, RB/WR Yahir Enriquez, and RB Ky Towns.  This is a big year for Idalia to push for a playoff spot.  Arickaree/Woodlin is my dark horse pick to win the league and make the playoffs.  Arickaree/Woodlin returns 7 of their top 8 tacklers and should improve on that side of the ball.  Offensively Arickaree/Woodlin returns RB Samuel Koolstra and QB/RB Logan Wright.  Hi-Plains is another dark horse team.  Hi-Plains returns talent on the offensive side of the ball in Cooper Seaman and RB Cody Banks.  Hi-Plains could be a playoff contender this season, but depth is going to be key for them this season.  Otis will be in rebuilding mode again this season.  They are very young starting a lot of upcoming JRs and Sophomores.  If they can show promise this season watch out for Otis next year.  Flagler was young last year and could take a big step this season.  Depth is key for Flagler and who steps up to become the playmaker on offense.

My predictions for the East-Central League

League Champion: Stratton

Playoff Contenders: Stratton, Idalia, Arickaree/Woodlin, Hi-Plains

Dark Horse: Arickaree/Woodlin

Player of the League: RB/LB Alex Cruz Stratton

Others to watch for: QB Charlie Tagtmeyer Stratton, RB Charlie Clapper Stratton, QB Eduardo Estrada, RB/WR Yahir Enriquez, RB Ky Towns, RB Samuel Koolstra, QB/RB Logan Wright, RB Cody Banks

Central League

1. Genoa-Hugo

2. Hanover

3. Deer Trail

4. Hanover

The Central League has just 4 teams this season but should be very competitive.  Genoa-Hugo is the favorite this season to win the Central League and are loaded with talent.  Genoa-Hugo offensively return QB Trey Smith, RB Wyatt Miller, and RB/WR Colby Simmons.  Genoa-Hugo has a tough non-league schedule and that will be key for how far Genoa-Hugo goes in the playoffs.  Hanover is my pick for second place, and I think can challenge Genoa-Hugo for the league title.  Hanover, I think also has a shot at the playoffs.  Hanover returns plenty of talent with QB Devin Johnson, RB David Brown, WR/LB Dalton Sweazy all back.  Hanover has some key non-league games that they must win to grab a playoff spot.  Deer Trail and Kiowa both lose key pieces on offense and I think will be rebuilding a bit this season.  I do know Kiowa will have a roster with plenty of upcoming Juniors and will be a big season to see how they grow.  Deer Trail will be looking for offensive production this season and who steps up to fill that spot.

My predictions for the Central League

League Champion: Genoa-Hugo

Playoff Contenders: Genoa-Hugo and Hanover

Dark Horse: Hanover

Player of the League: RB Wyatt Miller Genoa-Hugo

Others to watch for: QB Trey Smith Genoa-Hugo, RB/WR Colby Simmons Genoa-Hugo, QB Devin Johnson Hanover, RB David Brown Hanover, WR/LB Dalton Sweazy Hanover, RB/WR Dayne Woodis Deer Trail,

South East League

1. Granada

2. Cheyenne Wells

3. Cheraw

4. Kit Carson

5. Eads

6. Walsh

The South East League must be considered the toughest League for the 2021 6-Man Football Season.  The league has a potential to get 4 or 5 teams into the playoffs and I think all 6 teams are going to be competitive enough to have some great games.  I am going with Granada as my League Champions.  Granada returns a ton of talent and with POY candidate Dominic Coleman and RB John Hainer this team will be very tough.  Granada also returns 7 of their top 8 tacklers and I think see a big improvement on that side of the ball.  Cheyenne Wells is my second-place pick.  Cheyenne Wells also returns a heap of talent including QB Blake Gilmore, RB Cade Mitchek, RB Evan Worley, and RB/WR/LB Rogelio Rangel.  Cheyenne Wells also returns 7 of their top 8 tacklers and with a healthy Cade Mitchek could push for the league crown.  Cheraw is my pick for third and my dark horse pick to win the league.  Cheraw went 4-2 last year a featured a very young core of sophomore.  These sophomores are a year older and should now take a big step this season.  Offensively QB Cade Phillips and RB Braeden Harris should take big steps forward.  Defensively Cheraw does lose some key pieces but still return 6 of their top 8 tacklers.  We will see if the experience gained for the younger kids leads to a big season for Cheraw.  Kit Carson was very young last season and return nearly their entire roster to also push for a league crown.  Kit Carson returns QB Brett Mayhan and RB Paul Mitchek who should lead an improved offense.  Defensively Kit Carson will be tough returning 7 of their top 8 tacklers.  Eads in my opinion was hit the hardest by graduation losing some key seniors.  Eads did gain valuable experience for the younger kids due to injuries and that experience is key this season.  Eads will look to RB Porter Spady to pick up the offensive production.  The biggest question mark is who else steps up offensively for Eads.  Defensively Eads returns 5 of their top 8 tacklers but leadership once again is the question.  Walsh was very young last year starting multiple freshman and that will pay off going forward.  Walsh, I think may be a year away still from really pushing for the playoffs and the league crown, but I think will be tough this year.  QB Leyton Jones is back to lead the offense along with RB Justin Wright.  Walsh, I think next year take a huge step.

My predictions for the South-East League

League Champion: Granada

Playoff Contenders: Granada, Cheyenne Wells, Cheraw, Kit Carson, Eads, and Walsh

Dark Horse: Cheraw

Player of the League: QB Dominic Coleman Granada

Others to watch for: RB John Hainer Granada, WR Ivan Yanez Granada, RB Cade Mitchek Cheyenne Wells, RB Evan Worley Cheyenne Wells, QB Blake Gilmore Cheyenne Wells, QB Cade Phillips Cheraw, RB Braeden Harris Cheraw, QB Brett Mayhan Kit Carson, RB Paul Mitchek Kit Carson, RB Porter Spady Eads, QB Leyton Jones Walsh

South Central League

1. Branson/Kim

2. Primero

3. Colorado D&B

The South-Central League is down to just 3 teams and I think will be Branson/Kim to win or lose.  Branson/Kim is loaded with talent and should make a push for a deep playoff run.  QB Brody Doherty, RB Peyton Cranson, and WR Brock Doherty are all back to lead a very talented offensive.  Branson/Kim also return 7 of their top 8 tacklers.  Branson/Kim will need to gain their experience in their non-league schedule key games against Walsh, Cotopaxi, Granada, and Sierra Grande will be the ones to watch.  Primero did not have a team last year and will this season.  I will be interested to watch and see how they do.  Colorado D&B also will have a team this season and will be a team to watch this season.

My predictions for the South-East League

League Champion: Branson/Kim

Playoff Contenders: Branson/Kim

Dark Horse: Primero

Player of the League: RB Peyton Cranson Branson/Kim

Others to watch for: QB Brody Doherty Branson/Kim, RB Peyton Cranson Branson/Kim, WR Brock Doherty Branson/Kim

South West League

1. Mountain Valley

2. Sierra Grande

3. Cotopaxi

4. La Veta

5. Cripple Creek

The South West League is up to 5 teams this year and I think should be competitive.  I am going with Mountain Valley as my pick to win the South West League.  Defensively they return 7 of their top 8 tacklers and feature a young team that should get better this year.  Offensively they will have a big hole to replace at QB, but I look to RB Tristan Martinez and RB Ziah Pesqueira to have a big year.  Sierra Grande, I think is the top challenger to Mountain Valley and its neck and neck between the two.  Sierra Grande returns 6 of their top 8 tacklers and will be tough on defense.  Offensively they also will need a QB but return RB Isiah Chairez who should power the offense.  Cotopaxi is another team who will challenge for a league crown.  Cotopaxi took a small step backwards last season but were young.  Cotopaxi returns QB TY Coleman and if he has a big year then I think Cotopaxi challenges for a league title.  Who else steps up this season is the main question mark for Cotopaxi.  La Veta lose a talented offensive group and could be rebuilding a bit this season.  Gus Andreatta is the main workhorse for La Veta this season.  Cripple Creek continue to try and rebuild and make improvements this season.

My predictions for the South West League

League Champion: Mountain Valley

Playoff Contenders: Cotopaxi, Mountain Valley, Sierra Grande

Dark Horse: Cotopaxi

Player of the League: QB Ty Coleman

Others to watch for: RB Tristian Martinez Mountain Valley, RB Ziah Pesqueira Mountain Valley, RB Isiah Chairez Sierra Grande, Gus Andreatta La Veta

Playoff Predictions

I give the 16 teams I think make the playoffs.  This is all in fun because so much can happen between August and November.  In the 6-Man ranks all league champions are guaranteed a berth.  The rest will be selected by RPI.  The League Champions I selected are:






Mountain Valley

The 16 teams are picked Via RPI.  League strength and non-league schedule will matter a ton in this part.  10 At-Large berths will be given out.  Seeding is determined by CHSAA Seeding Index.  I am picking my 16 teams based on Scheduling and how I think teams will do. 


#1 Granada (South East)

#2 Stratton (East Central)

#3 Prairie (North)

#4 Branson/Kim (South Central)

#5 Mountain Valley (South West)

#6 Genoa-Hugo (Central)

At Large Teams

#7 Cheyenne Wells (South East)

#8 Cheraw (South East)

#9 Kit Carson (South East)

#10 Eads (South East)

#11 Idalia (East Central)

#12 Arickaree/Woodlin (East Central)

#13 Fleming (North)

#14 Briggsdale (North)

#15 North Park (North)

#16 Sierra Grande (South West)