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Class 1A League Predictions and Playoff Predictions Week 2

Picture by Van Hollis (Monte Vista vs Rocky Ford)

Class 1A League Predictions and Playoff Predictions Week 2

Week #1 is in the books and some teams kick off Week 2 games tonight.  We take a look at my League Predictions and Playoff Predictions and give an update for each league.


#1 Platte Canyon

#2 Bennett

#3 Manual

#4 Clear Creek

#5 Jefferson

#6 Sheridan

Platte Canyon is my pick to win the Foothills league and that stays true this week.  Platte Canyon walked away with a hard-fought win over Del Norte 18-0.  Platte Canyon host Flatirons Academy this week and should be a good game between two teams who always seem to be competitive.  Bennett moves into my pick for second place.  Bennett opens their season this week when they travel to face Highland.  We will quickly learn about how good Bennett is going to be.  Manual falls into the #3 spot.  Manual was blasted by Denver West 48-6.  This was a bit of a surprise but now Manual will look to quickly bounce back against Prospect Ridge tonight.  Clear Creek could be a surprise team this year.  Clear Creek fell to Middle Park 16-0 and played well defensively.  Clear Creek face another tough test this week when they host Florence.  Jefferson fell in week 1 to Alameda 14-12.  Jefferson will now look to bounce back against Pinnacle.  Sheridan also fell in week 1 to Pinnacle 32-6.  Sheridan has a bye this week.

North Central

#1 Limon

#2 Holyoke

#3 Wray

#4 Yuma

#5 Wiggins

#6 Burlington

The North Central league is going to be a battle this season with 6 very competitive teams.  I will be really interested to see which teams come out of the North Central League and after the first week I think 5 teams will challenge for the league crown.  Limon is my pick still to win the North central League.  Limon did not play in week 1 but kickoff their season this week traveling too Meeker.  This will be both Meeker and Limon’s first game.  Holyoke also did not have a game in week #1.  Holyoke will face Rye this week and this should be a good game.  Holyoke will look to avoid an upset like what Rye did in Week #1.  Wray stays at #3.  Wray lost to Centauri 28-14.  Wray battled with Centauri and were tied heading into the fourth quarter.  Wray now must quickly bounce back, and they face Goodland KS before hitting an easier stretch of schedule.  Yuma picked up the 41 to 6 win over Burns WY.  Yuma had a big day running the ball and now face a perennial power this week in Strasburg.  We will learn how good each team is after this weekends game.  Wiggins picked up the biggest win in the North Central League.  Wiggins upset Highland 38 to 21.  Wiggins will look to quickly turn around and hosts Valley tonight 9/2.  Burlington lost in week 1 to Elizabeth 14-6.  Burlington defensively played outstanding and now face a tough Lamar team this week.  Burlington is a team that you cannot sleep on. 

Northern League

#1 Strasburg

#2 Highland

#3 Estes Park

#4 Flatirons Academy

#5 Prospect Ridge

The Northern League had a tough week #1 with all 3 teams in action losing.  The Northern League will now look to bounce back this week.  Strasburg stays as my #1 team.  Strasburg fell in week 1 to Platte Valley (2A) 18-7.  That is a good lose for Strasburg but now they face Yuma in a huge battle.  As mentioned above we will learn how good each team is after this week.  Highland was upset in week #1 by Wiggins 38-21.  Highland will now have to quickly bounce back when they host Bennett.  This is a big game for Highland in many terms.  Estes Park kicks off their season this week against Middle Park.  This game will give me a good insight into how good Estes Park will be.  Flatirons Academy kicks off their season against Platte Canyon this weekend.  Flatirons Academy must be ready to stop the run.  Prospect Ridge fell in week #1 to Faith Christian 42-0.  Prospect Ridge will face Manual this week.

Santa Fe League

#1 Peyton

#2 Rocky Ford

#3 Banning Lewis

#4 Trinidad

A very tough week for the 2 teams in action in the Santa Fe League.  Peyton is still my pick for winning the Santa Fe League.  Peyton was blasted by Florence 50-0.  Florence winning was no surprise but by how much was.  Peyton now has to quickly turn things around and I think they will when they travel to Roaring Fork.  Rocky Ford lost in week #1 to Monte Vista 30-0.  Defensively Rocky Ford will be solid and have a bye this week.  Rocky Ford next game is against Rye.  Banning Lewis opens their season against Buena Vista and this should be a solid game.  Trinidad opens the season against rival Raton this weekend. 

Southern Peaks

#1 Centauri

#2 Monte Vista

#3 Center

#4 Ignacio

#5 Del Norte

The SPL had all 5 teams in action in week #1 with 3 teams picking up wins.  Centauri picked up an impressive 28-14 win over a very tough Wray team.  Centauri had a big fourth quarter to grab the win.  This week Centauri will host C.S Christian and should move to 2-0 on the season.  Monte Vista also picked up a win over Rocky Ford 30-0.  Defensively Monte Vista had a big day and will need another one when they travel to Alamosa.  Center fell in week #1 to North Fork.  Center this week travels to Olathe and this could be a must win game for both teams this early in the year.  Ignacio picked up a win over Roaring Fork in week #1.  Ignacio this week faces Newcomb NM.  I think Ignacio could start the season with 5 wins until they hit league play.  Del Norte lost in week #1 to Platte Canyon.  Defensively Del Norte played well and did not give up scores until the 3 quarter.  Del Norte will face Gunnison this week and is a big game for both teams.


#1 Buena Vista

#2 Florence

#3 Rye

#4 C.S Christian

The Tri-Peaks league had all 4 teams in action this week with 3 of the 4 picking up wins.  Buena Vista stays as my team to win the Tri-Peaks.  Buena Vista picked up the 47-0 victory over Salida.  Buena Vista had a big offensive day.  Buena Vista will face Banning Lewis this week and should be a good game.  Florence had a very impressive win beating Peyton 50-0.  Florence was picked to win but by how much was the surprise.  Florence should move to 2-0 on the season when they travel to Clear Creek.  Rye had the most impressive victory in week 1 upsetting Manitou Springs 21-20.  Rye must quickly refocus and look to pull another upset when they host Holyoke.  C.S Christian slides into the #4 spot.  C.S Christian lost to Aspen 42-21.  C.S Christian will look to bounce back when they travel to Centauri.

Western Slope

#1 North Fork

#2 Meeker

#3 Grand Valley

#4 Olathe

#5 Cedaredge

#6 Gunnison

#7 Roaring Fork

The Western Slope League had 4 of the 7 teams in action last week with 2 picking up wins.  North Fork stays as my pick to win the Western Slope.  North Fork blasted Center 42-8.  North Fork jumped out to a 35 point lead in the first quarter.  North Fork has a bye this week before traveling to the SLV again to face Monte Vista.  Meeker opens up the 2021 season with a match up against the defending State Champions Limon.  This will be a big matchup between two perennial powers.  Grand Valley opened up the season against Olathe.  Grand Valley had a big game beating Olathe 42-8.  Grand Valley will face Coal Ridge this week and should be a good test for both teams.  Olathe opened up the season with a loss to Grand Valley.  Olathe will face Center this weekend and as mentioned above could be a must win for both teams this early in the season.  Cedaredge opens their 2021 season with an away game against Montezuma-Cortez.  Gunnison opens their season with a trip to Del Norte.  Roaring Fork fell in the season opener to Ignacio 50-20.  Roaring Fork will look to bounce back this week against Peyton.

Playoff Predictions

I give the 16 teams I think make the playoffs.  This is all in fun for now until we move deeper into the season.  In 1A all league champions are guaranteed a berth.  I think the Western Slope may get 2 teams in automatically but will have to confirm.  The other teams are selected with the RPI and seeded with the CHSAA Seeding index.  My League Champions are:

Platte Canyon (Foothills)

Limon (North Central)

Strasburg (Northern)

Peyton (Santa Fe)

Centauri (Southern Peaks)

Buena Vista (Tri-Peaks)

North Fork (Western Slope)

The League Champions automatically get in.  The remaining 9 teams are picked via RPI.  RPI is your winning percentage, opponents winning percentage, and opponents opponents winning percentage.  Seeding is determined by the CHSAA Seeding Index.


#1 Platte Canyon (Foothills)

#2 Limon (North Central)

#3 Strasburg (Northern)

#4 Peyton (Santa Fe)

#5 Centauri (Southern Peaks)

#6 Buena Vista (Tri-Peaks)

#7 North Fork (Western Slope)

At-Large Berths

#8 Holyoke (North Central)

#9 Wray (North Central)

#10 Yuma (North Central)

#11 Highland (Northern)

#12 Monte Vista (Southern Peaks)

#13 Florence (Tri-Peaks)

#14 Meeker (Western Slope)

#15 Grand Valley (Western Slope)

#16 Wiggins (North Central)

Center, Estes Park, Rocky Ford, and Rye all have a chance at the #16 spot.