8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football League Predictions & Playoff Prediction Update Week 2

Picture by John Contreras Sports Page (Holly vs Swink)

8-Man Football League Predictions & Playoff Prediction Update Week 2

The first week of the regular season is complete.  I nearly predicted all the games in week 1 correct with only 1 miss and that one miss will influence that league.  I will continue to update my league predictions weekly and my playoff predictions.  Once RPI is released I will start with Playoff Projections.

Arkansas Valley League

#1 Holly

#2 Crowley County

#3 Fowler

#4 Hoehne

#5 McClave

#6 Las Animas

#7 Wiley

#8 Springfield

5 of the 8 teams were in action during the first week of the regular season.  Holly picked up the most impressive win during the first week beating a tough Swink team.  Holly stays as my pick to win the league.  Holly picked up the impressive 42 to 28 win over Swink.  Holly hosts Akron this will, and this game gives us a big insight into both teams.  Crowley County stays at #2 for me this week.  Crowley County lost to #2 Sanford 52 to 14.  Crowley County battled well in the first half, but the second half was the difference.  Crowley County will face Soroco this weekend at a neutral site. They jump into league play on 9/17 when they face Wiley.  Fowler stays at the #3 spot.  Fowler picked up a 54 to 6 victory over a young Sargent team.  Fowler have a bye this week and then face Akron on 9/11.  Hoehne kicked off their season with a 44 to 12 victory over John Mall in week 1.  Hoehne now face a much tougher test when they play Sedgwick County on Friday.  Big game for both teams!  McClave did not play a game during the first week.  They kick things off Saturday when they travel to Colorado Springs to face Pikes Peak Christian.  I think this first game tells us a ton about how deep the Ark Valley league is.  Las Animas also had a bye during the first week.  Las Animas jump into play against Swink.  Las Animas face a team who is hungry for their first win.  Wiley kick off play against Haxtun this week.  We will see if Wiley can pull the upset.  Springfield played during week 1 but fell to Dayspring Christian 52 to 0.  Springfield face Sargent this week and this is a huge game for both teams.

Central League

#1 Front Range Christian

#2 Elbert

#3 Byers

#4 Lyons

#5 South Park

#6 Justice

The Central League will be wide open this year.  I think 4 teams can win this league currently and is making things difficult to read.  I made a few changes this week after the results of week one.  5 of the 6 teams in the Central League played in week 1.  Front Range Christian is my new pick to win the league.  Front Range Christian picked up an impressive 62 to 0 victory over Gilpin County.  It does look like FRC found a QB and I think will be difficult to beat.  Front Range Christian face Denver Christian this week but I think we learn how good they are when they face Pikes Peak Christian on 9/10.  Elbert moves into the #2 spot.  Elbert picked up an impressive 48 to 8 win over Custer County.  Elbert truly gets tested this week when they travel to Simla.  Byers falls into the #3 spot but as mentioned I think the top 4 teams in this league can win the league.  Byers fell in week 1 to Akron 50 to 22.  Byers just dug to deep of a hole to try and come back.  Byers will look to bounce back against a tough Calhan team this week.  Lyons falls into the #4 spot.  Lyons jumped out to a huge 52 to 12 lead but gave up 21 unanswered points in the second half to nearly allow Denver Christian to come back.  Lyons this week face a team hungry for their first win in Gilpin County.  South Park lost in week #1 to Haxtun 66-0.  South Park have a winnable game this week when they face Custer County.  Justice kick their season off this week against Dolores Huerta.

Mountain League

#1 Sanford

#2 Mancos

#3 Dove Creek

#4 Sargent

#5 Norwood

The Mountain League got off to a great start with 3 of the 4 teams in action picking up blowout wins.  Sanford and Dove Creek had the more impressive wins of the 3 teams.  Sanford stays as my pick to win the Mountain League.  Sanford picked up an impressive 52 to 14 win over Crowley County.  Sanford gave up two scores in the first half but turned things up not allowing another score after that.  Sanford hits the road this week for a huge non-league game against Top 10 Dayspring Christian.  Mancos in week #1 blew past Hayden 57 to 8.  Mancos this week face Dolores.  Mancos first true test comes against Merino on 9/11.  Dove Creek picked up an impressive 56 to 22 victory over Plateau Valley.  Dove Creek this week have a playoff rematch from a year ago against Rangely.  This is a big game for both Dove Creek and Rangely.  Sargent opened the season with a 54 to 6 loss to Fowler.  Sargent is young this season but have a winnable game this week against Springfield.  This is a big game for Sargent.  Norwood had their game against Soroco cancelled.  Norwood will face Plateau Valley this week.  Both teams look to get a win.

Northwest League

#1 Rangely

#2 Plateau Valley

#3 Vail Christian

#4 Gilpin County

#5 West Grand

#6 Soroco

#7 Hayden

The Northwest League got off to a rough start with all 4 teams in action losing.  My pick to win the League is Rangely and they kick things off this week.  Rangely hosts Dove Creek this week in a rematch of the first round of the playoffs.  This game will tell us a ton about both teams.  Plateau Valley is still my pick to finish second.  Plateau Valley had a tough first game giving up 44 points in the first half.  Plateau Valley will look to bounce back when they face Norwood.  Vail Christian opens up their season this week against Caliche.  This is an important game for Vail Christian and the league.  Gilpin County opened up the season with a 62 to 0 loss to Front Range Christian.  Gilpin County face Lyons this week and will hope to bounce back.  West Grand fell in week 1 to Calhan 56 to 14.  West Grand is young this season and now face a top 10 team in Haxtun this week.  Look for West Grand to improve as the season goes on.  Soroco did not play in week 1 but will face Crowley County this weekend at a neutral site. Hayden fell in week 1 to Mancos 57 to 8.  Hayden won’t be in action again till 9/10 when they face Norwood. 

Plains League

#1 Sedgwick County

#2 Merino

#3 Haxtun

#4 Dayspring Christian

#5 Akron

#6 Caliche

#7 Denver Christian

All 7 teams were in action for the Plains League.  4 of the 7 teams picked up win during the first week of the season.  Sedgwick County stays as my pick to win the plains league.  Sedgwick County lost during the first week to the defending Nebraska 8-Man State Champions Dundy County.  Sedgwick County will now look to bounce back this week when they face the Spring 8-Man State Champions in Hoehne.  Should be a good game for both teams.  Merino was victorious in week 1 picking up the hard fought 26 to 0 win over Pikes Peak Christian.  This was a solid win for Merino.  Merino has a bye this week and then face Mancos and Sedgwick County in back-to-back weeks.  Haxtun picked up the easy 66 to 0 win over South Park.  Things get a big tougher for Haxtun this week when they face West Grand.  Haxtun first real test won’t come until they start league play.  Dayspring Christian picked up the 52 to 0 win over Springfield.  Dayspring Christian now face a true test when they host #2 Sanford.  This will be very important for seeding in the playoffs.  Akron picked up the 50 to 22 victory over Byers.  This was a solid win for Akron but face a top 10 team in Holly this week.  This is another big game and will tell us a ton about Akron.  Caliche lost their first game of the season to Simla 44 to 8.  Caliche will now look to bounce back against Vail Christian this week.  Denver Christian fell in their week 1 game against Lyons 52 to 33.  Denver Christian will face Front Range Christian this week and will look for an upset.

Southern League

#1 Swink

#2 Calhan

#3 Pikes Peak Christian

#4 Simla

#5 Dolores Huerta

#6 John Mall

#7 Custer County

The Southern League is going to be tough this year and I think the top 4 teams all have a shot at winning the Southern League title.  Swink stays as my pick to win the Southern League.  Swink lost in week #1 to Holly 42 to 28.  Swink nearly came back in this game but a late TD pushed Holly to the win.  Swink face Las Animas this week and is a big game for both teams.  Calhan picked up the impressive 56 to 14 victory over West Grand.  Calhan got things going in the second quarter scoring 28 unanswered points.  Calhan face Byers this week and is an important game for both league and playoffs.  Pikes Peak Christian fell in week 1 to Merino 26 to 0.  PPC played Merino tough defensively and that will be their strong suit this season.  PPC hosts McClave this week and is an important game for PPC to try and get into the win column.  Simla picked up the 44 to 8 win over Caliche in week 1.  Simla hosts Elbert this week and is another Southern vs Central League matchup.  These games are very important to see how many teams each league gets into the playoffs.  Dolores Huerta kicks off their season against Justice this week.  John Mall and Custer County round out the bottom of the Southern League.  John Mall has a bye this week.  Custer County hosts South Park this week and should be a good game.

Playoff Predictions

I give the 16 teams I think make the playoffs.  This is all in fun because so much can happen between August and November.  In the 8-Man ranks all league champions are guaranteed a berth.  The rest will be selected by RPI.  The League Champions I selected are:

Holly (Ark Valley)

Front Range Christian (Central)

Sanford (Mountain)

Rangely (Northwest)

Sedgwick County (Plains)

Swink (Southern)

The 16 teams are picked Via RPI.  League strength and non-league schedule will matter a ton in this part.  10 At-Large berths will be given out.  Seeding is determined by CHSAA Seeding Index.  I am picking my 16 teams based on Scheduling and how I think teams will do. 


#1 Holly (Ark Valley)

#2 Front Range Christian (Central)

#3 Sanford (Mountain)

#4 Rangely (Northwest)

#5 Sedgwick County (Plains)

#6 Swink (Southern)

At Large Teams

#7 Crowley County (Ark Valley)

#8 Fowler (Ark Valley)

#9 Mancos (Mountain)

#10 Dove Creek (Mountain)

#11 Plateau Valley (Northwest)

#12 Haxtun (Plains)

#13 Dayspring Christian (Plains)

#14 Merino (Plains)

#15 Calhan (Southern)

#16 Pikes Peak Christian (Southern)

Akron, Elbert, Hoehne, Vail Christian, Simla also in the mix for the #16 spot.