1A League Breakdown

Class 1A League Predictions Update Week 7

Picture by Teresa O’Dwyer & OTSportsChek (Limon vs Yuma)

Class 1A League Predictions Update Week 7

We have completed 6 weeks of the regular season and for many leagues there first week of league play.  Another big week of games in Class 1A.  Should be a great week of football.  I will have my Playoff Predictions and Projection sin a separate article.


My guess is only the league champion gets into the playoffs from this league!


Manual is my pick to win the Foothills league.  Manual is currently 3-2 and had a forfeit win over Jefferson last week.  Manual knows the only way into the playoffs is probably with the league title.  Manual has a chance to take a big step towards the playoffs when they travel to face Bennett this week.  Manual will have to play very physical to snag the win over Bennett.  Manual sits at #23 in the RPI.


Bennett picked up their first win of the season beating Clear Creek 48-6.  Bennett played a very tough schedule and are hoping in league play they have a big break out.  Bennett will look to take a big step when they host Manual.  Bennett will need a lot of help if they drop this game to Manual to get into the playoffs.

Platte Canyon

Platte Canyon is still in the mix for the league title as well after picking up the 50-6 win over Sheridan last week.  Platte Canyon must keep pace with the winner of Manual and Bennett when they host Jefferson.  Platte Canyon cannot drop this game and get into the playoffs.

In the Playoff Hunt (Will need the league title)

Platte Canyon, Bennett, Manual

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Jefferson, Clear Creek, Sheridan

RPI Standings (As of 10/7)

#23 Manual, #24 Bennett, #28 Platte Canyon, #32 Jefferson, #36 Clear Creek, #37 Sheridan

North Central


Limon is my pick to win the North Central League.  Limon picked up a big 34-10 victory over Yuma last week.  Limon currently sits at #3 in the RPI, and I believe are a lock for the playoffs.  Limon this week looks to stay undefeated in league when they host Burlington.  Limon cannot overlook Burlington and must be ready for a physical football game.


Burlington dropped to 2-3 on the season falling to Holyoke 34-12.  Burlington is a younger team so the experience they are gaining will be huge going forward.  Burlington is still in the playoff hunt and an upset of Limon would put them nearly as a lock.  Burlington will probably need at least 1 win in their final 4 games to get into the playoffs.  Burlington sits at #15 in the RPI, and I am not sure if 2-7 will get them into the playoffs. 


Wray improved to 4-1 on the season picking up the 20-7 victory over Wiggins.  This win for Wray lets them keep pace with Limon & Holyoke for the league title.  Wray, I believe with the win over Wiggins also moved them into locked for the playoffs status.  Wray this week will hit the road to face Holyoke.  Wray will look to keep pace with Limon and improve their seeding in the playoffs. 


Holyoke improved to 4-1 on the season following the 34-12 victory over Burlington.  Holyoke is a near lock for the playoffs sitting at #7 in the RPI.  Holyoke hosts Wray this week and a win over Wray keeps them in contention for the league title.  This will be a very good game between two of the top teams in the North Central League.


Wiggins picked up their first loss of the season falling to Wray 20-7.  Wiggins now must quickly bounce back as they host Yuma this week.  Wiggins will be looking to stay behind the first-place teams with a win over Yuma.  Wiggins currently sits at #6 in the RPI and a win over Yuma should get them locked into the playoffs.  Wiggins must be ready to play a physical football game this week.


Yuma dropped to 3-2 overall following the 34-10 loss to Limon.  Yuma will look to bounce back and will be looking for the upset of Wiggins.  Yuma is on the bubble sitting at #14 in the RPI.  Yuma will be fighting for their playoff lives weekly unless they upset Wiggins this week.  Yuma will need to play very physical and must be able to stop a very good dual threat QB.

Lock for the Playoffs

Limon, Wray

In the Playoff Hunt

Holyoke, Wiggins, Yuma, Burlington

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt


RPI Standings (As of 10/7)

#3 Limon, #5 Wray, #6 Wiggins, #7 Holyoke, #14 Yuma, #15 Burlington

Northern League


Strasburg is my pick to win the Northern League and they picked up a very important 19-7 win over Highland last week.  That win puts them in the driver seat along with Flatirons Academy.  Strasburg this week hits the road to face Prospect Ridge and should improve to 4-3 on the season.  Strasburg sits at #10 in the RPI and should improve that again this week.


Highland dropped to 3-3 on the season and have a huge game this week.  Highland lost last week to Strasburg 19-7 but showed they can play the physical style game.  Highland this week hosts Flatirons Academy and this could be the signature win Highland needs.  Highland cannot afford to drop this game or could be in danger of falling farther behind in the RPI.  Highland currently sits at #17 in the RPI.

Flatirons Academy

Flatirons Academy is coming off a 14-8 win over Estes Park.  Flatirons Academy was nearly upset by Estes Park and now must refocus for a game against Highland.  This is a huge game for both teams.  Flatirons Academy needs this win to stay inside the top 14 in the RPI.  Flatirons Academy with a loss could see themselves drop out of the top 16.  This is a huge game for both teams with lots of impact on the playoffs.

In the Playoff Hunt

Strasburg, Highland, Flatirons Academy

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Estes Park, Prospect Ridge

RPI Standings (As of 10/7)

#10 Strasburg, #13 Flatirons Academy, #17 Highland, #25 Estes Park, #35 Prospect Ridge

Santa Fe League

The Santa Fe League is another league that could get just the league champion into playoffs.


Peyton is still my pick to win the Santa Fe League.  Peyton was scheduled to face Trinidad this week.  I believe this game is canceled.  I am not sure which team canceled.

Banning Lewis

Banning Lewis is also in the playoff hunt.  Banning Lewis currently sits at 3-2 and coming off a 41-0 win over Rocky Ford.  Banning Lewis has a non-league game this week against Denver West.  This is a big game for both teams as they fight for playoff positioning.  Banning Lewis will face Peyton on 10/23 and that will be for a league title.

In the Playoff Hunt

Peyton, Banning Lewis

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Rocky Ford, Trinidad

RPI Standings (As of 10/7)

#18 Peyton, #20 Banning Lewis, #29 Trinidad, #33 Rocky Ford

Southern Peaks


Centauri moved to 5-0 on the season blasting Center 60-6.  Centauri was dominate on special teams and had a few TDs via Punt and Kick returns.  Centauri was scheduled to play Del Norte this week, but that game has been canceled due to Covid issues.  Centauri is a lock for the playoffs with the #1 RPI.  Centauri could pick up a game next week, but we will see.  If not, Centauri won’t play a game again till they travel to face Ignacio on 10/22.

Monte Vista

Monte Vista improved to 4-2 on the season following the 48-12 win over Del Norte.  Monte Vista has now won 3 straight games and put themselves into the playoff hunt.  Monte Vista has a bye this week but close the season out with games against Ignacio, Center, and Centauri.  Monte Vista will need to beat Ignacio and Center to have a shot at the playoffs.  Monte Vista currently sits at #16 in the RPI.


Ignacio currently sits at 5-0 on the season but their schedule has been weak.  Ignacio first 5 opponents have a record of 7-16 and their best win is over Navajo Prep NM.  Ignacio this week hosts Center and will be the first true test for Ignacio.  Ignacio has a very tough 3 game stretch coming up and a win over Center is a must for Ignacio.  Ignacio is currently sitting at #11 in the RPI.


Center is currently 1-4 and sit at #26 in the RPI.  Center must win this game against Ignacio or will be eliminated from the playoff hunt.  Center will have to find an answer for the passing attack of Ignacio and must get their offense going. 

Lock for the Playoffs


In the Playoff Hunt

Monte Vista, Center, Ignacio

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Del Norte

RPI Standings (As of 10/7)

#1 Centauri, #11 Ignacio, #16 Monte Vista, #26 Center, #30 Del Norte



Florence improved to 6-0 on the season following the 52-0 win over Rye.  Florence stays as my pick to win the Tri-Peaks league.  Florence this week will have a non-league game against Grand Valley and will be the favorite in this game.  Florence will have a bye next week before facing Buena Vista for the league title on 10/22.  I have Florence as a lock for the playoffs.

Buena Vista

Buena Vista will look to keep pace with Florence when they host Rye this week.  Buena Vista last week picked up a huge non-league win over North Fork 28-21.  Buena Vista now must take care of business against Rye.  I have Buena Vista as a lock for the playoffs.


Rye dropped to 3-3 on the season and are on a 2-game losing streak.  Rye fell to Florence last week 52-0 and now face Buena Vista. Rye will need to play their best game of the season to pick up the upset.  Rye currently sits at #21 in the RPI.  Rye will probably need to win 2 of their final 3 games to have a shot at the playoffs.

C.S Christian

C.S Christian currently sits at 2-2 and are coming off a bye last week.  C.S Christian this week has a non-league game against Gunnison, and this is a huge game to keep their playoff hopes alive.  C.S Christian currently sits at #19 in the RPI and a win over Gunnison would be huge for the playoff hopes. 

Lock for the Playoffs

Buena Vista, Florence

In the Playoff Hunt

Rye, C.S Christian

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt


RPI Standings (As of 10/7)

#2 Buena Vista, #4 Florence, #19 C.S Christian, #21 Rye

Western Slope

North Fork

North Fork is my pick to win the Western Slope League.  North Fork last week fell to Buena Vista 28-21.  North Fork this week will face Meeker and this will be for a huge advantage inside the Western Slope.  North Fork vs Meeker has turned into the normal league title match but both teams still must face undefeated Gunnison for the league title.  North Fork must be ready to stop the run to find success against Meeker.  North Fork currently sits at #9 in the RPI.


Meeker improved to 3-2 on the season last week beating Grand Valley 33-7.  Meeker will look to regain the top of the Western Slope league after not winning the league last year.  Meeker must be physical on both sides of the ball.  This should be a great game between Meeker and North Fork.


Gunnison is currently undefeated and are coming off a 35-0 win over Cedaredge.  Gunnison will have a non-league game this week when they host C.S Christian.  This is a very important game for Gunnison to keep their at-large hopes alive.  Gunnison cannot afford to drop a game to C.S Christian and get into the playoff as an at-large team.  Gunnison is currently #8 in the RPI.

Grand Valley

Grand Valley currently sits at #22 in the RPI and are coming off back-to-back losses.  Grand Valley will move out of league against Florence this week.  Grand Valley may be in some trouble if they cannot pick up the upset.  Grand Valley will have to see what their RPI does following this week’s game.

In the Playoff Hunt

Gunnison, North Fork, Meeker, Grand Valley

Eliminated from the Playoff Hunt

Olathe, Cedaredge, Roaring Fork

RPI Standings (As of 10/7)

#8 Gunnison, #9 North Fork, #12 Meeker, #22 Grand Valley, #27 Cedaredge, #31 Roaring Fork, #34 Olathe