1A League Breakdown

Class 1A Football Playoff Team Predictions & Projections Week 9

Class 1A Football Playoff Team Predictions & Projections Week 9

This year to reach the playoffs is simple either win your league title (or finish second in the Western Slope) or be inside the top 16 of the RPI.  After they select the 16 teams that make the playoffs, they use the CHSAA Seeding Index to seed the playoffs.  This week I will be giving my predictions on who makes the playoffs, but I will also look at if the season ended today who would make the playoffs at the end.  I am also giving a bubble/RPI breakdown in the Playoff Prediction Part.

https://chsaanow.com/sports/2021/7/15/rpi-standings.aspx Official CHSAA Webpage for RPI

Class 1A Playoff Predictions (Who I think will make the playoffs)

This is who I think make the playoffs and who win the leagues.  In the Class 1A all league champions plus the 2nd place from the Western Slope are guaranteed a berth.  The rest will be selected by RPI.  8 At-Large berths will be given out and are selected via RPI.  Seeding is determined by CHSAA Seeding Index.  League Champions are posted first then the At-Large Teams.

(NOT IN ANY ORDER!) (League Champions in Bold have won their Leagues)

#1 Bennett (Foothills)

#2 Limon (North Central)

#3 Strasburg (Northern)

#4 Banning Lewis (Santa Fe)

#5 Centauri (Southern Peaks)

#6 Florence (Tri-Peaks)

#7 Meeker (Western Slope)

#8 North Fork (Western Slope #2)

At Large Teams (Italicized means a lock or near lock for playoffs)

#9 Buena Vista (Tri-Peaks #2)

#10 Wray (North Central #3)

#11 Holyoke (North Central #2)

#12 Wiggins (North Central #4)

#13 Highland (Northern #2)

#14 Monte Vista (Southern Peaks #2)

#15 Gunnison (Western Slope #3)

#16 Flatirons Academy (Northern #3)

Playoff Hunt/RPI Breakdown/Bubble Breakdown

Flatirons Academy, C.S Christian, Burlington, Center, Rye

 Class 1A is clear as mud in terms of the final 3 playoff spots.  If Highland wins their final game, they should be a lock for the playoffs.  After that things get very interesting.  Monte Vista with a win over Center this week will be very closer to a lock regardless of what happens against Centauri.  If Monte Vista loses, they still have a shot but things would have to fall their way which includes 3 teams losing their remaining games which could happen.  Gunnison is also a near lock.  Gunnison must beat Roaring Fork and should be locked in but will be behind Monte Vista in RPI if they lose to North Fork in their final game.  If Gunnison loses to Roaring Fork they will be in huge trouble and probably be on the outside.  The #16 spot is where things get a lot more interesting.  The #16 spot will come down to OWP, OOWP.  Flatirons Academy, Yuma, and C.S Christian (Also Burlington if they pull an upset) are all in the mix for that last spot.  Yuma can lock the last spot up winning one of their final 2 games plain and simple.  If Yuma loses both that is how Flatirons Academy and C.S Christian move into the equation.  If Flatirons Academy goes 1-1 in their final games, they could jump Yuma for the final spot.  If Flatirons Academy goes 2-0 in their final games which includes upsetting Strasburg, they will jump Yuma if Yuma goes 0-2 or even 1-1.  C.S Christian is in a very similar boat to Flatirons Academy.  C.S Christian needs to go 1-1 in their final games to have a shot.  Burlington needs 2 upsets just like Center a loss in either eliminates them from any shot.  Rye has a far outside shot but it’s not looking good.  For the last spot we are talking about a possibility of teams being separated by less than .010.

Class 1A Playoff Projections (If the Season Ended Today)

This is if the season ended today 10/21/2021.  Using the RPI I will come up with the Playoff field.  League Champions are still selected with my League Prediction Article.  In the Class 1A league champions are guaranteed a berth (Plus 2nd in the Western Slope).  The rest will be selected by RPI.  I will seed the bracket with my take at the CHSAA Seeding Index.  This is nothing official and just my take at the index.

League Champions I selected are: ()=RPI

Foothills: Bennett (16)

North Central: Limon (2)

Northern: Strasburg (8)

Santa Fe: Banning Lewis (19)

Southern Peaks: Centauri (1)

Tri-Peaks: Florence (6)

Western Slope: Meeker (5)

Western Slope #2: North Fork (11)

8 At-Large berths will be given out and are selected via RPI.  Seeding is determined by CHSAA Seeding Index.  The Current RPI is what I used to select the 8 at-large berths. 


#1 Centauri (1)

#2 Limon (2)

#3 Meeker (5)

#4 Florence (6)

#5 Strasburg (10)

#6 North Fork (11)

#7 Bennett (16)

#8 Banning Lewis (19)

At Large Teams (Selected using 10/21 RPI) ()=RPI

#9 Buena Vista (3), #10 Wray (4), #11 Wiggins (7), #12 Holyoke (9), #13 Gunnison (10), #14 Highland (12), #15 Yuma (13), #16 Monte Vista (14)

First Four Out ()=RPI

Flatirons Academy (15), C.S Christian (17), Peyton (18), Rye (20)

Seeded Playoff Bracket using my take on the CHSAA Seeding Index

#1 Limon vs #16 Banning Lewis

#8 Strasburg vs #9 Wiggins

#4 Buena Vista vs #13 Gunnison

#5 Wray vs #12 Highland

#2 Centauri vs #15 Bennett

#7 Meeker vs #10 Highland

#3 Florence vs #14 Monte Vista

#6 Holyoke vs #11 North Fork