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Playoff Football Semifinal Predictions Review

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Playoff Football Semifinal Predictions Review

We look back at my predictions from the First Round of the Playoffs.  My entire bracket will be looked at in each individual Class.  Overall, my record is 505-98 (83.7% Correct) through Quarterfinals of Playoffs week. Overall Playoff Record: 44-11 (80.0% Correct)

Class 2A

Overall Record: 129-34 (79.1% Correct)

Playoff Record: 9-5

My PredictionScorePrediction Results
#1 Eaton over University39-24Correct
#7 Brush over #6 Severance35-18Correct

Class 1A

Overall Record 130-22 (85.5% Correct)

Playoff Record: 12-2

My PredictionScorePrediction Results
#1 Limon over #5 Wray42-8Correct
#2 Centauri over #3 Buena Vista42-6Correct


Overall Record 131-27 (82.9% Correct)

Playoff Record: 11-3

My PredictionScorePrediction Results
#1 Haxtun over #5 Holly46-26Correct
#11 Sanford over #2 Mancos16-26Incorrect


Overall Record 115-15 (88.5% Correct)

Playoff Record: 12-1

My PredictionScorePrediction Results
#1 Cheyenne Wells over #4 Idalia64-24Correct
#3 Granada over #2 Stratton26-78Incorrect