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Class 1A Football End of the Season Awards

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography

Class 1A Football End of the Season Awards

My 2021 Class 1A End of the Season Awards.  Picking is never easy and usually takes me a while to decide on any of these awards. I physically could not make every game, so I used stats and tried to watch any film available.  I will not lie, and I leaned towards teams that made the playoffs for picking First/Second team all-State.

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  Just know that everyone on this list needs a good offensive line. I am listing entire offensive line units, if you have starters you want named just shoot me a message and I will get them added.

Quick Note: Only one team per player, you cannot be on both offense or defense. If you think I missed someone message me and I will take a look. If you would like an award mailed or emailed to you let me know!

Player of the Year

Mason Claunch Sr. Centauri High School; 968 yards rushing, averaging 8.6 yards per carry, 16 rushing TDs, 112 Tackles, 23 TFL, 1.5 Sacks, 2 INTs, 2 Fumble Recoveries, 1 Forced Fumble, 2 Defensive TDs, 1 Punt Return for a TD, and 1 Kickoff Return for a TD (This was all done in just 8 games)

Offensive Player of the Year

Jeremiah Leeper Sr. Limon High School; 1790 yards rushing, averaging 9.2 yards per carry, broke the 100-yard mark in every game played, and 17 Rushing TDs

Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography

Defensive Player of the Year

Coulson Hollembeak Sr. North Fork High School; 96 Tackles, 26 Tackles for Loss, 14 Sacks, 3 Forced Fumbles, and 3 Fumble Recoveries

Picture by Teresa O’Dwyer

Player of the Playoffs

Byron Shawcroft Sr. Centauri High School; 554 yards passing, 9 Passing TDs to just 1 INT, 60 yards rushing, 2 rushing TDs, and 17 Tackles. (All in the playoffs)

Newcomer of the Year: (Given to a first-year starter)

Casey Midcap Fr. Wray High School; 1059 yards passing, 8 passing TDs to just 4 INTs, 378 yards rushing, and 3 rushing TDs

Picture by Dan Stoeber

Special Teams Player of the Year (Given to Kicker, Kick Returner or Punt Returner)

Tam Flowers Jr. Buena Vista High School; 47 of 50 on PATs, 90% accuracy, 60 Kickoffs Averaging 46.4 yards per kick with 12 Touchbacks, 5 for 7 on FG attempts with a long of 47 yards, and a game Winning Field goal against Meeker.

Honorable Mention: Caleb Andersen So. Centauri, Hit game winning Field Goal to win a State Championship.

Surprise team of the Year

Gunnison went 3-3 last season and did not make the playoffs.  This season Gunnison improved to 7-3 overall and made the playoffs.

Coach of the Year

Kyle Forster, Centauri High School

Position Awards:

QB of the Year: Cole Kerr Jr. Wiggins High School; 2120 yards passing, 60% completion, 27 passsing TDs to just 12 INTs, 1129 yards rushing and 15 rushing TDs

RB of the Year: Jeremiah Leeper Sr. Limon High School; 1790 yards rushing, 9.2 yards per carry, 17 rushing TDs

WR of the Year: Omar Perez Jr. Wiggins High School; 804 yards receiving and 14 receiving TDs

Most Tackles: Carter Neff Sr. North Fork High School; 139 Tackles (61 Solo & 78 Assists)

Most Sacks: Coulson Hollembeak Sr. North Fork High School; 14 Sacks

Most Tackles for Loss: Coulson Hollembeak Sr. North Fork High School; 26 TFL

Most Interceptions: Michael Riser Jr. Gunnison High School; 9 INTs

Freshman Player of the Year: Casey Midcap Fr. Wray High School

Sophomore Player of the Year: Wyatt Sprague So. Holyoke High School

Junior Player of the Year: Cole Kerr Sr. Wiggins High School

Senior Player of the Year: Mason Claunch Sr. Centauri High School

Class 1A MileHigh Prep Report All-State Teams

1st Team Offense

QB Cole Kerr Jr. Wiggins High School

QB Byron Shawcroft Sr. Centauri High School

QB Trey Hines Sr. Limon High School

QB/RB Clay Robinson Sr. Yuma High School

QB Haden Camp Jr. Buena Vista High School

RB Mason Claunch Sr. Centauri High School

RB Jeremiah Leeper Sr. Limon High School

RB Kelton Turner Sr. Meeker High School

RB Drayden Taylor Sr. North Fork High School

WR Omar Perez Jr. Wiggins High School

Centauri Offensive Line

Limon Offensive Line

Wray Offensive Line

2nd Team Offense

QB Casey Midcap Fr. Wray High School

QB Sam Hnizdil Sr. Highland High School

QB Levi Paxton Jr. Florence High School

QB Wyatt Sprague Jr. Holyoke High School

RB Zach Marrero Jr. Strasburg High School

RB Gabe Schubarth Jr. Limon High School

RB West Hart Sr. Peyton High School

RB Jian Aguilar Sr. Florence High School

QB/RB Nolan Sheppard Jr. Flatirons Academy

RB Jacob Phelps Jr. Buena Vista

WR Blaine Peebles Sr. North Fork High School

Buena Vista Offensive Line

Florence Offensive Line

Meeker Offensive Line

Honorable Mention

Collin Reetz Sr. Estes Park, Kaden Levi Sr. Banning Lewis, Steven Hicks Jr. Grand Valley, Jewel Cameron Sr. Manual, Garrett Richardson Jr. Burlington, Jaden Dodsworth Sr. Wray, Colton Mellott Sr. Monte Vista, Hunter Moreno So. North Fork, Devin Glowicki Jr. Flatirons Academy, Dylan Hurne So. Rye, Xzavier Waterman Sr. Olathe, Emilio Garcia Sr. Grand Valley, Allen Hardey Sr. Platte Canyon, Yahir Trejo Sr. Yuma, Mordecai White Sr. North Fork, Deven Brady So. Centauri, Jose Gonzalez So. Estes Park, Trey Fehseke Jr. Wiggins, Bryant Schoenthal Sr. Wray, Sam Buckhanan Sr. Gunnison, Yuma Offensive Line, North Fork Offensive Line, Holyoke Offensive Line, Strasburg Offensive Line, Highland Offensive Line, Monte Vista Offensive Line, Wiggins Offensive Line

1st Team Defense

Carter Neff Sr. North Fork High School

Zach Buhr Sr. Centauri High School

Deangelo Archuleta Jr. Monte Vista High School

Lincoln Nix Jr. Florence High School

Ky Bandy Sr. Limon High School

Pepper Rusher Jr. Wiggins High School

Coulson Hollembeak Sr. North Fork High School

Brady Collins Jr. Wray High School

Caleb Polk Sr. Highland High School

Tell Wade Jr. Wray High School

Baron Holman Sr. Centauri High School

Zachary Eskelson Sr. Meeker High School

2nd Team Defense

Mohamed Ibrahim Sr. Wiggins High School

Danny Brady Sr. Centauri High School

Alejandro Felix Jr. Monte Vista High School

Matthias Brown Sr. Strasburg High School

Seth Moss Sr. Buena Vista High School

Ryan Howard Jr. Florence High School

Zak Cobb Sr. Peyton High School

Elijah Evans Jr. Buena Vista High School

Kallen Blach Jr. Yuma High School

Miles Sprague Sr. Holyoke High School

Laith Ibrahim Jr. Wiggins High School

Brady Rockwell Sr. Limon High School

Honorable Mention

Ryce Peterson Sr. Wray High School, Jackson Tyler Sr. C.S Christian, Elijah Leblanc Jr. Meeker, Lane Allen So. North Fork, Zach Tittle Sr. Highland, Jack Noonan So. Monte Vista, Isaiah Garcia Sr. Monte Vista, Kamron Skouge So. Platte Canyon, Tristin Hetrick Sr. Highland, Keyshawn Martinez Sr. Monte Vista, Ethan Flavin Jr. Buena Vista, Yam Bumba Sr. Jefferson, Carter Simon Del Norte, Blade Absmeier Jr. Centauri, Jacob Kennedy Sr. Florence, Wilson Ames Sr. Strasburg, Diezel Balko Sr. North Fork, Bryant Schoenthal Sr. Wray, Dresden Howeth Sr. Peyton, Peyton Polzin Sr. Centauri, Ben Tailleur Sr. Centauri, Brady Rockwell Sr. Limon, Treyton Marx So. Limon, Michael Hoffman Jr. Limon, Eli Weisensee Sr. Limon, Jesiah Cornwell Jr. Florence, Kaleb Vincent Sr. Gunnison, Ben Hatz Platte Canyon, Aidyn Shafer Sr. Holyoke, Cade Killin Sr. Holyoke, Michael Riser Jr. Gunnison, Khegan Gunter Jr. Monte Vista, Gage Goodall So. Florence, Abraham Echauri Sr. Center, James Newton Jr. Bennett

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