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Class 1A Boys Basketball District Predictions Week 9

Picture by Nita Walls & John Sports Page

Class 1A Boys Basketball District Predictions Week 9

We have less than a month left of the regular season.  About 17 days until District Tournaments.  It’s crunch time and improving your seed for District is key to reaching regionals.  We have a few updates this week from last week, I added Regional Contenders to the article this week.  This is mainly to show which teams I think could compete for the top 3 or top 2 spot in the District tournament.  For my predictions I will be using the Districts from the CHSAA bulletin which is how team will qualify for regionals.  I also see they have reverted to 2019 rules to qualify for regionals and state.  I will post that below.

How to Qualify for Regionals and State

8 District each qualify 2 or 3 teams to three regionals.  The three regionals are posted below

Region 1Region 2Region 3
District 1 & 8District 4, 5, 7District 2, 3, 6

The #1 and #2 seeds from Districts 1 and 8 will be paired, while the #1, #2, and #3 seeds from Districts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 will advance to a regional site.  In Region 2 (4,5,7) and Region 3 (2, 3, 6), the nine qualify teams will be seeded by RPI avoiding any previous district matchups.  In Region 1, District 1 and 8 #1s will play each other districts #2.  Region 1 receives 2 state qualifiers, Region 2 & 3 receive three state qualifiers each.

After the Final 8 teams have been determined the teams will be re-seeded base on the following: The eight regional winners advance to the state tournament where they will be seeded by seeding criteria approved in a committee, made up of administrative representatives.  The committee may use the following criteria to seed the final pairings: final RPI, previous district matchup’s, head-to-head competition, and common opponents.

A consolation bracket will be played in the Great 8.

District 1

Automatic Regional Qualifier Predictions:

1. Caprock Academy

2. Dove Creek


3. Ouray

District 1 only gets 2 teams to regionals.  Caprock Academy is still the team I think wins this District Tournament.  Caprock Academy will be battle tested playing a 2A schedule but most teams in this District do the same.  Caprock Academy is currently 10-2 and had an solid week with two hard fought win over 2A opponents.  This upcoming week Caprock will face Ridgway the game to still keep an eye on has to be 2/12 versus Ouray.  I am sticking with Dove Creek as my team to finish in second place.  I know Ouray beat them head-to-head but I think Dove Creek gets them in the District Tournament.  Either way I think it’s Ouray vs Dove Creek in the #2 and #3 seeds with the winner getting a berth to regionals.  Ouray still holds onto the #3 spot.  Ouray has played a tough schedule but their 57-52 win over Dove Creek should be a momentum builder.  Ouray could possibly have to play Dove Creek 2 more times to get to Regionals.

District 2

Automatic Regional Qualifier Predictions:

1. Granada

2. McClave

3. Wiley


4. Cheyenne Wells

5. Cheraw

6. Eads

District 2 gets 3 team into regionals and will compete against District 3 & 6 at Regionals.  Granada stays as my pick to win District 2.  Granada is still undefeated at 12-0.  Granada is on pace for the #1 seed in the District tournament.  Granada will face Kit Carson and Walsh this week and should be 14-0 after this week.  The following two weeks Granada schedule does get much tougher with games against Kim/Branson, Cheyenne Wells, Wiley, and McClave.  McClave moves into the #2 spot.  McClave continues to play well in 2022 with a pair of wins last week.  McClave has a huge key game tonight against Cheyenne Wells.  McClave will still need to face Wiley and Granada but a win over Cheyenne Wells should help them lock up a top 3 seed at a minimum.  Wiley falls into the #3 spot.  Wiley dropped a tough game to Genoa-Hugo last week but bounced back with a solid win over Cheraw.  Wiley this weekend plays a tough Eads team before a tough stretch of games to close the year.  Cheyenne Wells comes in at the #4 spot.  Cheyenne Wells would miss out on regionals if they finished in 4th.  Cheyenne Wells fell to Wiley head-to-head on 1/21 but have since won 3 straight games.  If Cheyenne Wells cannot upset either McClave or Granada they will probably end up as the #4 seed in the District tournament.  Cheraw and Eads are hopefuls to upset a top 3 seed.  Cheraw has showed glimpses at times but a 20-point loss to Wiley last weekend does hurt.  Cheraw played very tough against Simla the night before and have shown that they can contend with top teams.  Eads moved back into the contender category this week.  Eads lost by just 4 to Cheyenne Wells then beat Kim/Branson the next night.  Eads could have some much needed momentum and their game against Cheraw on Friday could be for the #5 or #6 seed.

District 3

Automatic Regional Qualifier Predictions:

1. Springfield

2. Kim/Branson

3. Primero


4. La Veta

District 3 will get 3 teams into regionals and will compete against District 2 & District 6.  District 3 so far has been a battle and has been very hard to separate the top 4 teams.  This should be a great race to see of the 4 teams who gets the top 3 spots.  This week I am staying with Springfield as my team to win the District 3 Tournament.  Springfield is 7-6 overall but their upset of Cheyenne Wells is why I have moved them up.  Springfield will face either Cheraw or Manzanola this weekend and that is their only game.  Last week Springfield did pick up a hard fought 41-36 win over Primero.  Kim/Branson holds the #2 spot.  Kim/Branson did suffer a hard loss to Eads.  Kim/Branson will look to bounce back against Centennial this week and that is their only game.  Kim/Branson the following week has a tough schedule with games against Wiley and Granada scheduled.  Primero also stays just ahead of La Veta for the #3 spot.  Primero lost to Springfield last week and will face La Veta tonight and probably for the #3 seed.  La Veta is my pick to finish in 4th.  La Veta improved to 9-4 but they still must face Primero, Springfield, and Kim/Branson.  La Veta could still get the #1 seed but their journey starts tonight against Primero.  

District 4

Automatic Regional Qualifier Predictions:

1. Haxtun

2. Briggsdale

3. Merino


4. Fleming

5. Prairie

District 4 will get 3 teams into regionals.  District 4 will compete against District 5 & 7 at Regionals.  District 4 will be one of the toughest leagues this season with 7 competitive teams and should make for a fun February.  Haxtun is now my new pick to win the District 4 tournament.  Haxtun had a big upset of Briggsdale on Tuesday and now take over my pick to win the tournament.  Haxtun has played well since they were upset by Prairie on 1/8.  Haxtun will face 2 more 1A teams this season but their schedule will have tough games against Wray, Merino, and Wiggins remaining.  Briggsdale slides into the second-place spot.  I thought about keeping Briggsdale in the #1 spot despite the loss but their close win over Fleming on Saturday I decided to move them back.  Briggsdale will look to bounce back on Friday when they host Peetz.  Briggsdale has one more big test remaining against Prairie on 2/18.  Merino holds onto the #3 spot.  Merino is currently 9-4 and dropped a hard-fought game against Limon on Saturday.  Merino will look to bounce back this week against 2A Sedgwick County and 2A Holyoke.  Merino has one more game against a 1A opponent, but the rest of their schedule is tough, and they will be battle tested heading into the district tournament.  Fleming stays as my pick to finish in 4th but I think a contender for a top 3 spot.  Fleming has played the top teams in this District tough losing to Briggsdale by 1, Merino by 3, and Haxtun by 11.  Fleming will hope to get everything together before the District Tournament.  Fleming will face Weldon Valley Friday and Genoa-Hugo Saturday.  Prairie is another team I think could cause some chaos in the District tournament.  Prairie was on a rough patch of games but have since won 2 straight games.  Prairie will face Mile High Academy on Thursday and then Union Colony Prep Saturday.  Prairie will get a shot at Briggsdale on 2/18 but if they can catch fire again they could easily push a top 3 team.

District 5

Automatic Regional Qualifier Predictions:

1. Genoa-Hugo

2. Idalia

3. Stratton


4. Otis

5. Hi-Plains

6. Lone Star

7. Arickaree/Woodlin

District 5 gets 3 teams into regionals and will compete against District 4 & 7 at regionals.   Genoa-Hugo is my pick to win District 5.  Genoa-Hugo started 2022 on a bit of a rough patch but have since won 3 straight games including key wins over Stratton, Wiley, and Kiowa.  Genoa-Hugo will face Arickaree/Woodlin tonight and Fleming on Saturday.  Genoa-Hugo still has some key games remaining against Kit Carson, Eads, and end the year against Otis.  Idalia moves into the #2.  Idalia has won 4 straight games with key wins over Fleming and Eads.  Idalia will face Bethune on Friday.  Idalia ends the year with 2 big games against Burlington and Stratton.  Idalia will be in position for the #2 seed.  Stratton falls into the #3 spot.  Stratton is tough to read with their 2A schedule.  Stratton will have one more game against 2A Limon this Friday before they end the year with a run against 1A teams.  The game to keep an eye on is their game on 2/18 against Idalia.  Otis, Hi-Plains, Lone Star, and Arickaree/Woodlin remain as team that could push for a top 3 spot.  None of the teams listed have beat the top 3 teams but if one of them gets hot they could push for a top 3 spot. 

District 6

Automatic Regional Qualifier Predictions:

1. Sierra Grande

2. Cotopaxi

3. Creede


4. Moffat

District 6 will get 3 teams into regionals and will compete with District 2 & 3 at regionals.  Sierra Grande is my pick to win the District 6 tournament.  Sierra Grande improved to 12-0 on the season with huge wins over Creede, Antonito, and Dove Creek.  Sierra Grand will move out of league tonight when they travel to Cheraw.  Sierra Grande will then face Cotopaxi on 2/5 and this is probably for the #1 seed in the District Tournament.  Sierra Grande still has key games remaining against Moffat and La Veta after this weekend.  Cotopaxi stays as my #2 team.  Cotopaxi picked up a 24 point win over Antonito last week and now have a key non-league bout against La Veta on Friday.  Cotopaxi still must face Sierra Grande (2/5), Moffat (2/7), and Creede (2/19) before they have any idea about their seed for the district tournament.  Cotopaxi is packing 9 games into 3 weeks.  Creede stays as my #3 team.  Creede was blasted in their first game since 1/7 by Sierra Grande 72-37.  Creede will look to bounce back against Antonito on Friday.  Creede will need to face Cotopaxi on 2/19 before knowing if they will be a #2 or #3 seed.  Moffat stays as my pick to contend as the #4 team.  Moffat has played just 1 game in 2022 but get back into action on Monday against Cotopaxi.  Moffat will fit a lot of games in the final 2 weeks of the season but hold their own fate on what seed they will be.

District 7

Automatic Regional Qualifier Predictions:

1. Evangelical Christian

2. Simla

3. Hanover


4. Elbert

5. Pikes Peak Christian

6. Kiowa

7. Miami-Yoder

District 7 will get 3 teams into regionals and will compete against District 4 and 5 at Regionals.  Evangelical Christian is my pick to win the District 7 tournament. ECA is off to a 12-1 start and they have won 4 straight games since their loss to Sierra Grande beating Pikes Peak Christian, Miami-Yoder, Calhan, and Fountain Valley.  ECA will look to lock up a top 2 seed when they host Hanover tonight.  ECA still must face Simla and Elbert to end the year but a win over Hanover could get them a top 2 seed in the District Tournament.  Simla stays as my pick to finish in 2nd place in the District Tournament.  Simla lost to Hanover 55-53 in OT on Tuesday, but I think if they play against Simla will get them but will be a tough battle.  Simla will have to bounce back quickly when they host Kiowa on Friday.  Simla must still face Elbert and ECA before they can decide their seed for the District Tournament.  Hanover stays as my #3 team.  Hanover picked up a impressive 55-53 OT win over Simla.  Hanover will face ECA, and another upset could give them the #1 seed.  Hanover has to be taken a bit more seriously after their solid win over Simla.  Hanover will still face Pikes Peak Christian and Kiowa but are in good position for a top 2 seed in the District tournament.  Elbert holds the #4 spot.  Elbert is 7-5 on the year and have won 6 straight games.  Elbert will face Cripple Creek on Friday and Bethune Saturday.  Elbert still must face Simla and ECA so they could improve their seed.  Pikes Peak Christian, Kiowa, and Miami-Yoder I think are still contenders.  I believe all of them could push the top 3 teams but have not proven it yet.

District 8 (Only 2 teams make it to Regionals)

Regional Automatic Qualifier Predictions:

1. Belleview Christian

2. Denver Waldorf


3. Denver Jewish Day

4. Front Range Baptist

5. Flatirons Academy

6. Rocky Mountain Lutheran

District 8 gets just 2 teams into Regionals and will face District 1 at Regionals.  So far District 8 has seen 5 teams rise to the top and look to be the 5 teams competing for the 2 spots.  Belleview Christian stays as my pick to win the District 8 tournament.  Belleview Christian did fall to Denver Waldorf 52-49 but I think Belleview Christian will still win this District Tournament.  I do feel that the top 6 teams in this District can all win this tournament and will come down to who gets hot.  Denver Waldorf jumps into the #2 spot.  Denver Waldorf has picked up three hard fought wins in a row including their 3 point win over Belleview Christian on Tuesday.  Denver Waldorf still must face Denver Jewish Day and Flatirons Academy and could see their seed in the District Tournament change.  Denver Jewish Day falls into the #3 spot.  Denver Jewish Day has not played any of the other top teams besides Flatirons Academy.  Denver Jewish Day will face Denver Waldorf on 2/8 and Front Range Baptist on 2/14.  Front Range Baptist, Flatirons Academy, and Rocky Mountain Lutheran could all push for the 2 spots available.  I really think this District all comes down to who gets hot at the right time.