Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 1A Girls Basketball Regional and State Tournament Predictions/Projections Week 10

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Class 1A Girls Basketball Regional and State Tournament Predictions/Projections Week 10

We have about a month left of the season and I want to give a look towards regionals and State.  They have reverted Regionals back to the 2019 format and that is posted below.  I am using my District Predictions article to come up with the teams.  For Region 2 and 3 they were seeded different in 2019.  After rereading the bulletin, I am going to seed District 2 by RPI only avoiding District Matchups.  For Region 3 I am going to seed how they did in 2019 with each District winner getting a bye and then no teams from same District in same pod.  If I hear different then I will come back and change my seeding at that time. 

How to Qualify for Regionals and State

8 District each qualify 2 or 3 teams to three regionals.  The three regionals are posted below

Region 1Region 2Region 3
District 1 & 8District 4, 5, 7District 2, 3, 6

The #1 and #2 seeds from Districts 1 and 8 will be paired, while the #1, #2, and #3 seeds from Districts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 will advance to a regional site.  In Region 2 (4,5,7) and Region 3 (2, 3, 6), the nine qualify teams will be seeded by RPI avoiding any previous district matchups.  In Region 1, District 1 and 8 #1s will play each other districts #2.  Region 1 receives 2 state qualifiers, Region 2 & 3 receive three state qualifiers each.

After the Final 8 teams have been determined the teams will be re-seeded base on the following: The eight regional winners advance to the state tournament where they will be seeded by seeding criteria approved in a committee, made up of administrative representatives.  The committee may use the following criteria to seed the final pairings: final RPI, previous district matchup’s, head-to-head competition, and common opponents.

A consolation bracket will be played in the Great 8.

Region 1

District 1: Dove Creek & North Park

District 8: Flatirons Academy & Front Range Baptist

Dove Creek vs Front Range Baptist

Flatirons Academy vs North Park

State Qualifiers: Dove Creek & Flatirons Academy

Region 2 ()=RPI

District 4: Briggsdale (1), Fleming (3), Merino (5)

District 5: Lone Star (6), Stratton (10), Idalia (14)

District 7: Kiowa (12), Simla (18), Evangelical Christian (19)

Region 2 Bracket 1

#1 Briggsdale vs Winner of #6 vs #7
#6 Kiowa vs #7 Idalia

Region 2 Bracket 2

#2 Fleming vs Winner of #5 vs #8
#5 Stratton vs #8 Simla

Region 2 Bracket 3

#3 Merino vs Winner of #4 vs #9
#4 Lone Star vs #9 Evangelical Christian

State Qualifiers: Briggsdale, Fleming, Lone Star

Note: I seeded this just straight RPI avoiding District Matchups in just the first round.

Region 3 ()=RPI

District 2: McClave (2), Cheyenne Wells (9), Kit Carson (13)

District 3: South Baca (15), Springfield (20), Kim/Branson (11)

District 6: Sangre De Cristo (7), Centennial (23), Sierra Grande (25)

Region 3 Bracket 1

#1 McClave vs Winner of #6 vs #7
#6 Centennial vs #7 Kim/Branson

Region 3 Bracket 2

#2 Sangre De Cristo vs Winner of #5 vs #8
#5 Springfield vs #8 Kit Carson

Region 3 Bracket 3

#3 South Baca vs Winner of #4 vs #9
#4 Cheyenne Wells vs #9 Sierra Grande

State Qualifiers: McClave, Sangre De Cristo, Cheyenne Wells

Note: I seeded this with no teams from same District in same Pod and the 3 District Champions getting a bye. (How it was done in 2019)

State Tournament

The 8 teams I have selected to reach the State Tournament are:

Dove Creek, Flatirons Academy, Fleming, Briggsdale, Lone Star, McClave, Sangre De Cristo, Cheyenne Wells

I am seeding these 8 teams using RPI, Common Opponents and Head-to-head matchups so far.  This will change as we move deeper into the regular season.

#1 Briggsdale vs #8 Cheyenne Wells

#4 Flatirons Academy vs #5 Lone Star

#2 McClave vs #7 Dove Creek

#3 Fleming vs #6 Sangre De Cristo