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Pre-Regional Wrestling Update! By Carlos Valencia

Picture by Melanie Johnson

Pre-Regional Wrestling Update! By Carlos Valencia

It’s finally upon us, the weekend all the wrestlers have been training for. Those long practices, the weight cutting, the sweat, the injuries. This is where its all going to pay off. Regionals is here. It’s where all those matches don’t mean a thing. It comes down to these 3 to 5 matches the next 2 days. 

This weekend the top 4 placers qualify for the State Tournament next weekend in Denver at the Ball arena. There are Four regions competing this weekend. 

In the north region there are 53 total ranked kids and 23 kids ranked in the top 6. There are 2 ranked teams which are 2nd ranked Wray and 3rd ranked Cedaridge. A team that can shake up some placing spots could be  Limon or Yuma.

In the South region there are 47 ranked kids and 27 ranked in the top 6. There are 3 ranked teams in the region which are 1st ranked Centauri, 4th ranked Meeker and 6th ranked Crowley County. A team I think that can shake up a top 2 finish is the Center Vikings. They have some kids who could shake up the placing and have some upsets if they wrestle excellent. 

In the West region there are 40 ranked kids with 15 ranked kids in the top 6. They have 2 ranked teams which are 5th ranked Buena Vista and 9th ranked Mancos. A team who can give a push for a top 2 spot could be North Fork. They have some kids who can upset some top ranked wrestlers to make the podium this weekend.

In the East region they have 33 ranked kids and 16 in the top 16. They have 3 ranked teams,which are  7th ranked Rocky Ford, 8th ranked Highland, and 10th ranked Wiggins. A Team that can raise some eyebrows this weekend  could be Holly and Fowler. 

I also want to wish the lady wrestlers good luck this weekend as well. Good luck to all participants this weekend. Remember, wrestle one match at a time and above all…Have Fun.

Carlos V