Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Class 2A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

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Class 2A Girls Basketball Regional Predictions

Regionals is here and it’s win or go home time.  Reaching Regionals is one of many steps for teams looking to reach the State Championship.  To reach the state tournament is simple.  Win your Region and you will go to the State Tournament. 8 regions and 8 teams advance to the State Tournament.

Region 1

#1 Sanford over #32 Burlington

#16 Akron over #17 Mancos

I think one of the tougher matchups in the first round will be Sanford vs Burlington.  I think Burlington is much better than a 32 seed and expect a tough matchup.  I also think Akron vs Mancos will be a solid matchup but expect the defense of Akron to be the difference.

#1 Sanford over #16 Akron

The size of Akron could be the difference, but Sanford defensively brings a ton to the table.  Sanford depth will also be tough to deal with.  Akron could push Sanford but must have a big game from their main scorer.  I am going with Sanford to advance to the State Tournament.

Region 2

#2 Holyoke over #31 Dolores Huerta

#18 Denver Christian over #15 Swink

I think Holyoke cruises into the regional finals.  Denver Christian vs Swink should be a good game.  Both teams will need their defense to be on top of their game, but I think the depth of Denver Christian proves to be the difference.

#2 Holyoke over #18 Denver Christian

Holyoke was able to escape with the district 2 title and that district was not an easy one to win.  Holyoke is battle tested and I am not sure if Denver Christian has the size to matchup with Holyoke.  Denver Christian will need their best game of the season to upset Holyoke.  I am going with Holyoke to advance to the State Tournament. 

Region 3

#3 Limon over #30 Fowler

#14 Wray over #19 Meeker

Limon, I think will be to much for Fowler in the first game and advance into the regional finals.  Wray vs Meeker could be an interesting matchup.  If Wray continues to play at a high level, I expect them to win this game.  If Wray does not Meeker could pull the upset. 

#3 Limon vs #14 Wray

A rematch of last year’s state championship and it will be for a berth to the State Tournament.  I expect a good game and Wray is starting to play up to their expectations.  I do think Limon experience and size does prove to be the difference, but this will be a close game.

Region 4

#4 Soroco over #29 Del Norte

#13 Wiggins over #20 Gilpin County

Soroco will have to deal with a tough defensive Del Norte team, but I think offensively they will eventually break out and get the win.  Wiggins vs Gilpin County could be an interesting matchup.  I think Wiggin’s depth and experience in big games proves to be the difference in this game.

#4 Soroco over #13 Wiggins

I Another great matchup in the Regional Finals.  Soroco has the leadership to get to the State Tournament but are playing a tough Wiggins team.  Turnovers will be the difference in this game.  I do think Soroco main scoring threat will be the difference and is enough to help get Soroco into the State Tournament. 

Region 5

#5 Rye over #28 Front Range Christian

#12 Heritage Christian over #21 Yuma

Rye I think cruises into the Regional Finals and that will be a very big advantage for Saturday’s game.  Heritage Christian vs Yuma should be a good game that comes down to the wire.  Heritage Christian did lose to Yuma by 3 in December but right before district beat Wray.  Yuma has not played since their Quarterfinal upset to Burlington.  Both teams will be looking to bounce back from losses.

#5 Rye over #12 Heritage Christian

Rye will be well rested against either opponent and I think proves to be the difference.  Rye must continue to get good production from the Adamson sisters.  Heritage Christian will be playing on tired legs with the regional final at 12pm.  Rye I think pulls away late from Heritage Christian.

Region 6

#6 Cedaredge over #27 Byers

#11 Hoehne over #22 Rangely

Cedaredge cruised in their District Tournament, and I expect them to get by Byers in the opening round.  Hoehne seems to have picked up their play and they pushed Rye in the District finals.  I think Hoehne will get by Rangely but Rangely is also playing tough basketball.  

#6 Cedaredge over #11 Hoehne

This could be an interesting matchup.  Cedaredge lost big to Rye early in the season and Hoehne play Rye tough in the District Finals.  Cedaredge has improved as the season has gone on, but I think Hoehne could pull the upset.  This will be one of the better games in the Regional Finals.

Region 7

#7 Dayspring Christian over #26 Center

#10 Sargent over #23 Fountain Valley

I think Sargent cruises into the regional finals.  Fountain Valley has faltered against top opponents this season.  Dayspring Christian vs Center could be an interesting matchup.  Center play tough defense and have a scoring threat to push Dayspring Christian.  I just think Dayspring Christian pulls away, but this will be a tough game.

#10 Sargent over #7 Dayspring Christian

This is another great matchup I the regional finals.  Sargent can pull the upset but must have good guard play to do so.  Sargent has the size plus defense to pull the upset but comes down to their guards and outside shooting.  Dayspring Christian will also need their guard play to have a big day.  Sargent and Dayspring Christian matchup well so this should be a good game.

Region 8

#8 Peyton over #25 Ignacio

#9 Sedgwick County over #24 Monte Vista

Both games in the opening round should be interesting early on.  Ignacio vs Peyton will come down to Ignacio staying out of foul trouble and getting their senior playmaker going.  I think Peyton defensively proves to be to much for Ignacio in the long run.  Monte Vista vs Sedgwick County will also be interesting early on.  If Monte Vista can make the easy shots and play tough defense, they could push Sedgwick County.  I think Sedgwick County experience in big proves to be the difference. 

 #9 Sedgwick County over #8 Peyton

I think by far the best game in the regional finals will be Sedgwick County vs Peyton.  Peyton is playing their best basketball right now and on their home court.  Sedgwick County has been slumping since February but if they recapture their early season success it changes everything.  This is essentially in my mind a coin flip and could by 5 points to either team.  Experience matters a ton and Sedgwick County has the experience.  I am going with Sedgwick County over Peyton but as I said this will be a great game and come down to the wire.

State Tournament

Here are the 8 teams I think qualify for the State Tournament:








Sedgwick County

I give guess at the State tournament seeding based on my predictions.  I used RPI but also looked at head-to-head and common opponents.  I think this could go in many different directions.  This first seeding is using common opponents, head-to-head, and RPI: I swapped Sedgwick and Sargent to avoid district matchups, but I am not sure if that will stick.

#1 Sanford vs #8 Sedgwick County

#4 Rye vs #5 Soroco

#2 Holyoke vs #7 Sargent

#3 Limon vs #6 Cedaredge

This is seeded using RPI only:

#1 Sanford vs #8 Sargent

#4 Soroco vs #5 Rye

#2 Holyoke vs #7 Sedgwick County

#3 Limon vs #6 Cedaredge