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8-Man Football Returning Sack Leaders

8-Man Football Returning Sack Leaders

We continue our look at some top returning defensive linemen.  We take a look at returning sack leaders.  I am going to start with Top Returning Players by Position like I have for the past few years.  (Stats pulled from 

PlayerHigh SchoolYearStats
Colby SwopesHollySenior18.5 Sacks
Cody LockhartSwinkSenior8.0 Sacks
Maclin TempelHaxtunSenior8.0 Sacks
Ray MungurayMcClaveJunior7.0 Sacks
Tyson BeanlandDove CreekJunior7.0 Sacks
Caleb BarrMcClaveSenior6.0 Sacks
McCray LarsenSanfordSenior6.0 Sacks
Julian GutierezMcClaveJunior5.0 Sacks
Brent BowkerSimlaJunior4.5 Sacks
Wes GioiaHaydenSenior4.5 Sacks