3A League Breakdown

Class 3A Football League Prediction and Playoff Predictions

Class 3A Football League Prediction and Playoff Predictions

For the first time I am giving my League Predictions for Class 3A.  I am just going to give my predictions and not give a full breakdown.  I will do that farther in the season when we start league play. 

My preseason predictions are located here: Preseason Predictions Part 1

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League One

1. Pueblo Central

2. Pueblo South

3. Pueblo Centennial

4. Lewis Palmer

5. Sierra

6. Harrison

League One is off to a very interesting start.  Powerhouse Pueblo South is 0-2 and Pueblo Centennial is 2-0.  The top part of the league looks to consist of all three Pueblo Schools.  Lewis-Palmer could push for a top 3 spot as well but early things look to be mostly Pueblo Schools.  Pueblo Central is my new pick to win the league.  Pueblo South and Pueblo Centennial could be playoff hopefuls.

Playoff Contenders: Pueblo Central, Pueblo South, Pueblo Centennial

League Two

1. Pueblo East

2. Pueblo County

3. Discovery Canyon

4. Canon City

5. Sand Creek

6. Mitchell

Some slight changes from my preseason predictions.  Pueblo East is my new pick to win the league.  Pueblo County drops to #2.  Both Pueblo schools are off to hot starts, but Discovery Canyon is also off to a solid start.  Canon City and Sand Creek could threaten the top 3.

Playoff Contenders: Pueblo East, Pueblo County, Discovery Canyon, Canon City

League Three

1. Durango

2. Palisade

3. Summit

4. Glenwood Springs

5. Battle Mountain

6. Eagle Valley

League Three has not been solid to start the non-league schedule.  Durango stays as my pick to win the league but after that things get more interesting.  Palisade is 0-2 and Summit is 2-0 but I think could push for playoffs spots, but the bottom half of the league does not look strong.  Glenwood Springs could be the main surprise team but we will see as we move deeper into the non-league schedule.

Playoff Contenders: Durango, Palisade, Summit

League Four

1. Green Mountain

2. Evergreen

3. Conifer

4. Littleton

5. SkyView

6. Wheat Ridge

So far League Four has been one of the tougher leagues with all 6 teams picking up wins.  Green Mountain is my new pick to win the league, but Evergreen stays the main threat to upend them.  Skyview and Littleton are surprises at 2-0 but, still early and both have not played the most difficult schedule.  Conifer could push for a top spot as well they have a nice win over Fort Morgan. 

Playoff Contenders: Evergreen, Green Mountain, Conifer

League Five

1. Holy Family

2. Lutheran

3. Fort Morgan

4. Northfield

5. Kennedy

6. Lincoln

League 5 is off to a very interesting start as well.  Fort Morgan is 0-2 and will be looking to kick a two-game slide.  Holy Family stays as my pick to win the league and they have a nice win over Frederick.  Lutheran also picked up a very nice win over Mead.  Those two I think are the best in the league and should be 1st and 2nd.  Northfield could be a surprise team but we will see when their schedule gets more difficult. 

Playoff Contenders: Holy Family, Fort Morgan, Lutheran

League Six

1. Frederick

2. Mead

3. George Washington

4. Riverdale Ridge

5. Denver North

6. Niwot

League 6 could be the toughest League in Class 3A.  All 6 teams have wins and 3 teams are still undefeated.  I think at least 3 teams get into the playoffs and 5 of the 6 teams will be contenders to get into the playoffs.  Frederick stays as my pick to win the league just ahead of Mead who will be a big threat to take the league title.  George Washington is proving to be a threat to the top 2.  Riverdale Ridge and Denver North are also playing well and both undefeated.  Niwot will be a team to watch to see how they develop going forward.

Playoff Contenders: Frederick, Mead, George Washington, Denver North, Riverdale Ridge

League Seven

1. Roosevelt

2. Northridge

3. Severance

4. Resurrection Christian

5. Thompson Valley

6. Mountain View

League 7 also is another tough league and probably the second toughest league.  Roosevelt early on has proven to be the top team but undefeated Northridge and Resurrection Christian will be a big threat.  Severance can also not be forgotten their defense will power them until their offense gets things figured out.  Thompson Valley can also not be overlooked as they lost in OT and will look to get in the win column this week.

Playoff Contenders: Roosevelt, Northridge, Severance, Resurrection Christian

Playoff Predictions

We are very early in the season, so I am just going to pick the 16 teams I think make the playoffs.  They are not in any order, and I am just picking the 16 teams I think have a shot at the playoffs.  Remember still very early and plenty can still change if you are left of the list.

Pueblo Central

Pueblo East

Pueblo County



Green Mountain


Holy Family




George Washington



Resurrection Christian


Just Missed:

Conifer, Fort Morgan, Summit, Pueblo South, Pueblo Centennial, Riverdale Ridge, Denver North, Discovery Canyon