1A League Breakdown

Class 1A Football League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

Photo by Teresa O’Dwyer & OTSportsChek (Limon vs Meeker)

Class 1A Football League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

We have completed the first two weeks of the season and I felt it was time I updated my league predictions and give my first playoff prediction.  Of course, this is extremely early, and I will update again in two weeks then this will be weekly once we kick off league play.  Again, I am not cheering against any team but felt I needed to update all my predictions.

My preseason predictions are located here: Preseason Predictions Part 1 & Part 2

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League One

1. Buena Vista

2. Meeker

3. North Fork

4. Gunnison

5. Cedaredge

6. Roaring Fork

7. Olathe

League One should be a very tough league this year.  Buena Vista stays as my pick to win the league.  Buena Vista is 1-0 currently and had a bye last week.  They have a huge game this week against Centauri, and this will give us insight into both teams.  Meeker is my pick to finish in second.  Meeker is coming off a tough loss to Limon and face a mystery team this week in Aspen.  Meeker should bounce back this week.  North Fork stays as my pick for third place.  North Fork is 0-1 on the season and had a bye last week.  They face Grand Valley this week and is a top game in Class 1A.  Gunnison holds down the #4 spot.  Gunnison is 1-1 to start the season and come off a tough loss to Alamosa last week.  They face another SLV team this week in Monte Vista.  This will be a very physical game and who controls the line of scrimmage will be key.  Cedaredge is my pick to finish in 5th.  Cedaredge is 1-1 on the season and come off a tough 1-point loss to Grand Valley.  Cedaredge will look to right the ship against Del Norte this week.  Roaring Fork is my pick for 6th place.  Roaring Fork fell in their opening week and face another 2A team.  Roaring Fork must continue to improve weekly.  Olathe rounds out the bottom of League One.  Olathe has struggled in their first two games and look to be rebuilding this season.

Playoff Contenders: Buena Vista, North Fork, Meeker, Gunnison, Cedaredge

League Two

1. Centauri

2. Monte Vista

3. Center

4. Del Norte

5. Ignacio

6. Trinidad

League Two or the old SPL league continues to improve but the main question is can anyone challenge Centauri and Monte Vista for the top two spots.  Centauri is my pick to win League Two.  Centauri fell to 1-1 on the season losing to Florence last week.  Offensively they have some stuff to workout losing RB Deven Brady.  Defensively Centauri will be one of the tougher teams in the state and will need to stay at that dominate level.  Monte Vista is my pick for second.  Monte Vista is 2-0 on the season and come off a 64-33 win over C.S Christian last week.  Things do not get any easier as they face Gunnison this week.  Monte Vista will need to be physical against the misdirection offense of Gunnison.  Center holds onto my #3 spot.  Center is 1-1 and had a great bounce back win over Olathe last week.  Center has a huge matchup with Peyton this week and could be the difference of them fighting for a playoff spot.  Center must keep protecting their QB if they plan to have success.  Del Norte holds my #4 spot.  Del Norte is 2-0 to start the season but have yet to be challenged.  They will face their first real test against Cedaredge this week.  This could turn into a shootout as both teams love to throw the ball.  Ignacio comes in at #5.  Ignacio has yet to play and open their season this week against Whitehorse UT.  I don’t think this will be a test for Ignacio and I don’t see Ignacio truly being tested until they face Montezuma-Cortez on 9/23.  Trinidad rounds out League 2.  Trinidad is 0-2 currently and have a pair of big losses so far.  Trinidad must continue to improve and have a bye this week.

Playoff Contenders: Centauri, Monte Vista, Center

League Three

1. Banning Lewis

2. C.S Christian

3. Rye

4. Peyton

5. Rocky Ford

6. Ellicott

League Three has been interesting to start the season and we will see how things continue to pan out for this league.  Banning Lewis remains my pick to win League Three.  Banning Lewis is 2-0 on the season but have yet to be truly tested.  They will be tested this week when they face Yuma.  Banning Lewis vs Yuma will give us a big insight to both teams.  C.S Christian stays as my pick to finish in second.  C.S Christian picked up an impressive win to open the season but fell against Monte Vista last week.  C.S Christian can sling the ball around the field but defensively must improve on stopping the run.  C.S Christian will be the heavy favorite this week against Denver Christian.  Rye is my pick for third place.  Rye moved to 1-0 on the season and had to come from behind to do so.  Rye will face an improved Salida team this week and will give us an insight into where Rye sits.  Peyton comes in at #4.  Peyton is 0-1 on the season and had a bye last week.  Peyton lost to Cedaredge in the opening week and hopefully got their offensive woes figured out.  Peyton will face Center this week and this is a huge game for both teams.  Peyton must be able to stop the pass this week or could be in for a long game.  Rocky Ford comes in at #5.  Rocky Ford is 0-2 to start the season and defensively have struggled.  Things won’t get easier this week as they face Wiggins.  Rocky Ford must learn from these games and improve as the season goes on.  Ellicott rounds out League 3.  Ellicott has yet to score in 2022 and have a bye this week.  They will look to fix mistakes and get ready for Wray on 9/16.

Playoff Contenders: Banning Lewis, C.S Christian, Rye

League Four

1. Wray

2. Limon

3. Wiggins

4. Yuma

5. Burlington

6. Holyoke

The toughest league in Class 1A is League Four.  All 6 teams have a shot at making the playoffs, but I think at most only 4 or 5 will get in.  That means some great games once this league moves into league play.  I am holding to my preseason pick of Wray to win League Four.  Wray is 2-0 to start the season and come off a win over Goodland KS last week.  Wray will have another KS team visit this week when they face Scott KS.  This will be another good test before jumping back to Colorado to close the year.  Limon stays as my pick to finish in second.  Limon is 2-0 and come off impressive wins over Florence and Meeker to start the season.  Limon continues their slog thru 1A with a big matchup with Strasburg.  Limon got improved QB play last week but against a top opponent how will it fare.  This will be a very physical football game.  Wiggins holds the #3 spot.  Wiggins is 1-1 on the season and come off a double OT loss to Strasburg.  Wiggins should bounce back this week against Rocky Ford before another top clash with Platte Valley on 9/17.  Yuma jumps into the #4 spot.  Yuma is off to a hot 2-0 start and face their toughest opponent to date.  Yuma will host Banning Lewis, and this should be a great game.  Plenty on the line in this game and should be a great game.  Burlington moves into the #5 spot.  Burlington is 0-2 on the season and come off back-to-back heart-breaking losses.  Burlington will face Goodland KS this week and should be a solid test.  We will see if Burlington can get back on the right track.  Holyoke rounds out League Four but they are still in the hunt for a playoff spot.  Holyoke is 0-2 to start the season and come off a 50-32 loss to 8-Man Haxtun.  Holyoke will face Colby KS this week and is a big game for them to try and turn things around.  Holyoke will face Hershey NE next week before moving into league play.

Playoff Contenders: Wray, Limon, Wiggins, Holyoke, Burlington, Yuma

League Five

1. Strasburg

2. Platte Canyon

3. Middle Park

4. Denver Christian

5. Clear Creek

6. Jefferson

League Five is off to a decent start in their non-league schedule.  Just 1 team does not have a win so far, but things do start to get more difficult non-league schedule wise for League Five.  Strasburg is 2-0 to start the season and come off a double OT win over Wiggins last week.  Strasburg schedule does not get any easier they face #1 Limon this week and this is easily the game of the week.  Strasburg will need to match the physicality of Limon to find success.  Platte Canyon is my pick to finish in second.  Platte Canyon is 1-1 on the season.  Platte Canyon lost to Flatirons Academy last week but should bounce back against Sheridan this week.  I don’t see Platte Canyon being challenged against till October and will probably hurt their RPI once it comes out.  Middle Park is my pick for third place.  Middle Park is 1-1 on the season and are coming off a loss to Estes Park.  Middle Park will look to bounce back against Steamboat Springs, and this could be a make-or-break game for the playoffs for both teams.  Clear Creek moves into the #4 spot.  Clear Creek picked up a big win over Ellicott last week and face Pinnacle this week.  These are must win games for Clear Creek and honestly Clear Creek could be 4-0 entering league play with their toughest non-league game coming against Roaring Fork on 9/16.  Denver Christian slides into the #5 spot.  Denver Christian is 1-1 on the season and picked up their first 11-Man win over Pinnacle last week.  Denver Christian will face C.S Christian and this is a tough opponent for Denver Christian.  We will see how much Denver Christian has improved in their first two games.  Jefferson rounds out League 5.  Jefferson is 0-2 on the season and must continue to improve weekly as the season goes.

Playoff Contenders: Strasburg, Platte Canyon

League Six

1. Flatirons Academy

2. Estes Park

3. Highland

4. Manual

5. Pinnacle

6. Sheridan

League Six in my opinion looks to be the weakest league in Class 1A and could be a 1 bid league.  Of course, that is just looking at paper and we will see what teams step up and improve.  Flatirons Academy is my pick to win League Six.  Flatirons Academy is 1-1 on the season and picked up a very important win over Platte Canyon last week.  Flatirons Academy will face Jefferson this week before a big non-league matchup with Denver West.  Estes Park stays as my pick to finish in second.  Estes Park is 2-0 to start the season and come off a nice win over Middle Park last week.  Estes Park has a bye this week before two winnable games against Denver Christian and Ellicott.  Those are both must win games for Estes Park.  Manual is my pick to finish in 3rd.  Manual is 1-1 on the season and are coming off a loss to Denver West.  Manual will have a bye this week before a huge clash with La Junta on 9/16.  Highland falls into the #4 spot.  Highland is off to a tough 0-2 start.  Highland schedule will not do them any favors either with another tough game against Kent Denver this week.  Pinnacle comes in at #5.  Pinnacle has not scored in their first two games but have played tough defensively.  Pinnacle needs their defense to step up this week against Clear Creek.  Sheridan rounds out League 6.  Sheridan has also not scored a point so far but played a tough opponent in Englewood last week.  Sheridan will face Platte Canyon this week.

Playoff Contenders: Flatirons Academy, Estes Park

Playoff Predictions

We are very early in the season, so I am just going to pick the 16 teams I think make the playoffs.  They are not in any order, and I am just picking the 16 teams I think have a shot at the playoffs.  Remember still very early and plenty can still change if you are left of the list.

Buena Vista


North Fork


Monte Vista



Banning Lewis


C.S Christian






Flatirons Academy

Just Missed:

Holyoke, Estes Park, Cedaredge, Platte Canyon, Burlington