8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

8-Man Football League Predictions and Playoff Predictions

We have completed the first three weeks of the season and I felt it was time I updated my league predictions and give my first playoff prediction.  I did this last week for 1A thru 3A and now it’s time to update 8-Man and 6-Man.  Of course, this is extremely early, and I will update again in two weeks then this will be weekly once we kick off league play.  I will be limiting my article length due to the longer breakdowns done by Kerry Sherman tomorrow.  Again, I am not cheering against any team but felt I needed to update all my predictions.

My preseason predictions are located here: Preseason Predictions Part 1 & Part 2

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League One

1. Mancos

2. Dove Creek

3. Sanford

4. Sargent

5. Dolores

League One continues to be one of the tougher leagues in 8-Man Football.  The past two years teams have reached the State Championship but have come up short.  Mancos is my new pick to win League One.  Mancos is off to a great start and picked up a huge win over Merino last week.  Dove Creek falls into the #2 spot but are also off to a great start at 3-0.  They have not played that top not team but will this week when they face Hayden.  Sanford holds onto the #3 spot.  Sanford fell to Simla this past week but also have quality wins over Swink and Dayspring Christian.  Sanford has back-to-back tough games against Fowler and Wiley.  Sargent stays at #4.  Sargent is 1-2 to start the season and are coming off tough back to back losses.  Sargent should get a win this week, but I think are still a year away from competing for a playoff spot.

Playoff Contenders: Dove Creek, Mancos, Sanford

League Two

1. Hayden

2. West Grand

3. Vail Christian

4. Rangely

5. Plateau Valley

6. Soroco

League Two is off to a very interesting start with 2 undefeated teams and two teams searching for their first win.  Hayden is my new pick to win League Two.  Hayden picked up a very impressive 74-46 win over Wiley and now look to shock everyone when they host Dove Creek this week.  Hayden could be that surprise team this year, but we will learn a lot about them the next two weeks.  West Grand moves into my #2 spot.  West Grand is 3-0 to start the season and have a quality win over Calhan.  West Grand will face Elbert to close out their non-league schedule.  This is a very important game to get into league play undefeated.  Vail Christian falls into the #3 spot.  Vail Christian is 1-1 after falling to Lyons last week.  Vail Christian has a bye this week before a huge game against Front Range Christian on 9/24.  This game will be very important for RPI and playoffs.  Rangely holds onto my #4 spot.  Rangely is 0-3 to start the season but they nearly upset Calhan last week.  Rangely should move into the win column this week before moving into league play.

Playoff Contenders: Hayden, West Grand, Vail Christian

League Three

1. Simla

2. Calhan

3. Elbert

4. Pikes Peak Christian

5. St. Mary’s

6. South Park

League Three looks to be very top heavy with 3 teams pushing for playoff spots.  Granted it’s very early still but 3 teams emerged as favorites.  Simla stays as my pick to win League Three.  Simla is coming off 3 solid wins to start the season but the most impressive came last week against Sanford.  Simla will host Sedgwick County this week and is very important game heading into league play.  Calhan stays as my pick for second place.  Calhan was nearly upset by Rangely last week but a huge performance from Aiden Jack pushed Calhan to the win.  Calhan will face Wiley this week and is another important game for RPI sake.  Elbert holds the #3 spot and are coming off a loss to Caliche.  Elbert will face West Grand this week and should be a good test for both teams.  Pikes Peak Christian stays in my #4 spot.  PPC is 0-2 to start the season and offensively they hope to have things figured out after the bye week.  PPC will face McClave this week and is a big game for both teams.

Playoff Contenders: Simla, Calhan, Elbert

League Four

1. Haxtun

2. Akron

3. Merino

4. Caliche

5. Sedgwick County

6. Dayspring Christian

One of the toughest leagues if not the toughest league in 8-Man is League Four.  All 6 teams have a shot at making the playoffs, but I think at most only 4 or 5 will get in.  That means some great games once this league moves into league play.  My pick to win League 4 is Haxtun.  Haxtun is 2-0 currently and coming off a quality win over Holly this past week.  Haxtun will have the biggest game on the schedule this week when they face #2 Mancos.  Akron stays as my pick for second place.  Akron is currently undefeated with their best wins coming over Fowler and Byers.  They have a true challenge this week when they host Holly.  Merino is my pick for third place.  Merino is 2-1 currently and will look to bounce back after a tough 46-6 loss to Mancos last week.  Merino will be tested yet again by an improved Lyons team.  Caliche stays as my pick for 4th place.  Caliche is 2-0 to start the year and have a solid win over Elbert last week.  Caliche will be tested again by a tough Byers team.  Sedgwick County is my pick for 5th and they could easily move up as the season goes.  Sedgwick County fell to Crowley County last week but will look to bounce back against Simla this week.  Dayspring Christian rounds out league 4.  They are 1-1 currently and face FRC this week and is a pivotal game for RPI and playoff hopes.

Playoff Contenders: Haxtun, Akron, Merino, Caliche, Sedgwick County, Dayspring Christian

League Five

1. Lyons

2. Front Range Christian

3. Byers

4. Belleview Christian

5. Gilpin County

6. Justice

League Five looks to be very top heavy with 3 playoff/league title contenders but can any of the bottom teams step up to challenge the top 3?  Lyons is my new pick to win league five.  Lyons is off to a hot start at 3-0 but face their toughest test this week when they face Merino.  Front Range Christian is 2-0 but have not been tested in their first two games.  FRC will face Dayspring Christian this week and is a big test for FRC.  Byers falls to the #3 spot.  Byers is off to a 0-3 start but have played a brutal schedule.  Things do not get any easier for Byers this week when they travel to Caliche.  Byers I think still have a shot at the playoffs because of their schedule but must win inside league play.  Belleview Christian jumps into the #4 spot.  Belleview Christian is off to a 2-1 start but faced their toughest test last week against West Grand.  Belleview Christian has a bye this week before facing another tough team in Caliche.

Playoff Contenders: Lyons, Front Range Christian, Byers

League Six

1. Crowley County

2. Fowler

3. Hoehne

4. John Mall

5. Dolores Huerta

6. Custer County

League Six will be very top heavy again with the top 3 teams all pushing for the league title and playoff berths.  The bottom 3 could all still be in the mix but must improve from last season.  Crowley County stays as my pick to win League 6.  Crowley County is undefeated and coming off a very impressive win over Sedgwick County.  Crowley County will face Las Animas this week to close out league play.  Fowler holds onto my #2 spot.  Fowler currently is 0-3 but have played 3 ranked teams and will face they’re fourth this week.  Fowler will make the trip to Sanford and hope to upset Sanford and move into the win column.  Hoehne is my pick for 3rd.  Hoehne is 1-2 currently after picking up a win over Sargent.  Hoehne will take their shot at Swink this week and look for a big RPI win.  John Mall moves into my #4 spot.  John Mall is 0-3 currently but have impressed me with their hard-fought losses to Wiley and Swink.  John Mall has a bye this week before a matchup with Las Animas.

Playoff Contenders: Crowley County, Fowler, Hoehne

League Seven

1. Holly

2. Swink

3. Wiley

4. McClave

5. Springfield

6. Las Animas

League Seven has not performed in non-league play like I expected.  Due to that I have made some changes in my predictions but with two more week of non-league play expect more changes.  Holly stays as my pick to win League Seven.  Holly is 1-1 currently and come off a loss to Haxtun.  Holly will face their second straight northeast team when they travel to Akron this week.  Swink moves into my #2 spot.  Swink is 2-1 currently with a solid win over Fowler to kick off the year.  Swink will have a big matchup with Hoehne this week and will be very important for RPI and playoffs.  Wiley holds the #3 spot.  Wiley is 1-1 currently but come off a 74-46 loss to Hayden.  Wiley will look to bounce back against Calhan and this is another very important matchup for playoff purposes.  McClave falls to the #4 spot.  McClave is 1-2 to start the season and face Pikes Peak Christian this week.  McClave could easily move back up but this PPC game is important to stay in the playoff hunt.

Playoff Contenders: Holly, McClave, Wiley, Swink

Playoff Predictions

We are very early in the season, so I am just going to pick the 16 teams I think make the playoffs.  They are not in any order, and I am just picking the 16 teams I think have a shot at the playoffs.  Remember still very early and plenty can still change if you are left of the list.


Dove Creek



West Grand





Caliche/Sedgwick County (I think only 4 teams from this league get into the playoffs)


Crowley County





Just Missed:

Byers, Dayspring Christian, Vail Christian, Hoehne, Elbert, McClave, Calhan, Front Range Christian, Caliche/Sedgwick County