6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football League Predictions and Playoff Projections Week 6

6-Man Football League Predictions and Playoff Projections Week 6

We are 5 weeks into the regular season and all leagues have started league play.  With that said I will be jumping much more into the CHSAA Seeding Index and possibly eliminate some teams from playoff contention.  Also, at the end of the article I will be looking at Playoff Predictions and Projections. For a more in depth look at matchups Kerry Sherman will be posting his Weekly Previews Tomorrow!!

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League One

1. Fleming

2. Briggsdale

3. Prairie

4. North Park

5. Peetz

6. Weldon Valley

Most teams inside league One have played at least two games except for the league leaders.  Fleming and Briggsdale both sit atop the standings at 1-0 with the rest of the league playing at least 2 games.  Fleming remains my pick to win league one followed by Briggsdale.  Prairie and North Park are still in playoff contention, and both sit inside the top 16.  Peetz sits at #22 in the Seeding Index and are in danger of falling out of the playoff hunt.  Peetz may need an upset of Fleming or Briggsdale to have any shot at the playoffs.  Weldon Valley has been eliminated from the playoff hunt sitting at #29 in the Index.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #2 Fleming, #12 Briggsdale, #13 North Park, #16 Prairie, #22 Peetz, #29 Weldon Valley

Playoff Contenders: Fleming, Prairie, North Park, Briggsdale

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Weldon Valley

League Two

1. Stratton

2. Genoa-Hugo

3. Otis

4. Arickaree

5. Idalia

6. Hi-Plains

7. Flagler

League play inside League 2 has been outstanding and the league title race will be great. Stratton remains as my pick to win the league and they have to be considered the favorite to win the 6-Man State Title.  Genoa-Hugo moves into my #2 spot after a great upset of Arickaree.  Otis and Arickaree are in the #3 and #4 spots but are near locks for the playoffs with every team mentioned so far in the top 10 of the Seeding Index.  Idalia remains a playoff contender sitting at #19.  Idalia must beat Hi-Plains on 10/21 and might need an upset somewhere as well like Stratton, Genoa-Hugo, or Eads to get into the playoffs.  Hi-Plains I am not eliminated from playoff contention yet the game against Peetz on 10/14 will be that deciding factor for both teams.  Flagler has been eliminated from playoff contention.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #1 Stratton, #4 Otis, #5 Genoa-Hugo, #6 Arickaree, #19 Idalia, #26 Hi-Plains, #27 Flagler

Playoff Contenders: Stratton, Arickaree, Genoa-Hugo, Otis, Idalia

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Flagler

League Three

1. Deer Trail

2. Hanover

3. Miami-Yoder

4. Kiowa

5. Bethune

6. Manzanola

League three may be just the league champion getting into the playoffs.  Deer Trail has the highest Seeding Index ranking at #15 and the next highest is Hanover at #21.  With that information the league title race is the most important thing in this league.  Deer Trail remains as my pick to win league three.  Deer Trail still must face Hanover and Miami-Yoder.  The Hanover game is the one I think decides the league title.  Hanover remains as my pick to finish in second place.  Hanover still must face the majority of the league, but I don’t see them being challenged until Deer Trail.  Miami-Yoder and Kiowa barely hold onto playoff contention because of their shot at winning the league title.  Bethune and Manzanola have been eliminated from playoff contention.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #15 Deer Trail, #21 Hanover, #24 Miami-Yoder, #25 Kiowa, #28 Bethune, #31 Manzanola

Playoff Contenders: Deer Trail, Hanover

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Bethune, Manzanola

League Four

1. Granada

2. Cheyenne Wells

3. Cheraw

4. Eads

5. Walsh

6. Kit Carson

League Four will be the most exciting league race to watch with a 4-way tie in the #2 spot and just Granada sitting atop the league standings.  This race will come down to the end with each game meaning a ton. Granada remains as my pick to win the league title with Cheyenne Wells as my pick to finish in second place.  Cheraw and Eads both are sitting in good shape inside the top 10 of the seeding index.  Walsh sits at #14 in the seeding index and are on the bubble.  Walsh will be one of the teams to watch to see if they drop games what happens with their ranking.  Kit Carson is not eliminated from playoff contention but will need an upset somewhere in their final 4 games to move up the seeding index.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #3 Granada, #8 Cheyenne Wells, #9 Cheraw, #10 Eads, #14 Walsh, #20 Kit Carson

Playoff Contenders: Granada, Eads, Cheraw, Cheyenne Wells, Walsh

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: None

League Five

1. Branson/Kim

2. La Veta

3. Sierra Grande

4. Cotopaxi

5. Mountain Valley

6. Primero

7. Sangre De Cristo

Inside league 5 we are in full swing of league games.  Branson/Kim and La Veta sit atop the standings with Cotopaxi, Sierra Grande, and Primero all tied behind them with 1 loss.  Plenty of key games remain on the schedule and playoff fates could be decided weekly especially for the teams sitting outside the top 16 of the Seeding Index.  Branson/Kim remains my pick to win league five and La Veta is my pick for second place.  Both teams have played well as of late and picked up nice wins.  Sierra Grande and Cotopaxi are bubble teams.  Sierra Grande sits at #17 and Cotopaxi is #18 in the seeding Index.  Winning is the best each team can do to try and improve their index weekly.  Primero is also still in the hunt but are going to need to pick up big wins to jump into the top 20.  They get a shot this week against Branson/Kim.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #7 Branson/Kim, #11 La Veta, #17 Sierra Grande, #18 Cotopaxi, #23 Primero, #30 Mountain Valley, #32 Sangre De Cristo

Playoff Contenders: Branson/Kim, La Veta, Sierra Grande, Cotopaxi

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Mountain Valley, Sangre De Cristo

Playoff Projections & Predictions

What I have decided to do with 6-Man and 8-Man is combine my predictions and projections article since Kerry Sherman will be covering in more depth the league races.  Remember to qualify for the playoffs you MUST Finish in the Top 16 of the CHSAA Seeding Index or WIN your league title. 

6-Man Playoff Predictions (Who I think make the playoffs)

This is who I think make the playoffs and who win the leagues.  In the 6-Man ranks all league champions are guaranteed a berth.  The rest will be selected by CHSAA Seeding Index.  Seeding is determined by CHSAA Seeding Index.  I am picking my 11 At-Large teams via non-league schedules, remaining schedules, and how I think teams will do.  League Champions are posted first then the At-Large Teams.



#1 Fleming (League 1)

#2 Stratton (League 2)

#3 Deer Trail (League 3)

#4 Granada (League 4)

#5 Branson/Kim (League 5)

At Large Teams

#6 Briggsdale (League 1)

#7 Prairie (League 1)

#8 North Park (League 1)

#9 Otis (League 2)

#10 Genoa-Hugo (League 2)

#11 Arickaree (League 2)

#12 Cheyenne Wells (League 4)

#13 Cheraw (League 4)

#14 Eads (League 4)

#15 La Veta (League 5)

#16 Sierra Grande (League 5)

Playoff Hunt for Final Spots

Idalia, Hanover, Walsh, Cotopaxi

Seeded Playoff Bracket using my predictions and the CHSAA Seeding Index

#1 Stratton vs #16 Sierra Grande

#8 Cheyenne Wells vs #9 La Veta

#4 Otis vs #13 North Park

#5 Genoa-Hugo vs #12 Briggsdale

#2 Fleming vs #15 Prairie

#7 Branson/Kim vs #10 Cheraw

#3 Granada vs #14 Deer Trail

#6 Arickaree vs #11 Eads

6-Man Playoff Projections (IF the Season Ended Today)

This is if the season ended today 9/28/2022.  Using the CHSAA Seeding Index I will come up with the Playoff field.  League Champions are still selected with my Predictions.  I will seed & select the bracket with the CHSAA Seeding Index.  Remember this is still early and things will change.  The league champions I selected are at the top with the at-large berths following.

(NOT IN ORDER!) ()=CHSAA Seeding Index

#1 Stratton (1)

#2 Fleming (2)

#3 Granada (3)

#4 Branson/Kim (7)

#5 Deer Trail (15)

At Large Teams (Selected using 9/28 Seeding Index)

#6 Otis (4)

#7 Genoa-Hugo (5)

#8 Arickaree (6)

#9 Cheyenne Wells (8)

#10 Cheraw (9)

#11 Eads (10)

#12 La Veta (11)

#13 Briggsdale (12)

#14 North Park (13)

#15 Walsh (14)

#16 Prairie (16)

Playoff Bracket Seeded using Seeding Index

#1 Stratton vs #16 Prairie

#8 Cheyenne Wells vs #9 La Veta

#4 Otis vs #13 North Park

#5 Genoa-Hugo vs #12 Briggsdale

#2 Fleming vs #15 Walsh

#7 Branson/Kim vs #10 Eads

#3 Granada vs #14 Deer Trail

#6 Arickaree vs #11 La Veta