8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football League Predictions and Playoff Projections Week 6

8-Man Football League Predictions and Playoff Projections Week 6

We are 5 weeks into the regular season and all leagues have started league play.  With that said I will be jumping much more into the CHSAA Seeding Index and possibly eliminate some teams from playoff contention.  Also, at the end of the article I will be looking at Playoff Predictions and Projections. For a more in depth look at matchups Kerry Sherman will be posting his Weekly Previews Tomorrow!!

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League One

1. Mancos

2. Dove Creek

3. Sanford

4. Sargent

5. Dolores

The big thing to watch in League One is the games between Mancos, Dove Creek, and Sanford.  Those games will determine the league title.  All three of those teams are also near locks for the playoffs with all three inside the top 5 of the Seeding Index.  Sanford and Dove Creek face off this Friday and that will be the first domino to fall.  Sargent and Dolores both sit outside the top 35 of the Seeding Index and would need an upset of the top 3 to move back into contention.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #2 Mancos, #3 Dove Creek, #5 Sanford, #35 Sargent, #39 Dolores

Playoff Contenders: Dove Creek, Mancos, Sanford

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Sargent, Dolores

League Two

1. Hayden

2. West Grand

3. Vail Christian

4. Rangely

5. Plateau Valley

6. Soroco

League Two also looks to be a fun race to watch with the top 3 teams as well.  Hayden, West Grand, and Vail Christian will be the main contenders for the league title and playoff berths.  None of the three play each other this week. Hayden remains my pick to win the league.  West Grand sits at #8 in the Index with Hayden at #11 and Vail Christian at #12.  Rangely and Plateau Valley are on the brink of elimination but if an upset happens, they can quickly jump into contention.  Soroco has been eliminated from playoff contention. 

CHSAA Seeding Index: #8 West Grand, #11 Hayden, #12 Vail Christian, #27 Rangely, #28 Plateau Valley, #36 Soroco

Playoff Contenders: Hayden, West Grand, Vail Christian

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Soroco

League Three

1. Simla

2. Calhan

3. Elbert

4. St. Mary’s

5. South Park

6. Pikes Peak Christian

The farther and farther we move into the season the more and more league three looks like only the league champion will get into the playoffs.  Simla is the favorite to win the league but their rivalry game against Calhan will determine the league champion.  Simla sits at #4 in the Seeding Index and are a near lock for the playoffs.  Simla and Calhan face off Friday and more than likely is for the league title.  Calhan and Elbert are both in playoff contention, but both sit outside the top 10 of the Index.  Calhan will need to win out expect for their game against Simla.  Elbert is near elimination and may need an upset of Simla to get into the playoffs.  St. Mary’s, Pikes Peak Christian, and South Park are all eliminated from playoff contention.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #4 Simla, #20 Calhan, #26 Elbert, #31 St. Mary’s, #33 Pikes Peak Christian, #37 South Park

Playoff Contenders: Simla, Calhan, Elbert

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: St. Mary’s, Pikes Peak Christian, South Park

League Four

1. Haxtun

2. Akron

3. Dayspring Christian

4. Merino

5. Caliche

6. Sedgwick County

League Four is going to be a great league race to watch.  Haxtun is the favorite not only to win the league but win the 8-Man state crown.  Haxtun must stay focus to achieve their goal.  The rest of the league looks up for grabs and we will be watching all the games.  Akron stays as my pick to finish in second with Dayspring Christian jumping into the #3 spot.  Dayspring Christian is currently the only other team besides Haxtun in the top 10 of the Index.  Caliche, Akron, and Merino all sit on the bubble at 13, 14, and 15 in the Seeding Index.  Sedgwick County currently sits at #17 and will need at least 1 win to try and get into the playoffs.  All 6 teams are still in playoff contention but this first week will determine a ton!

CHSAA Seeding Index: #1 Haxtun, #7 Dayspring Christian, #13 Caliche, #14 Akron, #15 Merino, #17 Sedgwick County

Playoff Contenders: Haxtun, Akron, Merino, Caliche, Sedgwick County, Dayspring Christian

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: None

League Five

1. Lyons

2. Byers

3. Front Range Christian

4. Belleview Christian

5. Gilpin County

6. Justice

League Five like League Three is on the way to just getting one team into the playoffs.  Lyons is my pick to win League Five and must be the heavy favorite currently to win the league.  Lyons sits at #6 in the Seeding Index.  After that Byers, FRC, and Belleview Christian are all very close in the Seeding Index.  If one of those three teams can run the table besides a loss to Lyons, they could have a shot at the playoffs.  Game to watch in the opening week is Byers at Lyons.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #6 Lyons, #21 Belleview Christian, #22 Front Range Christian, #24 Byers, #38 Gilpin County, #41 Justice

Playoff Contenders: Lyons, Front Range Christian, Byers, Belleview Christian

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Gilpin County, Justice

League Six

1. Crowley County

2. Fowler

3. Hoehne

4. John Mall

5. Dolores Huerta

6. Custer County

League Six like the two other mentioned leagues will probably by a One team into the playoff league.  Crowley County is the heavy favorite to win the league and my pick to win the league as well.  Crowley County sits at #9 in the Seeding Index.  Hoehne, Fowler, and John Mall can make a run for the playoffs, but one has to win out besides Crowley County game. Fowler at Crowley County should be a interesting game to measure where things are at for League Six.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #9 Crowley County, #23 Hoehne, #25 Fowler, #29 John Mall, #32 Dolores Huerta, #40 Custer County

Playoff Contenders: Crowley County, Fowler, Hoehne

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Dolores Huerta, Custer County

League Seven

1. Holly

2. Swink

3. Wiley

4. McClave

5. Springfield

6. Las Animas

League 7 looks to be a wild ride to winning the league title.  4 teams currently will be in the battle for that league title and those same four teams will also be in the hunt for a playoff berth.  Holly remains my pick to win league 7.  Holly sits at #10 in the Seeding Index and open league play against Las Animas.  Swink is my pick to finish second and sit at #16.  They open against McClave who sits at #19.  This will be a huge game in this league and will go along way to determining who gets into the playoffs.  Wiley sits at #18 in the RPI and have a must win game against Springfield this week.  Huge opening weekend for League 7.

CHSAA Seeding Index: #10 Holly, #16 Swink, #18 Wiley, #19 McClave, #30 Springfield, #34 Las Animas

Playoff Contenders: Holly, McClave, Wiley, Swink

Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Springfield, Las Animas

Playoff Projections & Predictions

What I have decided to do with 6-Man and 8-Man is combine my predictions and projections article since Kerry Sherman will be covering in more depth the league races.  Remember to qualify for the playoffs you MUST Finish in the Top 16 of the CHSAA Seeding Index or WIN your league title. 

8-Man Playoff Predictions (Who I think make the playoffs)

This is who I think make the playoffs and who win the leagues.  In the 8-Man ranks all league champions are guaranteed a berth.  The rest will be selected by CHSAA Seeding Index.  Seeding is determined by CHSAA Seeding Index.  I am picking my 9 At-Large teams via non-league schedules, remaining schedules, and how I think teams will do.  League Champions are posted first then the At-Large Teams.



#1 Mancos (League 1)

#2 Hayden (League 2)

#3 Simla (League 3)

#4 Haxtun (League 4)

#5 Lyons (League 5)

#6 Crowley County (League 6)

#7 Holly (League 7)

At Large Teams

#8 Dove Creek (League 1)

#9 Sanford (League 1)

#10 West Grand (League 2)

#11 Vail Christian (League 2)

#12 Akron (League 4)

#13 Dayspring Christian (League 4)

#14 Merino (League 4)

#15 Caliche (League 4)

#16 Swink (League 7)

Playoff Hunt for Final Spots

Calhan, Sedgwick County, Byers, Fowler, McClave, Wiley

Seeded Playoff Bracket using my predictions and the CHSAA Seeding Index

#1 Haxtun vs #16 Swink

#8 West Grand vs #9 Crowley County

#4 Simla vs #13 Caliche

#5 Sanford vs #12 Vail Christian

#2 Mancos vs #15 Merino

#7 Dayspring Christian vs #10 Holly

#3 Dove Creek vs #14 Akron

#6 Lyons vs #11 Hayden

8-Man Playoff Projections (IF the Season Ended Today)

This is if the season ended today 9/28/2022.  Using the CHSAA Seeding Index I will come up with the Playoff field.  League Champions are still selected with my Predictions.  I will seed & select the bracket with the CHSAA Seeding Index.  Remember this is still early and things will change.  The league champions I selected are at the top with the at-large berths following.

(NOT IN ORDER!) ()=CHSAA Seeding Index

#1 Haxtun (1)

#2 Mancos (2)

#3 Simla (4)

#4 Lyons (6)

#5 Crowley County (9)

#6 Holly (10)

#7 Hayden (11)

At Large Teams (Selected using 9/28 Seeding Index)

#8 Dove Creek (3)

#9 Sanford (5)

#10 Dayspring Christian (7)

#11 West Grand (8)

#12 Vail Christian (12)

#13 Caliche (13)

#14 Akron (14)

#15 Merino (15)

#16 Swink (16)

Playoff Bracket Seeded using Seeding Index

#1 Haxtun vs #16 Swink

#8 West Grand vs #9 Crowley County

#4 Simla vs #13 Caliche

#5 Sanford vs #12 Vail Christian

#2 Mancos vs #15 Merino

#7 Dayspring Christian vs #10 Holly

#3 Dove Creek vs #14 Akron

#6 Lyons vs #11 Hayden