6man League Breakdown, Football Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

6-Man Football Playoff Predictions First Round and Full Bracket

Picture by Jennifer Reisig Tagtmeyer (Stratton vs Arickaree)

6-Man Football Playoff Predictions First Round and Full Bracket

First, this is just my opinion.  I would love to hear or see your thoughts on how the 6-man bracket turns out.  Second, Good Luck to all teams!  I do not cheer against any teams.  We will have a full breakdown of the games posted tomorrow by Kerry Sherman!!!

6-Man Playoff Predictions 1st Round Only

#1 Stratton over #16 Prairie

This game will be a physical game.  Both teams want to run the ball and whichever team controls the line of scrimmage will win this game.

#9 Eads over #8 North Park (2nd best game of the first round)

This will be a very good game.  Both teams have big play makers, but I like Eads big win over Granada, and they have played in big spots.  This will be a close game and I could easily see it going either way

#4 Cheyenne Wells over #13 Cotopaxi

Experience will be the difference in this game.  Cheyenne Wells has been in big spots before, and this is the first time Cotopaxi has made the state tournament in two years.  Cheyenne Wells has played against good QBs and that could be the difference.  If Cotopaxi can handle the physical play, they could pull the upset.

#5 Otis over #12 Sierra Grande (Third best game)

This could be one of the more underrated games in the first round.  Otis and Sierra Grande both played La Veta and both won.  Sierra Grande also has playoff experience and is used to making long road trips.  I think this could be a one score game and could see the upset.  Should be a great game.

#3 Granada over #14 Briggsdale

Granada will be the favorite here but look for Briggsdale to make this a physical game and take Granada out of their element. I think Granada size and speed is the difference in this game. 

#6 Arickaree over #11 Branson/Kim

I think this is a very underrated game as well.  Branson/Kim has the speed to matchup with Arickaree, but can they play physical enough to keep the rushing attack of Arickaree under control.  Physical play is the key.

#7 Genoa-Hugo over #10 Cheraw (Best game of the First Round)

I believe this will be the best game of the first round.  Two different styles of play clash here and both teams played tough schedules.  I believe this will be a great game and could easily see it going either direction.  If Genoa-Hugo is allowed in space it could be a long day for Cheraw.  Cheraw on the other hand if they can run will have a big day.  This should be a great game.

#2 Fleming over #15 Hanover

Hanover is very young this season and the playoff experience is vital to next season.  Fleming is experienced and looking to make a deep run.  I think experience will be the difference in this game but look for Hanover to play hard thru the whole game.

6-Man Entire Bracket Filled Out

Here is my entire bracket picked.