Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

Class 1A Regional Volleyball Breakdown and Predictions

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Class 1A Regional Volleyball Breakdown and Predictions

Here are my Predictions on who is going to win the 8 regionals taking place this weekend.  I will also give my 4 wildcards based on today (11/2/2021) CHSAA Seeding Index.  I will give a quick breakdown of why I am picking each team to win.

Region 1

Winner: Merino

Merino has 3 losses on the season and have yet to lose to a 1A team.  Merino has losses to Wiggins (#1 2A) and Lamar (#1 3A).  Merino is led by hitter Makenna Sutter (367 Kills) and setter Brooklyn Sutter (756 assists).  Eads is 16-7 on the season and had a solid season.  Most of their loses were to top teams in Class 1A.  Eads is led by hitters Kara Wilson (201 Kills) and Maggie Haaase (198 kills).  Sangre De Cristo is 10-13 and qualified by winning their league.  Sangre De Cristo has plenty of quality losses, but quality wins were hard to come by this season with plenty of games going to the fifth set.  Sangre De Cristo is led by hitter Peyton Metz (244 kills) and libero Alysha Ojeda (471 digs).  Merino will be the favorite to win this Region.  I don’t see anyone challenging Merino but that is why you play the sets.

Region 2

Winner: Kit Carson

Kit Carson enters regionals with a 19-4 record and all four losses were to top teams in Class 1A.  Kit Carson picked up some big wins to close the season including win against Wiley and Idalia.  Kit Carson is led by hitter Kenzie Waggoner who leads the team with 390 Kills and Tess Johnson (150 Kills).  Haxtun enters with an 12-11 record but don’t let the record fool you this is a very tough team.  Haxtun has lost to plenty of top teams in Class 2A and 1A.  Haxtun is led by Hitter Bobbie Starkebaum (218 Kills) and Cassidy Gooddard (171 Kills).  Loveland Classical enters regionals with a 17-6 record.  Loveland Classical played in the 3A/2A/1A Foothill’s league and won the league with a 9-0 record.  The main knock-on Loveland Classical is the weak schedule but they won 8 straight games to win their league.  Loveland Classical is led by hitter Jayna Erickson (116 kills) and setter Cherese Sandoval (202 assists).  Kit Carson will be the favorite to win this Region.  I do feel that Kit Carson got a very difficult draw and will have to battle with two teams who are underrated. 

Region 3

Winner: McClave

McClave enters regionals with a 22-1 record.  McClave in my opinion came out of know were and had a great season.  McClave has some greats wins over Simla, Kit Carson, Springfield, and Wiley.  McClave lone loss of the season did come last week against a tough Idalia team.  McClave is led by hitter Abrielle Gomez (278 kills) and setter Makayla Phillips (652 assists).  Springfield enters regionals with a 17-5 record.  All of Springfields losses came to regional hosts including McClave.  Springfield does have a couple quality wins over Eads and Cheraw both went 5 sets.  Springfield is led by hitters Lainee Leathers (186 kills) and Kendall Myers (180 kills).  Weldon Valley enters regionals with a 10-13 record, and they played a very difficult schedule.  I believe all 13 of their losses were to teams who are playing in regionals.  Weldon Valley is led by hitter Aerial Mese and Setter Jaci Sanders.  McClave will be the favorite to win Region 3 but look for their matchup against Springfield to be a tough match.  It’s always to beat a team a second time and look for both teams to make adjustments.  

Region 4

Winner: Fleming

Fleming enters regionals with a 18-5 record.  Fleming played a tough schedule with losses to Merino (2x), Wiggins, Simla, and Sedgwick County.  Fleming also had quality wins over Haxtun, Briggsdale, Stratton, and Idalia.  Fleming is led by hitter Kally Kirkwood (377 kills) and setter Ciana Lousberg (405 assists).  Cheraw enters regionals with a 15-8 record.  Cheraw also played a tough schedule with 7 of their 8 losses coming to teams that are in regionals.  Cheraw worst loss was to Hi-Plains.  Cheraw does lack a true great win with their best wins coming over Sangre De Cristo and Evangelical Christian.  Cheraw is led by hitter Delanie Bond (245 kills) and setter Crislyn Miell (582 assists).  Belleview Christian enters regionals with a 14-8 record and winners of the 5280 League.  Belleview Christian had an up and down season dominating inside their league but outside their league struggled with losses to ECA, Dayspring Christian, Briggsdale, and Kiowa.  Belleview Christian is led by hitter Bethany Long (283 kills) and setter Jessica Aldstadt (342 assists).  Fleming will be the favorite to win this Regional.  Fleming, I think will be tested by both Belleview Christian and Cheraw.

Region 5

Winner: Idalia

Idalia enters regionals with a 20-3 record.  Idalia started the season with a couple 5 set wins against Holyoke, Prairie and Briggsdale.  Once the calendar moved to October things heated up for Idalia with a 4-set win over McClave and a pair of big 3 set wins over Stratton and Eads.  Idalia is led by hitter Kyndal Richards (219 kills) and setter Krista Wieser (481 assists).  Stratton enters regionals with a 15-8 record and winners of the 2A/1A Union Pacific.  Stratton was on pace to host a region but back-to-back losses to Briggsdale and Fleming derailed that hope.  Stratton does have plenty of quality wins over Strasburg, Burlington, Eads, and Arickaree/Woodlin.  Stratton has the potential to win this region.  Stratton is led by hitter McKenna Notter (256 kills) and setter Jessica Brandon (601 assists).  Evangelical Christian enters regionals with a 15-7 record.  ECA had a very interesting season with moments of looking like a to team but then some puzzling losses along the way.  ECA has quality wins over Sangre De Cristo, Belleview Christian, Kiowa, and Peyton.  ECA also has puzzling loses to Deer Trail, Sargent, and Front Range Christian.  If ECA plays at their top level could make this a very interesting regional.  ECA is led by hitters Elana Sutton (241 kills) and Anna Castro (123 kills).  Idalia will be the favorite to win Region 5.  I think Region 5 is very difficult with the 2 lower seeds having potential to knock off the top seed in this Region.  Idalia, I believe wins this region but I think there rematch against Stratton will be much closer than their first meeting.

Region 6

Winner: Wiley

Wiley enters regionals with a 17-3 record.  Wiley 3 losses come to top teams in Wiggins, Kit Carson, and McClave.  Wiley also has plenty of key wins over Springfield, Arickaree/Woodlin, Cheraw, Eads, and Simla.  Wiley will be tested in this region.  Wiley is led by hitters Fatima Gomez (211 kills) and Grace White (105 kills).  Briggsdale enters regionals with a 17-6 record.  All but one of Briggsdale 6 losses are to top opponents with their loss to Weldon Valley as the lone questionable loss.  Briggsdale did end the season with a revenge win over Weldon Valley and also quality wins over Stratton, Prairie, and Belleview Christian.  Briggsdale will look for consistency to try and make a run.  Briggsdale is led by hitter Jenna Krise (438 kills) and setter Libby Slinger (637 assists).  Arickaree/Woodlin enters regionals with a 16-7 record.  Arickaree/Woodlin had a solid season picked up quality wins over Prairie and Burlington.  Arickaree/Woodlin did have 5 quality losses, but two losses do raise some question marks.  Arickaree/Woodlin has a lot of youth this season so this experience could be huge going into next season.  Arickaree/Woodlin is led by hitter Raeya Schrock (183 kills) and setter Lilly Monat (270 assists).  Wiley is the favorite to win Region 6.  Wiley will be tested by both Arickaree/Woodlin and Briggsdale but the main match to match for is Wiley vs Briggsdale.  I believe this match could go 5 sets and look for the key players to step up and be big factors.

Region 7

Winner: Simla

Simla enters regionals with a 19-4 record.  Simla is on a 13-game winning streak, and they have been on a terror lately.  Simla started the season losing 3 of their first 6 games against Quality opponents in Wiley, Kit Carson, and McClave.  Simla turned things around quickly and since September 17th have not lost.  Simla had a lot of quality wins during their 13-game winning streak including Dayspring Christian, Kit Carson, ECA, Cheraw, Fleming, and Limon.  Simla will look to continue their hot streak against a tough Region.  Simla is led by hitters Kylie Maranville (272 kills) and Morgan Swennes (231 kills).  Otis enters regionals with a 17-5 record.  Otis started 2022 losing 3 straight games and 4 of their first 7.  Otis has since turned this around including big wins over Idalia, Holyoke, Stratton, Prairie, and Haxtun.  Otis will look to keep their hot streak this weekend.  Otis is led by hitters Rowan Tribelhorn (314 kills) and Madelyn Willeke (188 kills).  Prairie enters regionals with a 12-10 record.  Prairie had a very interesting season.  Prairie does not have a bad loss on their schedule losing to top teams at Regionals.  Prairie also has some quality wins over Weldon Valley and Haxtun (2x).  Prairie could be the wild card here as they have played the tough schedule and seen some good teams.  Prairie is led by hitter Kendra Sutter and setter Savanah Mertens.  Simla will be the favorite to win this region.  Simla will be challenged by another very danger team in Otis.   Look for Prairie to also cause some ruckus.  I do believe Simla will get thru this region but expect this region to have some close matchups.

Region 8

Winner: Dove Creek

Dove Creek enters regionals with a 23-0 record.  Dove Creek did not play the toughest schedule, but Dove Creek lost just 5 sets the whole season including quality wins over 2A teams Mancos (3x) and Ignacio (2x), 3A teams #4 Alamosa and Montezuma-Cortez, and 4A Pueblo Central.  Dove Creek also has key experience back to lead a very tough team.  Dove Creek is led by hitter Kylie Gatlin (182 kills) and setter Kalie Gatlin (550 assists).  La Veta enters regionals with a 22-1 record.  La Veta has hurt by a weak league, but they dominated their schedule dropping just 11 sets all season.  La Veta lone loss of the season comes to Simla.  La Veta has quality wins over Sangre De Cristo, ECA, Sanford, and Del Norte.  La Veta will look for their best win of the season if they plan on winning this region.  La Veta is led by hitter Kendyl Eddleman (354 kills) and setter Maddie Nix (454 assists).  Flatirons Academy enters regionals with a 16-7 record.  Flatirons Academy had a tough start to the season losing 4 straight games but turned things around winning 16 of their final 19 games.  Flatirons Academy does have some quality wins over ECA, Dayspring Christian, and Weldon Valley.  Flatirons Academy does not have a bad loss on their record as well.  Flatirons Academy will look for a pair of big wins if they plan on making it to state.  Flatirons Academy is led by hitters Kenlee Durril (198 kills) and Brylin Gomer (185 kills).  Region 8 in my opinion is the toughest region with all 3 team being quality opponents.  Dove Creek is the favorite to win this region and my pick to win the region.  I fully believe all matches will be close but Dove Creek vs La Veta will be the main match to watch.  Dove Creek, I think has plenty of weapons to compete with some of the top teams in Class 1A.

Wild Card Teams

La Veta, Otis, Briggsdale, Stratton

These four teams should be the Wild Card teams as long as they avoid being upset by the 3rd team in their region.  Springfield and Cheraw sit at #13 and #14 in the Seeding Index and may need an upset of the teams above them to jump into a Wild Card slot.