8man League Breakdown, Football Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

8-Man Football Playoff Predictions First Round and Full Bracket

Picture by OTSportsChek (Haxtun vs Fleming)

8-Man Football Playoff Predictions First Round and Full Bracket

First, this is just my opinion.  I would love to hear or see your thoughts on how the 6-man bracket turns out.  Second, Good Luck to all teams!  I do not cheer against any teams.  We will have a full breakdown of the games posted tomorrow by Kerry Sherman!!!

8-Man Playoff Predictions 1st Round Only

#1 Haxtun over #16 McClave

Two different styles of play clash in this matchup.  Haxtun wants to be very physical and use their rushing attack to open the passing attack.  McClave wants to pass the ball and use their athletes to open the rushing attack.  I think experience will be the difference in this game and that favors Haxtun.

#8 Sanford over #9 Vail Christian (3rd best Game)

A rematch of last years Quarterfinal game.  Sanford defeated Vail Christian last year but these two teams are different from last season.  Sanford has adapted well to losing key play makers from last season and look for their physical defense to try and match Vail Christian.  Vail Christian has also lost key play makers from last season, but their QB returns to lead a physical rushing attack.  Controlling the line of scrimmage will be key in this matchup.

#4 Simla over #13 Hayden

A great matchup between two teams who did not make the playoffs last season.  Both teams have plenty of playmakers back and I truly believe this matchup will come down to defense. This is where I have Simla as my pick to win.  If Hayden can play as physical on defense, then this could be a very difficult matchup for Simla.

#5 Akron over #12 Holly (2nd best Game)

A rematch from the non-League Schedule earlier in the year.  Holly defeated Akron and this was a defensive slog the first time and don’t expect much different the second time around.  Both teams have dynamic QBs but look for the defensive effort on both teams to be the difference.  I could easily see this go either way and this should be a great game.

#3 Mancos over #14 Swink

Look for QB play to dominate this game.  Both Mancos and Swink have great QBs but also look for the offensive and defensive lines to play a huge part in this game.  I also think whichever team controls the line of scrimmage wins this game and look for sacks to be a big stat in this game.

#6 Lyons over #11 Dayspring Christian

I think this is a very underrated game.  Dayspring Christian has the tradition and experience to of the playoffs.  Lyons does not have that and will be looking to get their toes wet in the playoffs.  Lyons does have a very talented team with multiple playmakers and look for that to be the difference in the game.  Lyons has proven to be a tough team especially with their early season win over Merino.  Dayspring Christian will need to play physical if they plan on pulling the upset.

#10 Merino over #7 Crowley County (Best game of the First Round)

I believe this will be the best game of the first round.  Two run heavy teams that play physical football. I truly believe this game could go either day and offensive line play will be the difference.  My worry about Crowley County is they have not played a meaningful game since 9/9 and turning the switch back on could be tough. 

#2 Dove Creek over #15 West Grand

For a while early in the season West Grand looked to be a top 8 seed but injuries hurt them late in the season losing their best RB for games against Vail Christian and Hayden. West Grand is now healthy, and I believe could make this #2 vs #15 matchup much closer. Dove Creek has played against top RBs but this won’t be a cake walk now that West Grand is fully healthy. Look for this to be a 1 or 2 score game and much closer than a typical #2 vs #15 matchup.

8-Man Entire Bracket Filled Out

Here is my entire bracket picked.